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Freelancer Technology / / / Theft of Funds (Complaint Comment)

DisgruntledSiteUser Oct 14, 2019

A certain "job poster", posted a job on their site. Milestone arrangement that poster agreed to was that they would pay half at start of project and balance on completion. Each time I asked for payment, they had some excuse. Several hours/days into project, poster then says he changed his ...

Freelancer Technology / / / Theft of Funds (Complaint)

DisgruntledSiteUser Oct 14, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / Theft of are criminals - no other way to say it. I joined their site in March 2019 and for several months, has refused to release funds in the account. I have told them numerous times, I DO NOT INTEND TO CONTINUE USING THE SITE. Simply refund my funds and close out the... Sydney New South Wales / account closed without warning and there is 4000$ in my account (Complaint Comment)

jyyblue Oct 10, 2019

Dear Steven.

My account's email is [protected]
My account is closed suddenly.
My account is passed in KYC verification and payment verification.
And also in my freelancer account, there is 680USD.
I keep freelancer term and I don't know what I a... Sydney New South Wales / account closed, stole my money (Complaint Comment)

Bang T Oct 07, 2019

Hi @SteventE

My account was close on 5th Sep 2019. I have contact with [protected] They said forwarded to [protected] I have sent request reopening my account to [protected] on 5th Sep 2019. They did not reply me. I have try submi...

Freelancer Technology / / / (Complaint)

fitzroy safar Oct 01, 2019

Freelancer closed my account for no reason whatsoever. I've had this account for more than 2 years, I paid all my freelancers on time and I've had great reviews but today they shut my account down. No reason was given. I even had someone working on a project for me and this is what they've...

Freelancer Technology / / / scam??? (Complaint)

Leon1 Oct 01, 2019

My account was suspended for no reason, with money allocated to a project of great importance.
This is a lack of professionality both in respect of both people that are working (specifically the person that was working for me), and myself.

At the moment I have 250 euros ...

Freelancer Technology / / / treatment of working freelancer (Complaint)

Maciej Janowski Aug 28, 2019

I completed a project for an employer.
I worked on it for over 30 hours.
I paid around 100$ In fees to accept the project.
When I got my earnings and tried to withdraw them I learned they are being held, because the employer hasn't finished verifying my account. The e... / account closed without any explanation and money confiscated (Complaint)

Sarmistha Goswami Aug 23, 2019 account closed without any explanation and money confiscatedThe night before I was filing a dispute against one of my clients on and Freelancer made me pay 43 euros as arbitration charge, the commission of the project I had worked on plus an euro extra as Credit card verification charge. I was pretty sure of wining the dispute so I p...

Freelancer Technology / / / accepted offer of a project and got charged $150 as freelancer fee (Complaint Comment)

Amit_Mishra1912 Aug 22, 2019

or developing screensharing option on 😀
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Freelancer Technology / / / accepted offer of a project and got charged $150 as freelancer fee (Complaint Comment)

Amit_Mishra1912 Aug 22, 2019

They create fake client profile and post projects of large amount by those fake profiles. As you can't have a call with the client before accepting the offer and as soon as you accept the offer they deduct 10% of the project amount from your account. And after that they just cancel/delete ...

Freelancer Technology / / / accepted offer of a project and got charged $150 as freelancer fee (Complaint Comment)

Amit_Mishra1912 Aug 22, 2019

what happened?
is it also a fake page created by please confirm so that I can report the page

Freelancer Technology / / / accepted offer of a project and got charged $150 as freelancer fee (Complaint Comment)

Amit_Mishra1912 Aug 22, 2019

Chat Conversation Start

Internet Company
3:06 PM

Hello, Amit.
Let me check on this.... / fake projects and identity (Complaint Comment)

Amit_Mishra1912 Aug 22, 2019

They create fake client profiles, posts large amount projects, awards them to a freelancer, take 10% of the amount as fee (where the freelancer who accepted the job haven't got a single $ from the client.), cancel/delete the project or suspend/delete fake client profile and ...

Freelancer Technology / / / accepted offer of a project and got charged $150 as freelancer fee (Complaint)

Amit_Mishra1912 Aug 22, 2019

I have accepted an offer of a project of $1500 on freelancer and they charged me $150 as fee. The client later decided to cancel the project and he did that. As I havent got paid a single $ from the client I asked to refund me the fee they have taken from me b...

Freelancer Technology / / / Scam page (Complaint)

Jamie Le Claire Aug 19, 2019

I posted a job on this site and it was declined due to an "unmeaningful job description. Then they closed my account. I opened another one and posted the job. Initially it was approved and then declined again. When I tried to reach someone on Facebook, this is what they said

"... / account suspended (Complaint Comment)

gizem Senel Aug 04, 2019

My [protected] account has been closed by the Freelancer team due to violation of terms. I don't recall any act like that but all I wan now is saving my earned money. I had my earned money in it which I didn't transfer it yet. I want my money to transfer to my selected ...

Freelancer Technology / / / funds have been locked and account suspended (Complaint)

aouny radhouene Jul 31, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / funds have been locked and account suspendedHi,

I used to be a freelancer in this website, and i had an issue with a project, bellow the exact details:
1- July 24th 2019: I finished the customer website as planned, he asked for the Admin password to change something. he changed the password and never answered my...

Relevant Systems Chicago Illinois / mobile app (Complaint)

cmallxs Jul 25, 2019

I ordered a app from relavant systems with copyright. They took 10, 000 usd from me for it.
I was astonished to find similar app in playstore and later found that the app has been sold by relavant systems to them .

Relavant system's Nick answer was we did change 10% so ...

Freelancer Technology / / / can not believe companies like this one exists! (Complaint)

Harris K. Jul 19, 2019

What an absolutely horrible experience! I own an e-commerce company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We needed some changes in our Shopify website so I hired a freelancer on, I deposited some funds for a milestone payment and with-in 24 hours it got cancelled by itself and I had t... / account suspended (Complaint Comment)

AMLouis Jul 13, 2019 has become a SCAM now... I have paid a total of Qar. 3274.81 for the project and they have refunded only Qar. 2981.91, the rest Qar. 286.9 were not refunded and they are making stories.

Freelancer Technology / / / membership refund (Complaint)

Bean79 Jul 12, 2019

I paid for membership and something went wrong and elitesingles said they would sort it and they put money in my PayPal account to pay pay again but I don't want to now with the trouble I've had I just want it refunded back to me I think it's pathetic how I've been treated and I will take ... / copy typing (Complaint)

yadanar mon Jul 08, 2019

I was cheated by the scammer.

I am totally new to
and i accepted the typing job without checking the employer background.

I already deposit 30 dollar to their Perfect Money account and finished work on time.
but I did not get paid.

Freelancer Technology / / / logo design job (Complaint)

r&R Jun 14, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / logo design jobFor the first time, I have used freelancer and they took more money from me whereas the freelancer bid was only $10. The freelancer team has deducted $24.44 from my account and now I am not able to withdraw even. This is the fraud to the client, now when I am trying to withdraw from the fr...

Freelancer Technology / / / (Complaint)

rishu gautam May 24, 2019

i am freelancer web designer on website. i earned ₹13835.39inr on, employer paid this amount to my account. i confirmed from freelancer support care that money will go or not ? they told me all money is mine now. after that employer closed his...

Freelancer Technology / / / account close without any reason (Complaint)

Shivam SOni May 17, 2019

My account has been close since November 2018. when i have contact via twitter than they told me that my account close and when i ask reason than they told me that there is no reason.
I just want to know if there is no reason than why freel...