Aaron Greenspan born March 31, 1983plainsite.org a fraudulent datamining website that is being used to harass and extort money from the public

L Jun 26, 2019 Review updated:

Aaron Greenspan was on ant-psychotic medications as a teenager, while drowning up in Shaker Heights, Ohio. One of the medications that Aron Greenspan was put on was aripiprazole and is to treat manic episodes associated with psychosis. Aaron Greenspan told some of his classmates that he heard voices that gave him orders to do things. We knew as teenagers already that Aaron Greenspan was severely mentally ill and as he is getting older his mental illness is starting to show more and more. It will only be a matter of time before Aaron Greenspan has a full mental breakdown and either does harm to himself or to someone else and he will once again be placed in a mental hospital. Aaron Greenspan projects his insane psychotic ideation and severe mental illness on to others to make himself feel better about his mental illness that Aaron Greenspan inherited as he was born. His brother Simon also has severe mental illness accompanied with Autism, which makes the situation worst. Aaron Greenspan has Aspberger Syndrome for which there is no cure at all. Aaron Greenspan already suffering from severe mental illness in which he already takes anti-psychotic meds for his insane ideation sand psychosis and then to top this off he also suffers from Aspbergers Syndrome, which makes Aaron Greensoan in to a highly dangerous individual. Aaron Greenspan is somewhat functional in society but as he gets older his mental illness will only become more visible to the public where he will have to be permanently institutionalized in a mental facility like his brother.
Aaron Greenspan also suffers from being a delusional narcissistic sociopath and this was clear when he was a teenager as he always enjoyed one upping everyone else and he would often cheat to try and win at any cost. Society is lucky that Aaron Greenspan was never allowed to have a site like Facebook or facecash because he would destroy the world. Unfortunately this sociopath is running plainsite.org that he uses to ruin people's lives and extort money out of people.
In any other country Aaron Greenspan would have been locked up in a mental health facility already since his teens and this would have helped to avoid this him from going near computers and people's personal information that he uses today in a malicious way.


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    Ed Baker uber Stalker Jun 28, 2019
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    Stalking Ed Baker, Uber VP of Product and Growth should be a crime.

    Fri 28 June 2019

    Facebook the ‘Largest Fraud in Corporate History’ – Fake Accounts and Customer Data Theft

    Aaron Greenspan, who claims to be the original creator of Facebook, attacked the giants of Silicon Valley in a committee hearing at the UK Parliament – alleging fraud, dishonesty, and data theft on a massive scale.
    “Mark is really somebody that lied to everybody around him for years and years”, a long time critic of Facebook, Aaron Greenspan, alleged in Parliament today.

    “The scale has grown so immense that it affects nearly everyone. It was not orchestrated to produce a catastrophic result, nobody wanted that, but it has produced a catastrophic result.”

    During a two-hour hearing before Parliament’s Sub-Committee on Disinformation, Mr Greenspan started by declaring that he holds a short position on Facebook stock, which means that he may stand to benefit – massively – if the stock declines in value.

    He claimed that this does not colour his perspective on the company.

    I personally believe that Facebook represents the largest fraud in corporate history ever. It has had, at its peak, a market capitalisation of $600 billion dollars.

    Under close questioning, Mr Greenspan alleged that Facebook founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg, who he met at Harvard University 14 years ago, has exaggerated Facebook’s user base to a value equivalent to “five Bernie Madoff scandals”.

    ‘I think Mark has committed securities fraud on a number of occasions, ’ he added.

    The crux of the fraud alleged by Mr Greenspan is that Facebook has been under-reporting the number of fake accounts on its platform.

    By Mr Greenspan’s own analysis of Facebook’s transparency data, the percentage of fake accounts on Facebook is at least 30%, but in filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Facebook has claimed it stood at 1-5%.

    “This is a big problem and it’s not something that many people understand well, ” he explained.

    “I personally believe that Facebook represents the largest fraud in corporate history ever. It has had, at its peak, a market capitalisation of $600 billion dollars.”

    To be fair, Mark is not the only CEO that lies to investors on a regular basis. We see this with Elon Musk.

    Aaron Greenspan
    He went on to allege that “Mark has committed securities fraud on a number of occasions, I think it’s been incredibly blatant and the SEC has done nothing about it because they are afraid of targeting a billionaire.”

    Mr Greenspan also attributed the watchdog’s inaction to a belief that the “market will sort out all issues”.

    This is “a common theme in the Trump administration with any federal agency now… They actually have one commissioner, in particular, Hester Peirce who believes that the market will sort out all issues and that there’s really no role for the SEC”.

