Active.combogus membership

K Feb 04, 2019

Very sad to read through these comments and realize this have been going on for a decade. Even more sad that no one has done anything about it! Plus the rate has gone up, as my husband got charged $89.95 after signing up one of the kids for a summer Humane Society camp. He DID NOT sign up for this, trial membership or otherwise. He contacted the Humane Society and they said they've had problems with this before. I bet there are a lot of other parents that have no idea. The Humane Society should let people know this could happen, AND stop using them. Many people want to show support for this local group, but not at the cost of this hassle. Plus we had a $15 off coupon, that after using this sight, it charged a $10 fee. Again something the local Humane Society should let people know, or they're going to start losing support.

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