AeroMexico / stolen items from my luggage

HELLO! my travel date was July 14, 2019 from charleston SC to Mexico City with connection in Atlanta and Monterrey; flight #AM929 arrival time 5pm into Mexico city. When we went to look for our luggage it was missing, we were told it had been delayed in Atlanta;and it would come in the 9:30 pm flight, But were promised that it would be delivered first thing in the morning the 15th;we didn't get them til. around 2pm, we did not get our luggage delivered at our Family's address as promised instead we got a call saying we had to meet somewhere to get them, so we met the driver a few streets down the house.The driver told us to check that our luggage was wrapped and sealed in plastic and Ties.and made us sign a form Said GUZZAI, MAY be the company name i don't know;; we went home opened our bags ...Surprise they were half full, Half of our belongings was gone, our clothes we were gonna wear for a wedding, perfumes, shoes, hats, shaving razors all Named Brand clothes($600-$700) worth ;I was super frustrated none of the phone nos.i was given for claims worked, NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY . I THINK I SHOULD AT LEAST GET A TRAVEL CREDIT FOR NEXT TIME;unfortunately i cannot avoid traveling to mexico city, because there is no other Airport near Hidalgo, otherwise I would very much ovoid it.

Aug 13, 2019

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