    “I believe it’s egregious, ” he added. “There is seemingly no repercussion for lying to shareholders.”

    “We’ve Seen this Movie Before”
    “To be fair, Mark is not the only CEO that lies to shareholders on a regular basis, we see this with Elon Musk, we see this with pretty much every large company in some form or another, it’s unfortunate that that’s the state of affairs, ” Mr Greenspan told MPs.

    “But I do think that it’s been very clear and in broad daylight. We’ve seen this movie before in the financial crisis, in the Dotcom crash, it’s really nothing new.”

    He added that the scale of fake accounts he believes he has found on Facebook is something that the social media giant should be “very scared” about. He declared that “I saw this coming 14 years ago”.


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    “Were I in their position I would be afraid, because it is actually incredibly difficult to ferret out indicators of truth on social media”, Mr Greenspan said.

    He ended by suggesting some regulatory solutions to the committee, such as that social media companies could be regulated like banks, that users could be taxed for their social media accounts, and that some of that money be used to fund investigative journalism.

    Stealing Customer Data
    During today’s session, Mr Greenspan was also asked: “Were there any warning signs of the Cambridge Analytica scandal?”

    “This wasn’t so much a breach as it was a designed behaviour, and that design was made so on Mark’s orders, ” Mr Greenspan replied.

    “I told him about this issue – which was to do with friends of friends – on April 7th 2005. So that gave him plenty of time to mitigate that concern going forward.”

    But, perhaps the most explosive part of today’s’ hearing was not about Facebook at all.

    Greenspan also recalled that, in 2007, Mark Zuckerberg’s soon-to-be colleague Ed Baker was planning to break the law with a scheme allegedly designed to steal customer data. This allegation dates to before Mr Baker joined Facebook, when he was partnered with Mr Greenspan, working on a new piece of software in 2007.

    Mr Greenspan told MPs: “When I worked with Ed [Baker] [in 2007], he suggested for the software that we were building that we should ask users [of the software] for access to their address book… and, regardless of whether the answer was yes or no, we should take that data anyway, and use that to send emails to other potential users.”

    “At that point I quit.”

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  • Da
    Damian Collins Jun 27, 2019

    Dont be mistaken by Aaron Greenspan behavior. These are not tantrums. Aaron Greenspan has a autistic meltdown when not getting his way. An autistic meltdown is all about being overwhelmed. For someone with autism, when they reach the point of sensory, emotional, and information overload, or even just too much unpredictability, it can trigger a variety of external behaviours that are similar to a tantrum (such as crying, yelling, or lashing out) Aaron Greenspan autism doesnt allow him to control over his meltdowns, and he will not benefit from the normal measures to reduce tantrums like distraction, hugs, incentives to ‘behave’, or any form of discipline.

    Aaron Greenspan might unintentionally hurt himself or others during their meltdowns. Have a strategy in place to keep yourself in a safe place and ignore Aaron Greenspan when he tries to communicate with you or talks about plainsite org.

    Aaron Greenspan investment firm TURING FEYNMAN LLC. Of course he stole the 2 last names of scientist.

    Aaron Greenspan has the obsessive with law dockets and court cases. This very common, very normal part of life for autistics. The downside is that it can also be very common for those interests to clash with the surrounding social environment. It’s not fair, but it happens since these intense hobbies can deviate pretty far from what neurotypical peers are focusing on. Aaron Greenspan autism is ruining the lives of innocent people. Aaron Greenspan consistently calls and harasses people about the pacer court records. It really scared me the first time his robot voice called. The robot voice is a symptom of being autistic. Aaron Greenspan operatates a fake charity. Aaron Greenspan is a lunatic.
    New address to serve aaron greenspan


    340 South LEMON AVE 6720
    WALNUT CA 91789

    Internet Services Plainsite.org / Think Computer Corporation Customer Service aaron jacob greenspan posting personal and private information on his website.
    Plainsite.org / Think Computer Corporation / aaron jacob greenspan posting personal and private information on his website.
    500 RACE STREET, SUITE 4321, San Jose California 95126, San Jose, CA, United States
    Review updated: Jun 05, 2019
    Contact information:
    Phone: [protected]
    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is the owner of the website www.plainsite.org. He posts personal and private information on his website. He refuses to take down the information. I am a victim of domestic violence and my personal information is NOT suppose to be online per court orders. Aaron Greenspan refuses to remove my information from his website. He disrespects the law.

