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Menards Eau Claire Michigan / Customer service (Complaint)

Rick Wilczynski Jul 20, 2018

This am, 7/20 Menards West store, Eau Claire Approx 9am Entered Receiving to pick up a pallet of ceiling tiles. To find "nobody" at the receiving desk. This is typical. So, after ringing the bell and waiting 10 minutes. I ask someone in Building materials to page someone...

Menards Valparaiso Indiana / product and service (Complaint)

harris john Jul 19, 2018

Mailed to menards, menards sent me a letter saying I had to talk to people who made the product, they have not called yet. That was 6-20-18. Got a letter from cathy drinkwine from menards gust service she must be a wood expert she says this is natrul for wood to do this. And if I had put a good quality sealer on it, I would not be experiencing the problems I am haveing...

Menards Cambridge Minnesota / service (Complaint)

dstahnke Jul 13, 2018

I feel that Menards need to train there workers that customers deserve to be treated as people not some stupid women that does not know a thing and I can shove anything off on you because they are to lazy to check...

Brach's Elkhorn,Nebraska / brach's malted milk balls (Complaint)

Kristyn52 Jul 13, 2018

Balls at a store called Menards, in Elkhorn NE 68022 have been stale. The first 3 bags I bought, I purchased on the same day and had the same expiration date on the bags so I just assumed it was a bad batch. I didn't buy any more from that store for a few weeks and then yesterday I purchased a bag...

Mrnard’s West Bend WI West Bend Wisconsin / customer service and unorganized product on shelves, (Complaint)

Mary Schommer Jun 27, 2018

cashier to offer us a Menards gift card!! When when the manager came out she was just as unfriendly as the original cashier. No wonder our first cashier has an attitude. it is coming down from management!! So even though in the last year we have spent over 5, 000 with creating a finished basement we will now spend our hard earned money elsewhere...

Menards Oswego Illinois / enchanted garden 16" sunface wind wheel (Complaint)

Janice Eberly Jun 26, 2018

I purchased a Enchanted Garden Wind wheel Garden Stake, model 4355W, Mendards SKU 2774593 in an antique silver color. I bought this for my mother and placed it in her garden as a birthday surprise. She was out of town when I did it, after returning to her home two weeks later she discovere...

Menards Waukesha Wisconsin / customer service (Complaint)

Aaltoro07 Jun 24, 2018

We called menards in waukesha wi and asked them if there was any way if they could come back another time to pick up the pallets once we got the dirt moved and not charge and they said we would be charged again. My husband took pictures of how the pallets looked and went to Menards in Pewaukee to explain to them the issue and the associate that works there agreed it was accessible but my husband had to go to the Menards store we purchased them from which was Waukesha...

all menards stores Germantown and Pewaukee Wisconsin / electric carts (Complaint)

cardiths Jun 24, 2018

every time I go to Menards the electric carts for disabled people are never available. Saturday I waited 35 minutes for a available cart I found our that Menards only as two carts for each store. WHY SO FEW. Walmart has a minimum of eight and Home Depot has six. While I was waiting for a cart another disabled person came in after me and left when I told him how long I was waiting...

Menards Germantown Wisconsin / service (kate assistant man germantown wi) (Complaint Comment)

Jacy lane Jun 20, 2018

complaints being posted but menards is becoming richer and richer every year. 2 billion up every year. With attitudes like what you have "I spend thousand of dollars" I wouldn’t want to help you either. You are no better than the person who spends 20. You get no better treatment than the rest...

Menards Clio California / customer service, garden center entrance always closed. (Complaint Comment)

Jacy lane Jun 20, 2018

garden center doors some menards don’t...

Meijer, Wixom, MI Wixom Michigan / grocery store (Complaint)

Nigel K Jun 19, 2018

Please learn from Target or Menards or many of the big box stores on how they handle cash back/store credit promotions for purchases. I understand Meijer is only grocery store and do not expect to find the brightest minds working here. Besides not training its staff well or management not knowing how to manage/bookkeep promotions, does Meijer corporate condone employees talking back to customers? Do they give complete autonomy to Store Directors to decide who to invite and un-invite to the store? I see several complaints about racism in this forum...

Menards / awful place to work in (Complaint Comment)

Freddie200 Jun 19, 2018

I’ve worked at Menards for 2 1/2. Oddly the ones that I see slacking off usually quit. Hmmm. I for one think it’s a GREAT PLACE to work. I for one am not lazy. I take pride in my job. I adore my guests. I have those that request me. It’s true there are some manager that are egotistic...

Menards Arizona / I am complaining about item ordered, on march 31 2018 not processed for shipping. (Complaint)

howellj63221 Jun 18, 2018

does not speak well of Menards and I believe this email should be sent to YOU CEO MENARD. If you respond to the email and don't say you are forwarding this to CEO Menard I will send a certified letter with all received emails. Thank you, Dr. James O. Howell...

