Account Nowpayment not received

C Jul 19, 2019

on june 19th i had 2 seperate deposits of $100 posted to my account due to the fact they were from another country they had to be verified first.I have received payment for one of the deposits and keep being told the other $100. deposit is still pending.Both deposits came from same place on same day why am I not recieveing payment from other deposit posted to my account on june 19.?? Also i recieved a deposit from same place on july 16th it was posted to my account and once again no funds received, ?It also was for $100.I at least deserve some kind of answer after 30 days of waiting.I feel like your company is just holding my money and one youll decide to pay me the funds that where sent to you for me.8years I have been a customer I beleive I am due some courtisy.Wich i havent been shown' please release my money I need it

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