Access-A-Rideextremely early pick up and then much delayed time of return trip

A Aug 12, 2018

Dear Sir/Madame

I scheduled a trip with AAR for a 9:45 appointment with One on One Therapy for Augut 3rd. The arranged pick up time-given to me by the agent was for 8:33 Am with a return pick-up time of 12:52 PM.
I was called by driver Joissaint Roose [protected]) at 7:39 Am to advise me he was outside. I informed him that my pick up time was for 8:33AM and I was not yet dressed.. He said that he would wait. I rushed and went out as soon as I could, knowing I was going to be very early for my appointment. I arrived at the facility at 8:00 A.M. And the therapists began my therapy upon my arrival. I had finished by 9:50 AM so I called AAR to reschedule my return trip for an earlier time. I was told that I would have to wait until 10:30 AM to request an earlier pickup. Tired and hungry, I took a taxi home. At 1:25 PM a driver (Juanioze Nikolo [protected]) called my phone I guess for a pickup, but I was already home. That was the second time in a few weeks that I had been picked up earl.
Further, I recently had a knee replacement. I repeatedly request that the car/taxi come into the garage and pick me up at the security station. Otherwise I have to walk about one and a half to get to the street level of my complex. It is difficult for me to navigate the steep ramp. Your drivers seem to be unwilling or unable to locate the entrance even with exact and explicit directions. I would appreciate it if you could avoid sending the "green" cars for my trips. For my appointment last week, I paid someone to take me there and pick me up to avoid the stress.

I don't know how you can rectify these issues but I am discouraged from using your service.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Alice Stewart

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