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After processing two payrolls erroneously, one ADP client service rep said he would credit my bank account for $1, 300 in taxes and fees that were erroneously debited. When it didn't happen after one week, another ADP client service rep refused to refund any fees from my bank account, due to their errors, because I was not given and did not write down a case number. ADPs records did not include my phone conversation with the first rep.

The second rep then refused to give me their address or the name of the general manager. Since when is it a secret to know who's managing an important business service for you?!?

While they send client satisfaction surveys and call you to discuss bad ratings, there has never been follow-through to implement promises such what I was offered to make up for errors (a delivery fee credit and two free payrolls.)

If you use ADP payroll and tax filing service, be prepared for errors, miscommunication, extra processing costs, and un-user-friendly client service practices. You are unlikely to speak with the same client service rep twice, thus there is no accountability for quality work or complete communication. One rep says "A", the next says "B", then the next one says they don't know anything about the prior reps' conversations.

It's very time-consuming to get through to ADP by phone. You are not allowed to send faxes or emails. I've been a client for 3 years and tolerated occasional mistakes. But this is too much.

I don't know what happened to ADP. They used to be highly focused on customer satisfaction and excellent service. Now it seems employees don't have a chance to serve clients properly due to the policies and faulty customer database that management has given them. Too bad, because ADP is still the largest competitor in the field. I've moved on to Wells Fargo Payroll.


  • Sh
    Sharon Sep 12, 2008

    ADP is absolutely in the class of the worst customer service. We are looking for a new payroll provider. Unable to get issues resolved as needed in a timely manner or no return call or follow-up from them at all!! Their fees are outrageous and there are different answers for each person you speak to. This company has gotten too big for their britches!!

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  • Ke
    Keenan Oct 02, 2008

    I'm not sure where you got that you can't fax or email ADP. I've emailed them several times today alone. If you ask for one person to be your point of contact they will assign someone for you. How big is your company? I have heard that smaller companies have problems with ADP but working with companies ranging from 500 to 3000 employees in size I've never had major problems from them. They do over sell their product at times, saying that they can do things that later prove to be too difficult to accomplish. Overall though I am happy with them.

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  • He
    heather Oct 08, 2008

    I am having very similar problems as well. Today our employees were supposed to recieve their pay, after opening outlook to find numerous emails from employees stating that they didn't see their direct deposit in their accounts, I called ADP. They then told me that all the checks had been voided and that they would see what "I" did. "Me?", I said. I told them that this is the third week that they have screwed up our payroll. I told them that I better not be charged a processing fee, because as far as im concered, nothing was processed. They called tech support to look into it, they told me that they have never seen anything like this and then asked me for my IP address to see if I was the one who logged in and made all these changes. Seriously, do you think that after spending all Monday preparing payroll that I would then log in and go through all of our employees and void each and everyone of their paychecks?! And to top it off, the voids wern't even for the amounts of the actual checks!!!

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  • To
    Tony Dec 01, 2008

    I have worked with two companies that both used ADP. The first had 900 employees. ADP's products made it easy for me, the only one in payroll, to process hourly, salary, commision, draw, bonuses, weekly, and semi-monthly. To top that off, I was part time. That's right, 900 employees for 3 sometimes 4 days a week. Their Client Service Reps were knowledgable and courteous. The second company was about 800 employees with 7 company codes. There were 3 of us at the start and ADP's products helped us narrow payroll down to 1 person allowing the other 2 to focus on HR and building the business. Thank you ADP!!

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  • Ju
    Julie Dec 01, 2008

    I've only had one major problem with ADP since I started with them 6 years ago. A tax issue. I faxed a notice I received (I thought you couldn't fax) to ADP's tax and financial services department and within 2 weeks the issue was completely resolved. Without ADP, I would have had penalties and interest but with ADP, I didn't have to pay anything. I love ADP. You guys are doing great!

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  • Lu
    Luniz82 Jan 28, 2009

    Having to pay to get my money is ridiculous. Having just a part time job that does not pay enough I have to work 3 housr just to get $20 out and that is going to cost me to do that. I was told Wal-Mart can cash my check for the money in my ADp acount free of charge. HA HA HA First off wal mart says it will cost $3 to cash the check but I have to get my balance first which cost me 1.50 just to call and find out so there is4.50 I have to spend to get less then $20 of my own money. This company takes advantage of the people that use them. They do not care about your financial problems or that it is rightfully your money they will take as much as they can from you as often as they can and make no attemt to solve any of the problems the card has caused. These are the kind of companies that should be dragged out into the middle of the street shot and pissed on for all to see.

