Ace Hardwarerude clerk


I went into the store to buy 2 plastic wading pools. I stood patiently by the display, near a check-out stand, while a clerk helped a customer get checked out by a cashier. They smiled, talked, and had a good visit while I waited. As they finished the clerk walked nearby where I was standing, so I asked him the price of the pools. He gave me a very irritated look and told me in a very rude manner that I would have to ask a cashier or someone else, he had other stuff to do. If he had given me a friendly, customer service smile, and said I'd have to check with the cashier, then I'd have no problem. But he was very rude about it, and walked away toward the back of the store. The cashier was very friendly and provided me with the store number and the clerk's name, which is LARRY. " The helpful hardware place" indeed. Larry obviously had no interest in what I may have needed to purchase.
I will attatch copy of my register reciept.
Thomas Armour Grass Range, Mt. [protected]

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