Abelle Mayfairfree trial samples of skincare products

D Nov 17, 2017

Surfing the Internet 30/10/17 I came across this advertisement for Abella Mayfair for a free trial sample of Rapid Wrinkle control cream only paying for shipping at $3.95 Decided to give it a try and put it in nay shopping cart, I proceeded to the checkout, but before I could finish the transaction I had to go through a dozen pages of similar products on offer, I did buy a second product as a free trial only paying for shipping $4.95. I was charged two separate charges for shipping as well as a two separate card transactions fee's. The products turned up on the 16/11/17 a full 17 days after purchase. By the 13/11/17 Abella Mayfair had already charged me the full price of the first product. I rang them the next day 17/11/17 after the products arrived and cancelled my so called subscription. How can you trial the sample within the 14 day free trial if you don't get the product until day 14. The very next day 18/11/17 Abella Mayfair charged me the full price for the second product. So all in all this FREE trial cost me $300.62. THIS COMPANY IS UNETHICAL AND DECEPTIVE IN ITS BUSINESS PRACTICES.

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