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  • Je
    Jerry Feb 26, 2009

    I have a small company with 5 employees and have been using ADP for almost 20 years. I have had a few small problems but I was always able to call, fax or e-mail them and they took care of the problem right away. A few months ago I got a letter from the Indiana Dept of Revenue saying I owed several hundred dollars in unpaid payroll taxes. I contacted ADP and within two weeks I had an apology letter from the state saying they had made a mistake. I owed no taxes and ADP had done everything correctly. I also received follow up letter and an e-mail from ADP making sure everything was taken care of. Overall I would say I have been happy with ADP and I plan to continue using their service.

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  • St
    Steve Mar 06, 2009

    I am another unhappy customer. I own a small company (5 employees), and my every contact with ADP has given me heartburn and wasted my time.

    As one of the previous complainers noted, customer service representatives will NOT give you the name of their managers, or connect you to them. Twice, I've had occasion to ask for a manager to call me back: one time I got no return call, even after follow-ups, and the other, I did not recive a return call until over a month later!

    Once, they stopped reporting W2 income on their own, without asking me: I received a notice from the California Franchise Tax board that they had received no filing. When I called to get things straightened out, the customer service rep gave me two alternatives: I could drop and re-enroll with ADP, or I could sign a waiver, indemnifying them from any liability arising from their own failure to file the quarterlies. They would not release my records until I had done one or the other. Since I had virtually no alternative, I signed the waiver, allowing them to file my returns, and then changed to another payroll company.

    As long as I'm complaining, one more quibble: their customer service reps refer to themselves as "Mrs. Smith, " (or whatever), but they address my by my first name. Maybe I'm a little old school, but I find this irritating: I address my customers formally when I deal with them, unless invited to use more informal terms.

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  • Mi
    mike Mar 17, 2009

    They do not return phone calls nor to they "credit" the fees that they say they are going to. I have used ADP for roughly 6 months and was promised no ADP charges for the first 4 months. After recieving my first check I was already being charged. The money was never credited back and the rep does not return call.
    Use a different company!

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  • Am
    amongeon74 May 22, 2009

    I use CBIZ Payroll as my service and I have never been happier! They are very helpful. I met with the sales guy, we both went over what I needed for service (Basic with only 9 employees) I even got "Paperless" service and that alone saves the environment AND me $19.00 per payroll processing!

    My payroll account setup went wonderfully, I gave them my reports and they had it setup in no time and everything was balanced and correct flawlessly.

    I HIGHLY recommend them! ADP was terrible and very difficult to get a hold of, that's why I chose to switch and it's saved me time, money and a whole lot of headaches!

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  • Na
    NancyC Aug 12, 2009

    I have always liked ADP until 2008. They took one whole year to correct a very simple error. We had to file extensive reports and at the end of the day, we had to fight them to reverse pr taxes (mounting to less than $100.00). One thing lead to another. The problem finally was resolved after months of promises and statements that everything was resolved (lies...lies...lies). When Dec. 31 came, they finished "fixing" the problems that were (supposedly) fixed after filing and refiling. I felt we wasted too much of our cpa's time trying to help resolve the porblems. I do not recommend them at all and currently looking into other alternatives.

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  • Ta
    TaxLady-MA Aug 18, 2009

    'ADP employee' calls back at 5:13pm on 8/18/2009 after 2 1/2 months trying to get a response.

    ADP employees normally just give 1st name and confirmation number (which doesn't guarantee that anything was recorded by employee)... over 2 1/2 months people!.. this time I got a full name !!

    PROBLEM: Small business doesn't have accountant and believed payroll service was all he needed !!

    Only, after it was brought to his attention by the IRS that the payroll was incorrect ( because he is a 'sole proprietorship LLC' and was never supposed to receive a paycheck) did he start getting garbage from ADP...

    SURPRISE!! ADP Payroll Service does not do anything other than what the client tells them!!
    ... heard this from EVERY employee!!

    Even though I continually brought it to their attention they are a Payroll Service and should know the Payroll Laws. Here is another ADP employee insisting ADP only does what client tells them to do.

    HELLO!! Many small businesses rely solely on a payroll service and expect them to know and understand payroll laws as these businesses don't have the money to have an accountant AND truly believe the hype they are fed by the payroll service...

    A payroll service is less time- consuming, more
    cost-effective, provides more confidentiality than
    having an in-house payroll person...

    AND many accountants and CPA's recommend payroll services to their clients believing they are protecting their clients (usually from themselves)..

    SURPRISE!! ADP Payroll Service does not do anything other than what the client tells them!!
    ... heard this from EVERY employee!!

    phonecall ended at 5:18pm

    I have been doing payroll for over 20 years and I will never recommend ADP...

