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Aug 20, 2019

I'm deleting my account. They've now made this site absolutely unbearable for people that aren't gold users. We can't read messages, can't broadcast & most of the time I can't even get IM's because their constantly disappearing from my inbox. And I KNOW my im's aren't even sending because... / billing

Jul 10, 2019

Triple billed me and refunded on charge, but refused to refund other two charges. I had to do a dispute with my credit card company. Adultfriendfinder is full of fake profiles and tactics that make you pay them for usage that is still limited by what they allow you to see. Crooks and...

Adult Friend Finder / membership

Apr 21, 2019

Adult Friend Finder maybe can be considered the greatest scam on online dating. It's a place to find hook ups or whatever you want to. Nonetheless, we must give the credit that at least the website try to offer a free service to verify if you really are the deal or the person behind...

AdultFriendFinder / internet

Mar 07, 2018

To protect the privacy and security of our members, FriendFinder Networks Inc. enforces a stringent policy in regards to email abuse such as spam, as well as other abusive and/or fraudulent behavior, including prostitution/escort service, solicitation for business purposes. In accordance... / Stealing money from credit card

Oct 18, 2015

Please can any one help me my name is: sam my email is: 3110. [protected] they are the most manipulative and cheaters on the net. Adultfriendfinder is still charging my credit card for several months after i'd cancelled my account with them?? Just before my three months membership ends on...

Adult Friend Finder / poor services / taking money

Feb 26, 2015

Fro Mozilla, Internet Explora, Safari, and Chrome, people don't appear online. they don't even register as being online. but you pay for premium membership. the site does say this a problem or does anything to fix it. it been going on for month. u pay for member an appear online...


Dec 17, 2013

Bonjour Je porte plainte contre le site adultfrienfinder pour soutirer de l'argent sur mon compte bancaire sans mon autorisation... J'avais payer la somme de 53, 91 euros pour visiter le site pendant un mois J'ai recu l'accord et ensuite plusieurs retraits ont ete fait pour un total de...

adultfriendfinder adult meeting site / poor poor customer support service

Jul 11, 2012

i joined Adultfriendfinder last year and had no real problems as a Gold Member until almost 2 months ago when i changed my password to get on the site which was easy enough a few weeks later someone somehow changed my password and i can no loner get on my account site no acce...

Adult Friend Finder / poor service

Jun 11, 2012

There are two main reasons we are leaving this site: 1) Repeated and ongoing issues regarding videos. Many times we were not able to watch videos on all four of our devices ( iphone4, iphone4s, two year old dell laptop, brand new Toshiba laptop.) One of us is a tech geek type person and...

Adult Friend Finder / Falseness

Jan 27, 2012

Yes, like most other people i now have to conclude this whole setup is mostly fake and have just left it, fortunately no money was involved. On joining it quickly became apparent that very few ladies in my local area were fully paid up members, so would not have been able to reply to...

friendfinder & adultfriendfinder / unauthorized charges to my credit card

Jun 23, 2011

For almost a year this company has continually been charging $26.99 on my debit card without my authorization. They say they internally blocked my card number to all their companies, would reimburse me via check, etc and nothing yet. I personally went to my bank and discovered they linked...

AdultFriendFinder / Big rip off

May 26, 2011

Adult Friend Finders is a big rip off And they will take money from your account without notice. The small amount of time I tried to use the site it was nothing but garbaage. Do not give these leeches any of your info. They will pass it on to every scumm outfit on the net. Now I'm...

Adult Friend Finder / Recurring Charges

Apr 22, 2011

I'm fond of using those social networking sites like facebook, twitter, friendster etc. and then meeting, hooking up with those people I met online. Way back several months ago I decided to try and have two accounts from adult friend finder then just decided to cancel it due to...

Adult Friend Finders / OVERCHARGED My Credit Card!

Apr 11, 2011

I signed up a One Month Silver Account for $ 7.95 and they POSTED a $ 143.80 OVERCHARGE! I consider this Fraud! There were also Very NASTY when I bought it to their ATTENTION! They did NOT offer to see why the OVERCHARGE happen! I was the told it would take 10 Business days to reverse the... / Scam

Mar 02, 2011

This web site is [censored]. The only response to my messages is another commercials from the site(and I havea good profile). They just collect membership fees and give you pics from different sources - not a real deal.


Feb 07, 2011

I have been a member of AFF for some time and have upgraded and downgraded numerous times. What i did not realise is that when i downgraded from gold to standard the last time, that they are still billing my credit card for gold membership. I have tried numerous times to contact AFF to...

AdultFriendFinder / Fraud


I am a Gold Member of Adult Friend Fimder but only till my membership expires. I am 68 years old so why would I be interested in a nineteen year old from Gana. Or it will do a friends match...I live in Ontario Canada and my closest match is a 33 year old in California, Gtranted she i...

AdultFriendFinder / Total scam artist


Evelyn Velez trying to scam me, same story, I love you I want to be with you. No different than everyone else is reporting. Claims she's stuck in Dubia, bank won't except her travelers check, needs money sent via FEDEX. I started talking to her about 2 weeks ago, not knowing...

