ABC Cargo / majority of items broken when received - bill no. sln71168

We sent some cargo from Alain U.A.E to my residence at Banglore in early June and was tild that it will be delievered with in 3 weeks. When i enquired on 31st July i was told that it is in customs ckearence delay and will be delievered in 2 weeks. But to our surprise it was delivered next day. It means that the answer given to us was prefabricated without knowning any details of shipment. Morever majority of our items e.g. portable air conditoner, shoe rack, show piece stand etc were found broken when delievered because of improper packaging and very bad handaling. If one or two items are broken then we can understand but majority of items damaged definetly denotes improper packaging and bad rough handling. Really very sad and bad experience. Please look into it.
K.B.Bali. [protected]
Bill no. SLN71168

ABC Cargo
ABC Cargo
ABC Cargo

Aug 02, 2019

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