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Jan 25, 2012

Not sure what has happened to this place. Dealt with them a number of years back and service was quick/responsive and competitive. Now, have a loan in process and can't even get a response back and based on other feedback, not sure if one will ever get processed, paid the fees but now...

absolute mortgage company / MORTGAGE

Jan 02, 2012

They make me so mad that i start to thinking about driving to this idiots and meet some of them face to face.They cost me $400 and a lot of nerves and times collecting what they need.My case is clear 800 score doing same work for 14 years and have 100000 equity in my house but they just... / Failed to deliver on Mortgage rate


In September I locked in a rate, which other lenders were offering at the time also. Absolute Mortgage took my money and I had a lock on the rate, and then ultimately because of their incompetent team failed to complete the loan. Long story short, they lost documents, failed to pull all... / Mortgage


After being told by their competitor that their rate was too good to be true, we chose Absolute Mortgage anyway. What we got was horrible service, bad and untruthful information. They appeared to delay and stall by requesting unbelievable amounts of information only to turn around week...

absolute mortgage company / deceiving pratice


The so called company is out there to cost your money and headache. Three months "working" on the loan, it was never closed, but to be terminated. Would you ever get the rate you wanted in first place? No. They will only cost you big time. Another scaming company, be careful and stay away from them. / Horrible service/potential fraud


Company took so long for loan processing that lock expired combined with rates climbing. Then claim was that underwriters declined due to appraisal not being acceptable. Odd since underwriters "accepted" it few days earlier based on email of support staff. All seems like a scam, and...