Advance Auto Parts / E-Advancedeceitful offer to install car battery as part of product pricing

R Sep 03, 2018

Yesterday (02 September) I purchased a Platinum CarCraft battery online, with the understanding that I could get it installed the next day at your North Plainfield, NJ store. The cost was $236.70, which was inclusive of the battery, its installation, taxes and a recycling fee.

Today, when calling for the battery's installation, I was told that the store would not install the battery. The reason, I was told, was that there were not enough personnel present to do so. I counted three workers behind the counter, all wearing shirts with your firm's logo on it.

I advised the apparent store manager (Brian) that the Advance Auto Parts online advertisements (see attached photos) clearly stated that the battery's installation was part of the purchase price, but he insisted (in a very intolerant manner) that such installation was merely "a courtesy." In sum, and in the totality of our discussion, he was completely useless, arrogant and impolite. Someone should advise him that he's part of a service industry.

As for me, I was forced to take the battery home and install it myself. It's a very hot and humid day and I'm not a mechanic. Now that it's installed, I have the old battery (which I paid Advance Auto Parts a recycling fee for) sitting in my garage. I don't want it there, but in order to return it to your store, I've got to invest the time and other resources to drive ten miles there and ten miles back.

Had Advance Auto Parts honored its advertised pledge to install the fairly expensive battery purchased from them, I wouldn't be stuck with my current deficit. I greatly resent having been put through this ordeal, and thus pledge to you that even facing the most dire of circumstances I will never patronize your business again.

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance
Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance
Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance

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