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And yes I am a customer I was a customer out next game for about 10 years and even though Ace flare is a product of NetSpend it's only his manufacturer of these separate entities Ace flare the actual NetSpend and skylight I have cards with all three and have been getting my unemployment each week I called to cancel a unemployment pay check which was deposited to my skylight and I had transferred $400 over to my place flare and had made a transactions that morning and I couldn't find my card certain bills was linked to that card so I was able to make some transactions and once I realized I didn't have my card I called to only cancel the card and I have another NetSpend card available to transfer my money to but that resulted in me being put on hold for hours calling two three times to verifying all my information until I spoke with the supervisor who hung up on me twice and answered all the security questions including the three about your street and where do you live on top of answering the security questions that they prompt you through in the beginning I'll then decided to go back to the ace cash and check store and just get another card and upon doing that I was told that my account was blocked and so I needed to call the fraudulent department the fraud department so I did it from inside of the store and they wanted documents will I sent them everything they asked for including these new cards that had just arrived from skylight as well as a flare and did everything pretty much but had a zoom interview with these people but I still don't understand how on top of being in the store sending it all the information and verify myself including my transactions last deposits my account was closed and then they told me that they would sing the check and remaining to the address on file which would have been my address I have the email to prove this and I received the check that was not even my so I still haven't received my last unemployment check from these people so upon calling them when I received this check that was not mine they said that they sent it back they sent it back to the unemployment office well ma'am you said you would send it back to the last address which would have been my skylight account not unemployment but the last the address on file would have been my home address it's just a bit much when you have a family and you have feels and you're not working and they stop unemployment here in Indiana and I think I'm you know just going to go up to the store I was financially advised by a worker for a flare of what to do and they told me to call them and ask them and you know what can they do just to see and they still just cat and mouse the person even after knowing that they kind of messed up three times so I'm filing a complaint to follow a procedure but definitely about to seek out some pain and stuff for me and my family and what this is status to subject myself to due to negligence on people that are responsible for

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