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Menards / sell defective carpets! do not stand behind their products! (Complaint Comment)

DPL3 Nov 14, 2018

I have made many visits to the Wixom Menards store and I will not return due to the poor customer service I have experienced on multiple occasions...

LDR Industries Chicago Illinois / tuscany sharena faucet (Complaint)

Fran Torri Nov 13, 2018

Sharena Faucet from Menards. Model: 5188SS Menards SKU: 6736075 Variation: Stainless The hose on the pullout has split and now leaks. Menards won't help because they claim to have no stock. They said to contact LDR Industries: sales@ldrind. com and request the New pull out handle with new hose...

Brach's / stale and smelly candies (Complaint Comment)

halllyman Nov 12, 2018

Bought a 20 ounce at menards, Anderson, Indiana, 2245 E 67th street, 46013. Tried two pieces and they were so hard (inside and out) that I could not eat them. Code 7B25BB133 experation 11-25-17. Got bag minus two and receipt. Pay for shipping and I will return. First time ever happened...

Menards / lyons contour soaking tub (Complaint)

Novabec Nov 4, 2018

floor cracking however Menards says they don't keep records of special orders and I can't find the receipt. It's now leaking. It was installed by a plumber but you can feel when you stand in it that the tub flexes ALOT between the built in supports. This is a manufacturing flaw. I am now seeing that I am not alone and will be taking action not just bluffing...

Chicago Tribune Chicago Illinois / newspaper delivery (Complaint Comment)

Nicole Stinson Nov 4, 2018

3/12/17 Papers I purchased from Menards in Bolingbrook, IL didn't have the IAMS B1G1 free coupons. I am a couponer and I buy multiple papers each week. I have 6 and none have the coupons! Very frustrated. Nicole Stinson [protected]...

Whirlpool Refrigerator/Compressor / no whrilpool will not eat my loss in food (Complaint Comment)

Thomas Giles Nov 4, 2018

5-6 years ago from Menards and should not have this issue continue...

Menards Saint Joseph Missouri / customer service due to damage (Complaint)

LindaHayw Nov 1, 2018

Menards customer service due to damage It shipped to the Menards store in St Joseph, Mo. When we were able to pick it up the boxes were damaged. They assured us that everything was ok. We had the building started when one of the side panels was damaged. Due to being special order all I could do is contact the local store and report the damage...

Brach's / stale and smelly candies (Complaint Comment)

bullname Oct 31, 2018

store and said to bad menards lumber yard I will think more then once before I buy them again I'm 55 and have always liked them sence small...

Brach's / stale and smelly candies (Complaint Comment)

Scotchamblin Oct 27, 2018

different times, from Menards of Chillicothe Ohio. This candy is as hard as rocks, we've always enjoyed your candy in the past for years. Hopefully, the problem will will be found...

Menards Sioux City Iowa / service complaint (Complaint)

Amanda Ryba Oct 23, 2018

I went to my local Menards in Sioux City Iowa and was looking to purchase a hand rail for my outside steps. I asked 3 different employees for what I was looking for and was sent to 3 different locations in the store. I finally get to the building parts desk and walk up to the counter to again wait to ask for help...

Menards / sell defective carpets! do not stand behind their products! (Complaint Comment)

Ariel Endresen Oct 22, 2018

It was purchased at West Lafayette Menards. Consumer has gotten sick multiple times eating this can. Have you received any other complaints on this item?...

Menards Wisconsin / rebate scam (Complaint Comment)

Lisa Schlechter Oct 19, 2018

cashing in on others Menards rebates in the thousands. This is udder bullcrap. I to have sent in and not received my rebates. "Quite large to I may add". We know they boulster prices when the offer rebates to begin with so it is actually cheaper to buy elsewhere at that time. I do think they send them out, really should not take 8 weeks to receive but, it is a shame that we can not even trust the USPS to do the right thing...

Menards Manchester Missouri Ballwin, MissouriManchester / delivery service (Complaint)

Steve Rosa Oct 17, 2018

purchasing merchandise from Menards in the future...

