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I ran into their booth in the Canadian national exhibition wear a nice lady handed me a sample and then began to tell me how this product to change my life. I ended up spending an hour while she apply different products to my face and used an LED device which she claims would close all of my large pores. Everything that she said to me about these products was a lie but I only realize this after purchasing them and going home to do my research! The device she claimed would close my face pores was actually a device for the neck to help with sagging. I had to contact the head office and eventually spoke with the booth manager who agreed to give me my money back . Once I return to the booth to receive my refund they would not let up until I purchase something and I finally agreed to try a couple of creams . The sales lady told me that the creams would cost me $300 and she would return the rest of my money . I could not wait to get away from there and when I finally did she had actually charge me $400 instead of the agreed $300 . All I can say I would never want to do business with them again regardless of how good the product is ! They are scammers with no ethics or morals. Do yourself a favor and run the next time you see a store or a booth that says Adore!

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