Menards Sussex Wisconsin / mulch (Complaint)

ernieracenet Jun 16, 2018

Menards mulchpocket book to shop at menards rather than the home depot. Unfortunately, my confidence in menards was rocked this weekend. On friday, I purchased 20 bags of "radiant brown mulch" from the pewaukee wi store. This was in addition to the 70 bags I had already purchased. I made absolutely sure the product description, sku and packaging on the 20 units purchased I purchased on friday was exact the same as the 70 or so bags already purchased, (see attached picture)...

Menards Toledo Ohio / general manager - josh barrier (Complaint)

rtj9johnson16 Jun 12, 2018

The GM at Toledo Menards. I have worked there a while and have noticed a few things about the way he operates. 1. He acts conceded most of the time talking down to people who aren't other GM's. 2. He will berate people anywhere especially over the radio for everyone to hear. 3. I have never seen the guy do any work before...

Menards Comstock Park Michigan / large service charge to place special order at menards (Complaint)

Bill Porteners Jun 10, 2018

correct it appears Menards is charging me $19. 99 just for the "privilege" of placing a special order. Please tell me that is no so. Is if MY fault your store does not have products you sell in stock? This is what is says on the billing : 1 each combine pkg &/or hanglingecsdc sku 124-9940 19...

Menards Fort Wayne Indiana / purchase of hetzi column juniper trees (Complaint)

John F. Popp Jun 6, 2018

This is just a heads up.
I bought three of these tress on April 21, 2018 at your Illinois Road store in Fort Wayne. I felt fine when I purchased them around 2PM on that Saturday...I planted the trees later in the afternoon and started getting very weak and experienced fatigue. I bar...

Menards Milwaukee Wisconsin / I fell while I was exchanging an item in you store. (Complaint)

Duchessmaya Jun 4, 2018

Menards I fell while I was exchanging an item in you store. Menards needs to acknowledge some type of compassion for your customer. I just spent about $1000 after Christmas replacing my cabinets frotndy. I just switched out 3 light fixtures in my house in April. So I am a loyal and steady customer. I left feeling I was shopping in the wrong store...

Menards Rochester Minnesota / door latch on rollup door. (Complaint)

diane nichols Jun 2, 2018

Menards North Rochester MN. I think it was Monday or Tuesday May 28th or 29th I ordered a latch they said it would be a month before it would come in and they would call when it came in. I waited a month I called they said it came in so I went to pick it up and they searched an hour and couldn't find it, so they said it would be another month before I could get another one...

Menards / awful place to work in (Complaint Comment)

Zachary Frye Jun 2, 2018

[censored] I love working at Menards making money is the goal of every company. Saying they don't care about there guest is ridiculous they do. I've been here for 5 years and have had no problems if I even feel a little sick they tell me to go home they give you plenty of raises and everything else...

Menards Springfield Illinois / military discount (Complaint Comment)

Vet93 May 30, 2018

What?The point is Menards doesn't give a military discount, Lowes and Home depot do give military discounts. I'm not entitled to a discount like you are not entitled to anything bigger than a 1 dollar bill. And 20 years in the military got you a stripping job? That's embarrassing. Wow, 20 years in the military to retire and strip...

Menards Springfield Illinois / military discount (Complaint Comment)

Vet93 May 30, 2018

And I have the right to not shop at Menards. I didn't join the military in hopes of some day, years on down the road, of having a 10% discounts everywhere. But its nice to save some money at companies that recognize us. Those little numbers that are on the items you purchase are called "prices" ...

Menards / refused to honor veterans discount, and would not accept rebate (Complaint Comment)

Vet93 May 30, 2018

If Menards doesn't wish to grant 10% off for military veterans that's their business and I'll shop elsewhere. I could see why Menards wouldn't want to give 10 percent off, heck that's 0. 5% of the country that are veterans, and maybe half of the 0. 5% would actually ask for the discount. Wow, they would be losing hundreds of dollars a year in allowing vet discounts! Sounds like an intelligent business plan...

Menards Ballwin, MO / failing to get anyone to help me with a rebate that I was eligible for! (Complaint)

new-customer May 30, 2018

campaign and went to the Menards store to pick it up. Due to the unknowledgeable staff at that store, I was failed to get another receipt that I needed to get a $50. 00 rebate that I was eligible to receive. I tried to get assistance by using their web help service and was told that they would take care of it and email me the form but never heard from them again...

Brachs Carrington, North Dakota / maple nut goodies (Complaint)

Maryotto May 29, 2018

This bag was purchased at a Menards. I hope that it was just a bad batch. The packaging states that you have freshness guarantee . Thank you for providing customer feedback...