    I begged him to remove it because I don't want my ex to find me. He refused to remove it. My ex found me and children in our home were harmed and I was beat up to a bloody pulp after he found me on Aaron's website www.plainsite.org.

    Aaron Greenspan doesn't care about hurting children. He posts the locations of children whose mothers are hiding from abusive relationships.

    He refuses to remove the information. He profits from watching people suffer and get beat up to a bloody pulp.

    He runs his website out of a rented apartment all by himself. He's a lonely man. He hates people, so he uses his website to hurt them by posting their personal and private lives.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a bad person. Here are his other websites.

    Here is the address which was taken from California San Jose Secretary of State website.

    Updated by Myname2017, Feb 28, 2017
    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is the website owner. He runs the website out of his rented apartment he lives in by himself. He downloads federal lawsuits from Pacer and puts them on his website to humiliate people while he makes money from their names with advertisement.

    Aaron posted on his website all my personal and private information. Through his opt out link, I asked him to remove my information, but he refused. So I called him and asked him. He then yelled at me and refused to remove it and then he slammed the phone in my face.

    I lost several job offers because of his website giving my personal life. He makes his living by hurting innocent people on his website.

    How would he like it if somebody posted his personal life? He doesn't care about people.

    Updated by Myname2017, Feb 28, 2017
    I posted his pictures of him in the red shirt so you can see who he is.

    Myname2017 Feb 28, 2017
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    La Lady Justices Jul 11, 2017
    Best Best Advice
    Alan Greenspan, 500 Race Street, San Jose California [protected] US, [protected]. Plainsite.com, Think Computer Foundation, Think Computer Foundation. [protected]@thinkcomputer.com. This guy is evil. Word from his neighbors, he's watching little girls on the street all day. He publishes the addresses of women only. I'm going to the FBI about him. He steals information from Government Websites, downloads it and he works on his own out of his apartment. He's a sicko. He's dangerous. Keep your children away from him.

    +152 Votes
    La Lady Justices Jul 11, 2017
    @Lady Justices Of course should be aaron greenspan, aaron greenspan,

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    Sa Sandy5505 Jul 12, 2017
    @Lady Justices Yeah I am getting a court order .. whats on there for me is settled and it hasnt affected me career wise or anything ( atleast the idiot showed my thng was minor and settled) but he doesnt reply to inquiries .. and personal information is showing up.. he needs to be taken down.. also, i reported him to Consumer Affairs

    +36 Votes
    Jo Jose 911 Feb 08, 2018
    @Lady Justices AARON GREENSPAN AKA AARON JACOB GREENSPAN and Dr. Neil Greenspan aka
    Neil Sanford Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan removed post in the
    this post. https://www.quora.com/Did-Aaron-Greenspan-really-invent-Facebook
    and other places on quora.com.

    They are getting really upset.

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    Jo Jose 911 Mar 30, 2018
    @Jose [protected] call this number to get Neil to remove your info.

    +20 Votes
    Aa AaChi Apr 14, 2018
    @Lady Justices here is the direct number for that hook nose bald headed looking creep that i found on another board. [protected]. He has hurt so many people who are looking for work or need privacy. he hung up on a me a few times and then told me to F off and he will sue me. he cant sue anyone. he has been denied in getting a license to practice law because of this poor ethics.

    +15 Votes
    Wh Who owns plainsite.org Aaron Greenspan May 30, 2018
    @AaChi Rofl!!! aaron greenspan never went law school. he's too stupid to pass the lsat entrance exam.

    +18 Votes
    Th ThinkComputerCorporation Aug 10, 2018
    @Lady Justices @plainsite @Aarongreenspan @plainsite.org

    +14 Votes
    [protected] fraud Nov 28, 2018
    @Lady Justices Why can they stop with the scams.

    +15 Votes
    Fr Fraud scam chairty Feb 15, 2019
    @Lady Justices 956 Carolina Street San Francisco CA 94107

    +9 Votes
    Bu Buck Santa Cruz Mar 06, 2019
    @Sandy5505 Go to the Santa Clara Superior Court, San Jose, California website and search for case number 18CH008067. Here you will see that someone has received a well deserved Restraining Order against this individual who refuses to leave people alone.

    +10 Votes
    Ba Basking in the Sun Apr 06, 2019
    We looked up the Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan at the Santa Clara Superior Court in San Jose on May 2, 2019 and the hearing is at 1:30pm. There some posting that stated that witnesses can show up to testify if they are victims of Aaron Greenspan in this Restraining Order hearing. If someone has been the victim of Aaron Greenspan then they should show up and testify to get their stories of being harassed out in public.