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  • My ex husband is employed through a company which uses ADP for their payroll. There is an income deduction order for child support to be deducted directly out of his check. 8 months ago ADP sent a month's worth of child support to the wrong account number at the state dispersement unit. The state returned the check to ADP. ADP for the next 6 months denied having ever received the checks back. It was only when I had the state call ADP with verification that the checks had in fact been cashed by ADP in April 2009. It took me 6 months to get ADP to admit that they had in fact cashed the checks and they said that they would resend the checks. That was 2 months ago. I have yet to see any of the child support. Every time I call I get very poor customer service from tomica who is over the child support department. She is completely rude and has even laughed about the problem we are having. I can not seem to get any type of supervisor on the phone. I do not know who to call over this problem. This is my child's money. I have been promised the check would be sent 6 weeks in a row. I have yet to see the check sent. They are still holding my children's money.

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  • Un
    UnicornHRO Dec 02, 2009

    There are alternatives to the ADP's and Ceridian's of the world --- you do not have to put up with terrible service levels and antiquated technology.

    I've spent 15+ years listening to complaints about traditional service bureaus. Unicorn HRO is a full service HR / PR provider since 1982. We are a fraction of the size of ADP and you most likely have never heard of us but we are out there. Over the past few years, many former ADP clients have move to Unicorn -- they are some of our best references.

    Visit us online at for more info.

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  • Le
    Lena1977 Feb 04, 2010

    ADP missed my Cobra Payment. They admitted that my account had more than required amount of funds and was in good standing and the next day closed the account without letting me know. First thing that I heard from the manager at ADP made me feel like it was a totally normal thing for them (to say one thing one day and do the opposite thing the next day).

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  • Ma
    manufacturer Mar 05, 2010


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  • Ga
    Gary Macherty Aug 09, 2010

    We had a ton of problems with ADP as well. I am a small business in Pittsburgh with a payroll of about 25 employees. We switched to a local company, BeanCounters Payroll, and everything has been perfect. The owner gave me his personal cell phone number to call if I had any problems or questions. The employees are alway quick to answer any questions we have. They do not nickel and dime us on the fees either. we get one all inclusive payroll bill and it is the same each month. They are the best payroll service that I have dealt with. They have a website at

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  • Sm
    Small Bus. Owner Aug 22, 2010

    DO NOT SIGN UP WITH ADP!!! We just started a small business and had been negotiating and filling out all the needed documents for our payroll-1 month WASTED with ADP. They quoted and put into writing one price and then 5 days before the pay period she called and said they made a mistake. I told them they had a signed payroll order/sales order and in writing stated the price-THEY Should honor this price!! We will be reporting them to the BBB.

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  • Rd
    rdc10 Oct 29, 2010

    This company is a collection of lazy [censor]s.

    My employer has sent me 2 passwords to access the website to view my check. Both times the password didn't work. Its obviously a technical issue. I called their number, but was told that they couldn't help me, that my employer, who is already super busy and has already sent me 2 passwords, has to call. All I need is technical assistance, I mean this company is giant they don't have a technical support center? I have the passwords that were given to me, both of them, so this "confidentiality" agreement with my employer shouldn't be a barrier to discussing MY information with ME! They appear to be perfectly happy to talk to you if you want to PURCHASE a service, but if you need HELP with that service you have to jump through like 50 million hoops. I think they are just hoping that no one calls, because they really don't want to work on the issue.

    I spoke with some special needs case named Tiffany, who apparently is a SUPERVISOR! I couldn't believe anyone in life would ever even hire such an idiot, and then give them a promotion? All she did was chirp the same idiocy over and over "I can't tell you" oh and this special gem "I'm not at liberty to give you the contact information for your local office" REALLY? The cities and phone numbers for offices are some super special secret? What are they running in there a branch of the CIA? Get over it ADP at the end of the day you are just a PAYROLL company. I told her that I could at least contact the local office and see if they had seen the issue before or if they understood the problem. If at that point they wouldn't tell me anything fine, but at least they could access the records to see if there was a reasonable explaination as to why my passwords don't work (ie - time expiration).

    I would understand quoting the confidentiality agreement if I was asking for anything other then to access the website my employer has ALREADY GIVEN ME ACCESS TO!

