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My wife recently had a very bad experience with Advantage Rent-a-Car at LAX. She signed the damage acknowledgment form that showed pre-existing damage on the rear bumper. When she returned the car one of the workers jumped on the shuttle van and accused her of the damage, she told him it was there when she rented it and didn't have any accidents with the car. The guy grabbed some of the rental paperwork out of her hand and went back to the rental office. My wife stayed on the van and went back to the airport thinking that they can't charge her with the pre-existing damage. She tried to call the office back while waiting for her flight and after 30 minutes on hold she was told that the manager had left for the day and to call back later. Well we just got a letter from a third-party "Subrogation Management Team" telling us to pay for the damage, but we will absolutely not pay. We have a copy of the form my wife signed when she rented the car the showed damage on the rear bumper. I would never recommend such a shady rental car company to anyone. Avoid the lure of cheap rates, it's not worth the hassle.


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    Natalie702 Jun 11, 2010

    I feel your pain sunday i was in need aof a rental i live here in vegas so the only rental place that was open was the one at the airport i orginally had plans to go with enterprise they are great never had any problems with them the only thing is at the airport they dont accept debit and that is all i had so i went to who was next to them advantage well they did but i had to pay the toltal and the deposit which came out to $641. then i specificly remember the lady hany me a paper and said here read this and sign she even made sure that i read it and waited for me to read it then when i taught we were done she said not yest just sign these and were done she handed me like 4 papers then i signed them cause i was already in a rush to go she did ask if i was leaving town i said possibily she said ok cause if you go to utah arizona, and california it's unlimited miles and that was it she gave me my paper work and the keys i went to check out the car then went to use the restroom well i was going up the stairs the lady was going down i yelled out thank you she didnt even look up or even look at me and i know she saw me that seem strange but whatever. well i check my account and the last 100 i had was taken by them again i didnt know why so i tryed calling to talk to some one and let me tell u it was hard it was let me transfer you disconnected and so on well finally i was able to talk to sum one and was told there is a tracking device you went to idaho you are now being charge 99cents a mile from the begining and that i could call back and talk to a manger tomorrow and was told you signed the agreement.well came thursday on time i returned the rental and was told my total was 2, 700.oo

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