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    Pl @plainsite Tesla Stalket Apr 06, 2019
    @Lady Justices NEIL GREENSPAN
    There are 7 individuals that go by the name of Neil Greenspan.
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    These individuals collectively are associated with 7 companies in Hanover NH, Hartford CT, Palo Alto CA, Providence RI, and Shaker Heights OH.
    View Nationwide Phone Book Listings For Neil Greenspan

    Blue Capital Advisors Ltd.
    Connecticut Domestic Profit Corporation

    Registered Agent: Secretary Of The State
    Filing Date: March 08, 2013
    File Number: 1100331

    One Constitution Plaza
    5th Floor
    Hartford, CT 06103

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    View People Named Neil Greenspan in New Hampshire

    Contact Us About The Company Profile For Blue Capital Advisors Ltd.
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    Endoscopy Associates, Inc.
    Rhode Island Domestic Profit Corporation

    Registered Agent: E. Colby Cameron, Esq.
    Filing Date: November 04, 2003
    File Number: [protected]

    44 West River Street, 2nd Floor
    Providence, RI 02904

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    View People Named Neil Greenspan in Rhode Island

    Contact Us About The Company Profile For Endoscopy Associates, Inc.

    Gastroenterology Associates, Inc.
    Rhode Island Professional Service Corporation

    Registered Agent: Neil R. Greenspan, Md
    Filing Date: August 01, 1976
    File Number: [protected]

    44 West River Street
    Providence, RI 02904

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    View People Named Neil Greenspan in Rhode Island

    Contact Us About The Company Profile For Gastroenterology Associates, Inc.

    Nob Creek, LLC
    Rhode Island Domestic Limited-Liability Company

    Registered Agent: E. Colby Cameron, Esq.
    Filing Date: December 04, 2001
    File Number: [protected]

    44 West River Street, 2nd Fl
    Providence, RI 02904

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    View People Named Neil Greenspan in Rhode Island

    Contact Us About The Company Profile For Nob Creek, LLC

    Red Rose Pathology Laboratory, Inc.
    Rhode Island Professional Service Corporation

    Registered Agent: E. Colby Cameron
    File Number: [protected]

    44 West River Street
    2nd Floor
    Providence, RI 02904

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    View People Named Neil Greenspan in Rhode Island

    Contact Us About The Company Profile For Red Rose Pathology Laboratory, Inc.

    Think Computer Corporation
    Louisiana Business Corporation (Non-)

    Registered Agent: Think Computer Corporation
    Filing Date: October 04, 2011
    File Number: 40631256F

    884 College Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94306

    Write Review

    View People Named Neil Greenspan in Ohio

    Contact Us About The Company Profile For Think Computer Corporation
    Think Computer Foundation
    Ohio Corporation For Non-Profit

    Registered Agent: Neil Greenspan
    Filing Date: October 26, 2000
    File Number: 1189731

    20560 Shelburne Rd
    Shaker Heights, OH 44122

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    Contact Us About The Company Profile For Think Computer Foundation
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    Th Thinkcomp . Apr 24, 2019
    @Lady Justices he got a visit from the FBI who arrested him. next he got mad at went to NYTimes to shame the FBI.

    sociopath hacked into Gov't website to steal data and cheat to win contract jobs.


    sociopath hacked into PayMaxx, eOffer and Department of Defense.
    Again and again the sociopath pretends he is the victim and they should thank him for hacking.



    Aaron Greenspan does not allow privacy.

    English Parliament must be the dumbest people on earth.
    Congress already understands that Aaron Greenspan is a criminal.

    He hacked into countless site and demanded money in change for the flaws. He is a extortionist. Read it for yourself.

    PayMaxx referred to Greenspan as a "hacker, " while the Web programmer maintained that the security problem is far worse than divulged by the payroll company.

    PayMaxx does not agree. The Web programmer has been far too intent on poking holes in the company's systems and has "numerous inaccuracies" in his report, PayMaxx said in a statement. The company did not specify which parts of his report were incorrect.


    FBI arrested him for hacking another site.

    Not long after, two armed federal agents appeared at my doorstep. One of them, who had no background in computer crime, handed me a copy of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, and told me that I should read it.


    Greenspan hacked microsoft exchange to steal email and to spam for donations to think computer foundation.



    He pretends again and again he and his family are victims.
    Once word of the flaw began making its way into the press, the company threatened to sue me for violating U.S. Code Title 18 Section 1030, otherwise known as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986


    Damian Collins who chairs the DCMS committee is a tool.

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