Menards Omaha Georgia / windows (Complaint)

Angie39 Oct 15, 2018

at the Bellevue, Ne Menards. It was to be delivered in 3-4 weeks but was back ordered to take longer. We then found out that the staff member ordered the wrong size window and had to place order for the right one. waiting another 3-4 weeks. I just received my window now in mid Oct. and the brick that was to be completed after the window will now have to wait until spring as it has to be above 40 degrees for 3-4 days to complete the project...

Menards / returns (Complaint)

13D Oct 10, 2018

We have shopped with Menards with confidence through the years knowing your gracious return policy has always allowed us to make returns without penalty as we performed in home updates and also remolded houses. We have always been satisfied with your customer service. I am asking that this one time this restocking fee be waived in light of the fact that I had no idea of this policy, and if I had known I would not have placed the order...

Menards Bridgeview Illinois / menards canceled paid delivery and declined refund (Complaint)

Vlad77 Oct 8, 2018

MENARDS, 9140 S. Harlem ave, Bridgeview, IL 60455. Delivery was not done. I came back Oct 8 and in the end spoke with assistant general manager Sean Esposito. I explained everything: delivery was paid, but wasn't done. Assistant general manager Sean EspositoInstead instead to reschedule delivery he (!)decline to do any delivery with price I already paid...

Menards Big Rapids Michigan / my treatment to me, buy an general manager (Complaint)

Susan Zeitz Oct 6, 2018

I went to the Big Rapids, Michigan, Menards store today. 10/06/18 I went there to purchase some of the trees and shrubs they had on sale. When I got to the garden center, there was an older couple, and a menards person helping them. They were standing in front of the trees, so i waited for them to get done...

Brach's Eau Claire Wisconsin / the maple nut goodies hard as rock! (Complaint)

Susan M Manor Oct 5, 2018

Maple Nut Goodies at Menards on Saturday, September 29, 2018. My brother and I were looking forward to the "sinfully" great taste of our favorite candy. Could not bite into the candy until were savored it in our mouth until it softened enough to bite through. both of us felt the same. Comment made: these were the worst Maple Nut Goodies ever tried to eat! Package dated: March 15, 2019 with code number 8F15BB183...

Menards Milwaukee Wisconsin / check out disrespect from employee (Complaint)

Anthony Tobiasz Oct 4, 2018

I have been doing business with this Menards for years as a contractor, spending tens of thousands of dollars remodeling homes in nearby Mequon (you can check the records for Orange Poppy LLC and Willow Design and Development). There were three checkouts in service and all had customers waiting...

Menards Wisconsin / rebate scam (Complaint Comment)

Dann2c Oct 4, 2018

My issues with Menards are about the same. Last time I shop at their stores. I would rather pay more at Lowe's or Home Depot !!!...

Menards Saint Paul Minnesota / diamond naturals dog food (Complaint)

geeterslag Oct 3, 2018

Menards diamond naturals dog foodThe Octoberfest sale ad 2018 states ALL DIAMOND NATURALS DOG FOOD AND TREATS ON SALE! It shows a photo of the dog food for $28.95 but after I purchased it I was charged $35.89. When I asked the store manager he said that the one I bought was not on sale. The ad says ALL DIAMOND NATURALS DO...

Menards St. Peters, MO / order # [protected] (Complaint)

trisheee7 Oct 2, 2018

there at St Peters Menards and he was no help at all. I wasn't offered any kind of discount on the product for my inconvenience, but yet I have to pay my laborer more money to come back to my home and install this product for a 2nd time. AND it's not even guaranteed it will be right when I do end up receiving it...

Menards appleton Maine / unethical behavior (Complaint)

Strey Oct 2, 2018

Today, my boyfriend and I walked to Menards to purchase a knob for our house. We both walked with back packs on to help carry our belongings as well as to safely carry our purchases home. We shopped for approx a 1/2 hour and proceeded to the check out where suddenly my boyfriend was accused of stealing...

Menards Terre Haute Indiana / customer service (Complaint)

Chelsea cohen Oct 2, 2018

Menards customer serviceI still haven't heard anything back about my family's experience in Menard's we got walked out by 4 different guys because a worker Laura Kerr said she has a no contact on my husband and she don't her wife does and I have a copy of it and her name isn't on it. We was told we could never co...