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  • Li
    Linda - CA Dec 25, 2010

    I used them for two of my companies (very small company - under 25 employees) under the direction of the franchisor. After a year and a half of errors never being corrected, and difficulty talking to the right person who might know how to fix it, I asked my bookkeeper to do my payroll, and though we still make some mistakes, at least it's taken care of immediately, and my bookkeeper's fees are exponentially more reasonable tan ADP's. Apparently, ADP filed my companies under two different EDD numbers but didn't file for both of them to be under the same EIN since they were both dba's under the same corporation.

    It's finally all resolved now, a year and a half after I've stopped using them. I think it's like any other company - depending which branch or group you get, you can have a great or terrible or meh experience. Mine was terrible, and I won't go back.

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  • Bz
    bzowner Feb 01, 2011

    I totally agree with the lack of customer service or even the slightest indication that they would like to keep you as a customer. The HR help is virtually non-existent. They have high turnover so my insurance rep for example who was non-communicative was replace by another equally non-communicative rep. They make mistakes, blame you then charge you for the error. Besides they are in the dark ages with their payroll service which can now be done for less than a quarter of the price through any bank. The last straw was that they wanted $700 dollars to correct an error because they claim they told me to void a check that I thought they were going to void. OK if there is a miscommunication but $700??

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  • Te
    terubosu Jul 07, 2011

    ADP is the worst worst service I have dealt with in a very long time. They charge me on my credit card three months in a row for an MTA pass that costs $100 bucks each month, then tells me I'm locked in for the full three months and can't cancel after one month of use. Fine, I can deal with that. Then two months in a row, they fail to mail me the pass and asks me to search online for a place that sells the passes to purchase one myself, then submitt a refund claim form (before the 10th day of the month) and now double paying each month equaling $200 a month instead. I submit the refund claim, they tell me a check has been mailed, ...i receive NO check...and they say well, too bad...we DONT reissue checks, we can void the one you didnt receive, and then you can have a Credit on your account. I refuse to take the credit cause the LAST thing I'd want to do is deal with them any longer than I have the rep says " sure, then just be ready to let the money you paid go" !!! WOW, that's very nice of them! So now I have to take time off of work, go buy another pass, submit another refund claim with in three days, and again expect to receive no refund which now equals $400 in spending for MTA...which...i enrolled in thinking it'd save time and gas... ADP is a horrible company with zero customer service and errors that YOU pay for

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  • Wo
    WomaninBusiness Sep 11, 2011

    Excellent resource. I used ADP and the young man processed payroll and sucked$2200 out of my acct for payroll taxes. Almost two months later checked with IRS and VEC they have not sent a dime. BEWARE, Have someone local process your payroll you pay your own taxes. The ADP representative that came to my office said AdP made 9 billion last year holding tax deposits. Can't wait til they are exposed.

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  • Co
    Cornelius Smith May 07, 2012

    I worked with ADP with a number of companies in the past. I signed up with my own company and have had nothing but problems. They recently deducted $1, 380 from my checking account for IRA deductions not taken over the first quarter, their fault! They failed to report these deductions on our payroll reports. Where is the money? Who regulates this industry? Several calls, over one month of trying to resolve issues between their IRA company and ADP and still, fees, no answers. Oh yes, when I called to cancel, to get a fax number, they said it was company policy to accept faxes for cancellations. Cancellations needed to be done over the phone. I replied, my company policy and per the advice of my Attorney, cancellation must be done in writing, with a confirmation from ADP. I asked for a fax number and the full name of the customer service representative. After a bit of bullying the ADP rep, I got the information, and faxed our letter outlining our requirements of ADP for the cancellation. Now, let's see how interesting it will be. I went to Paychex.

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  • Mi
    michael sciarra Jul 10, 2012

    please ADP pay the withholding fees and interest and penalties as the agreement states. for the years of 2008, all of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, my money in your pocket will not due any good, your workers really are irresponsible and then some. the totally ignore my request, and pay for the consensuses of my credit score due to the liens to my property, contact me at any time if you have the answer to the problem. hold your agents are not capable...
    pay my withholding that you collected, bunch of Idiots.

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  • Li
    Linda.Manson33 Apr 02, 2013

    If you're looking for a payroll company that has outstanding customer service and accurate payroll runs. You must check out R.P.S. of Tampa, Inc this is the BEST payroll company I've ever ran payroll through. Their AWESOME

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  • Da
    dansdad2 May 08, 2013

    I'm in the midst of trying to get a refund resolved as well. I have been in contact with there call center; and what a waste of time that has been. The employees read from a canned script and issue the same retoric time and again. The response you get is " I will escalate this matter to our senior analyst and someone will be in touch within 24 to 48 hrs." Well it's been 9 day's and still no response. I asked to speak to the person handling my case and was told " he is not available". You can fax them documents and when you call back to see if it had been received. The answer you get will vary. Some say it takes approx. 4 hrs. to retrieve the document from there fax server. Others say it can take 24 to 48 hrs to retrieve. The one thing I like most is when the ADP employee put's you on hold for as they put it 2-3 min. only to come back and tell you. What? You guessed it 24-48 hrs. I wonder how long 24- 48 hrs. is on there clocks. So far I've waited 9 Day's for 24 to 48 hrs. to complete.

