Aamco$4,000 job gone wrong


In February 2009 I took my car to Aamco to replace my transmission. The gears were slipping that caused the car to jerk. They put in a used transmission and assured me that my car will be in complete working order when they are done with it without any problems. About a week later I received my car back and it seemed to be working good until the next day I felt the jerking in my car again. I called them and they said to bring it back and later said that it needed another used transmission. So I was stuck without a car for another week and had to rent one. When I got my car back for the second time, the SAME problem happened. But this time I took it to my original dealership to get their advice on what was going on with my tranny. This is Audi by the way. Audi said that the tail shaft of the tranny that Aamco had put in was leaking! So I took it back yet a THIRD time and they said they just had to adjust some things in the tranny to stop the jerking and leaking.
Now for the third time, I had to rent a car for a few days again. When I got back my car, the leaking was fixed but a few days later...the jerking starts again AND my starter was making a buzzing noise when I started the car. I was so furious when I had to go back a FOURTH time. This time, they blamed the jerking on the computer in my car and its not their fault. They also said that my starter is going bad because my car is an old car. Mind you, it is only a 2000. I was fed up when they told me all this and told them that I am reporting them to Aamco headquarters which I'm currently in the process of. I am also getting a lawyer to get all my money back hopefully. I paid then $4, 200 for this crappy job!!! NEVER GO TO AAMCO, PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE!

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