Adult Friend Finder / no english now in hong kong


It is now impossible to access any of the adult friendfinder sites in Hong Kong in ENGLISH . I cannot access the help line or even use my membership which only expires in Nov 2011 . Is this a rip off or not ???? sincerely - david kirkman / Unauthorized Charge


They charged my account for $134.99 on 11/26/2010 without authorization. I even have an email I sent to their billing department back in February of this year and they still charged me. What could possibly cost $134.99? Already did the paper work at the bank, filing a police report Monday...

Adult Friend Finder / False charges


Apparently Adult Friend Finder is charging my credit card $17.85 long after I'd cancelled my account with them. This site has become a total rip off and needs to be shut down. I joined AFF once before a few years ago and actually kind of liked it. I even met someone from there and we...

AdultFriendFinder / Bad service


I tried a month on the website "adult friend finder" I was not please with the website for many reasons that others have already stated. I cancel the account. After I had canceled the account, I was bill AGAIN for the website. I didnt even have an account with the website anymore! I tried...

AdultFriendFinder / Fake profiles


Been on adultfriendfinder they make up fake profiles people never can meet once u get close to meeting them they all of a sudden move there profile or else they get dropped for abuse i believe the whole thing is a scam ive had almost a thousand women flirt with me but never met one i have...

Adult Friend Finder / bogus adds


These creeps post the same photos of beautiful woman and advertise them as being in different parts of the world. They obviously buy large amounts of stock photos and post them as people looking for casual sex/dating etc.

Adult Friendfinder / false advertising neglect of service


Greetings hello I made a complaint earlier on about this unreliable dating service about unauthorised use of a mastercard Since then I have nade several complaints about taking several amounts out of my account without authorisation After trying to use one of the many sites they have...

Adult friend-finder Sunnydale CA / UNAUTHORIZED use of mastercard


Hello and greetings Its nice to know that their is a complaints page for an organization as for ADULTFRIENDFINDER browsing through quite a number of google site complaints over the years I have been caught up in the Adult friendfinder unauthorized multiple payments made from my master card... / Fake ads


Just go to the main page of - look at all the model names. Then go search for them inside after you signup. None exist. Also, on upgrading my account, I was not upgraded instantly. I had to email customer support which surprisingly did it within the next day. The... / Billing, problems with site and customer service


Always having problems with the site working as you navigate through the pages and also billing department and the Promos the site has to offer. they miss lead you into thinking you're getting a deal and you're not and also racial profiling on the site and also couple of times I...

AdultFriendFinder / Fraud and lies


We have been on AFF for about a month. Everything is going good, no complaints, pics are with in rules, chatting with in rules, etc..While I was logged in, they deleted our account. No reason why, I had to send in an email to find out and here is their response: We have recently acquired an... / Scam and cheating


There are plenty of real girls on this website. If you like fat women or butch lesbians, you're in the right place. Most of the attractive-looking women on this site are bots generated by the site or professional models/customer service people who talk to you in order to entice you...

Adult Friend Finder / Fraudulent site


I've been a member of AFF for a couple of years.. I've met a few ladies through the service so that's not my complaint. The issue seems to be more about their deceptive practices. This is now the second time it's happened to me. This is the issue. You purchase monthly...

Adult Friend Finder / Unauthorized Credit Card Billing


I signed up for a 3 month period as a gold member and had clearly marked the DO NOT RENEW OPTION on my page. I was away for a while and didn't catch the problem at first but they had been billing me monthly for 3 months past my initial signup. Once my GOLD membership expired it should...

Adult Friend Finder / Charged my card after I called and cancelled/Unwarrented withdrawl from my credit/debit card


This company withdrew money from my credit/debit card w/out my permission, after I called and cancelled . The operater i spoke to told me that my sign up was never valid when I called to cancel the same day that I signed up, and my account would not be charged .I'm sure that my phone...

Adult Friend Finder / Fraud and cheating


I paid for Gold Membership and when I tried to send first email I was immediately directed to log in page where I have never been allowed in again. I try and request support and DO NOT hear from them. It seems that there are many who have been ripped off by this site, who can we turn to?... / online scams


I was one of their affiliate on a pay per click program. And when it was time to collect my first paycheck, they decide to change my account program to not pay me. And by the way, no answers to my e-mails. CHEAP & LAME CROOKS

AdultFriendFinder / Rip off

I would like to know when an standard member complains about the service from Adultfriendfinder there never is any contact from AFF. They are constantly changing their system, They call it upgrading. I call it constantly being plagued with problems that grows from bad to worse. They have a... / Illegal billing practices!


I have been a paying member of this site for over 8 years. When I went to renew my account on 03/09/08, I was informed that I had already done so, and was unable to verify how or when I had done so. The next day-03/10/08- I was demoted to a standard member, and the cost of renewing had...

Adult Friend Finder / Discrepancy in renewal costs

To Whom It May Concern, I have been trying to find the managing body for this website called, but on their website they do not seem to have such information provided, of which I would like to bring to your attention, and request you help, towards guiding me to the...

FriendOrama aka AdultFriendFinder / Are you a great deal or plain unreal?

A gorgeous young girl who picks out my profile on the site Tagged without me having any picture nor any information about me than my name and age on it? Isn't that strange I thought? It is the wet dream of every young man to be contacted and invited by such I thought. That's why...