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  • No
    NotDancing Jul 23, 2013

    I am wondering How the person in the original post is liking Wells Fargo. I am also with ADP and very unhappy about their unethical practices. I am too mad to post here, but let me just say that promises will be made to provide services. When those needs aren't met, promises will be made to fix it. It all sounds so sincere. I would believe it if someone had actually done something to fix a problem. What really makes me mad is that this is messing with my employees' pay and no one seems to care. UNETHICAL. UNCARING. LIES. So, Who can I use now? Who is ethical?

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  • Sp
    speakman Sep 25, 2013

    i have tried for days to get into my checkstubs, and i have had no luch what so ever, this is the dumbest thing, how do i know if i am getting paid all my money? and my wife needs them once a month, this site is worthless and dont even need to be in business, fix your problem so we can get what we need!

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  • Ma
    malib73 Sep 27, 2013

    Here in Canada a good friend of mine who's company uses ADP Payroll services is experiencing quite a few problems and some serious ones. She gets the run around all the time. We do our own payroll in house still and I really don't mind. The Canadian banking systems offer payroll services so you can do direct deposit. We do have quite a few options. In the long run it depends on cost. Cost wise I think in house is always better!

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  • Ma
    Mary Matthews Mar 09, 2016

    My employer uses ADP as payroll company and my experience with them was terrible. Dec. 2015 my employer gave me debit card as of Mar. 2016 the card no longer swipes. I called ADP with this issue and was hung up on by the same representative twice. I asked for a supervisor and was given the automatic system instead of a supervisor. I still was not pleased that I have no access to my funds. I decided after a week to have another card mailed although I needed quicker access to my funds. I even paid for express services $15. When I spoke to rep I forgot to give apt. # when ordering card. I called back 6minutes later make correction and ADP was unable to accomdate me. They wanted to charge me another $15 totaling $30 and the whole time I have been inconvienced...are you serious! I hate my employer banks with ADP because customer service and support they do not have. CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD ALWAYS BE A MUST!!!

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  • Ra
    Ranjana Singh May 02, 2016

    They are such a horrible company to deal with, when we stopped doing payroll with them i advised the rep, that this is our last payroll and there wll be nothing done after due to no employees at this tme also advised her that make sure monies are deposited with the approaite agencies taxes state and federal and workers comp, she said ok now this was in dec of 2014, then down the road a letter was sent out by the company who handled our workers comp, that you owe several hundred dollars, for a policy from dec 2014 to oct of 2015 i advised them that there was no payroll done anywhere and we are not liable for the amount they will not talk to me they said talk to adp which i have done so many times but no one seem to care i do not understand how hard it is to back date to dec of 2014 since payroll was not done after tthat, i will also be filing a complain with the govt agencies if this is not resolved in a timely manner, STAY AWAY FROM ADP

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  • Do
    douglas321 May 31, 2016

    ADP handles payroll for my company of 50K employees. They do not provide timely and accurate information to the IRS
    The IVR is impossible to navigate. I did however get a ticket opened to correct my W-2. So far it has taken 21 days to get the corrected
    file and it is still not headed to the SSA. Two "For profit" corporations are playing keystone cops with Tax information that was supposed
    to be in the SSA hands by Jan 31. Today is May 31.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Winter Jun 03, 2017

    Sorry to hear about your negative experiences. If you are looking for a new outsourced payroll solution check out Payroll Solutions International Inc. We are a global payroll provided with dedicated payroll specialists for each of our clients. Our number one focus is customer satisfaction. I would love the chance to show you our services. or [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chad Smolanovich Sep 14, 2018

    These thieves know damn well how to hide out. Difficult to speak to anyone nor any email responses. They had been cancelled from my company a month ago yet they continue to charge. To this point have stolen over 3k and have made sure the bastards cannot access my business accounts. They are a criminal organization and double charge wherever they can get away with it.
    B & B Supply

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  • It
    italy jackson Nov 18, 2019

    Apparently y'all decide to close my account. Without my knowledge, when I checked the ADP app it says it was closed for fraud. But when I called that said it was closed because I didn't send my social or ID which y'all should have since my company sent a whole 3 months ago when I started working.

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