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T Jul 16, 2019

Conf #s3qb3k las - Cancun

Good morning I am writing in to express lack of customer service I experienced from your airline. Upon arrival to Mc Carren, there were several of us in line to check bags. When the agent came to relay information to us in line everything was spoken in spanish. After about the 3rd time and making it obvious that I don't speak spanish the rep continued to speak spanish leaving me to ask other travels to translate. This was very frustrating considering the information should have been relayed in both spanish and english. As I approached the counter she too began to speak to me in spanish and i asked her to speak in english. I truly feel in this day and age all customer service rep should be bilingual or have employees that that can communicate and assist all customers regardless of gender, race or nationality definitely not treated unfairly because of a language barrier.

I am a manger for ups and I would never treat our customers in this manner. I am african american and do not speak spanish. When I encounter a customer who does I do not ignore them nor do i continue to speak english knowing they do not understand. I get a fellow co-worker who can translate the information to assure information is being communicated properly with clear understanding.

I am very disappointed and ashamed that we are not considerate enough to communicate or assist customers if there is a language barrier considering Las Vegas is a tourist city.

Very poor customer service skills

my contact information is
tamanika jernigan [protected]

your attention in this matter qill be greatly appreciated.

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