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Lloyds Bank England, Greater London / Bank Charges (Complaint)

Stephen Moore Jun 24, 2011

I recenty signed up for a Internation Lloyds bank card. I have found that they have been charging me 1200 GBP in overdraft fees and penalities. This is based on a monthly charge of 20 GBP. What a rip off!...

Lloyds Bank / Refund for Wire Transfer (Complaint)

Marilyn Carter Jan 17, 2012

00 dollars to Lloyds bank on November 3, 2011 to do a wire transfer I did send the money and was given a code to transfer funds from a account holder but it did not work . I was told I had to set up the account and the account holder name was Benjamin Haruna and the account number was [protected] and the street address was East Dulwich Branch...

Lloyds Bank Edinburgh Scotland, Lothian / Mis-selling (Complaint)

The Famous Cash Mar 11, 2014

I have a legal document which gives me authority to deal with any and all of my disabled son's financial affairs.
Lloyds YSB denied having seen the document but I have proof they knew about it following an unrelated incident some years earlier.
Without my knowledge or permiss...

Lloyds Bank / Customer service (Complaint)

Saad255396 Feb 15, 2019

Lloyds Bank Customer servicegiven deed poll to lloyds bank 5 years back . and after that they had put my new name in my lloyds account. till january 2019 all statement and correspondent was reciving in my new name. now suddenly they send me 1feb 2019 statement in my old name. When i rang customer service in7 feb they said we will looking into your complain and ring you within 5 working days ...

Lloyds Bank Tsb And Us Government / Cuban sanctions (Complaint)

As an ordinary citizen with a Lloyds TSB bank account, I have read with concern and anger the decision by you to suspend banking services to UK retailers because they trade with Cuba. You say it is because the US will prosecute any business that trades with Cuba. There are several issues h...

Fraudulent Lloyds Bank Accounts / Scam and fraud companies (Complaint)

Joykel Sep 03, 2014

I made payments into these accounts for a travel ticket to Lagos which I never get and my 992.00 pounds gone. What is infuriating is that Lloyd's bank knew about these bogus scam companies before, have been informed by police before and they still allowed them to function. If Lloyd's have ...

Bank of Scotland / Unhelpful Bank of Scotland (Complaint)

Larmade Jun 08, 2012

I’m a Bank of Scotland Current Account customer. I opened my account a few years ago when I lived in Scotland, but have since moved to the south of England. I’m currently on incapacity benefit, and am on a debt management plan for a Lloyds TSB credit card I had, paying £1...

Lloyds Tsb Bank / Frud (Complaint)

riZwan9love Jun 10, 2011

very mutch but sir lloyds bank told me to send us 1000. 000gbp amount then i am earn my wining amoumt sir i am a poor person i send her my mother account num i also complain inernational lottery but they told me contact lloyds bank we do nothing for you please i request you help me...

Capitec Bank Cape Town / forex poor delivery (Complaint)

Matt Rampart Dec 18, 2018

my funds from my UK Lloyds Bank into my Capitec account after a week of waiting. It never fails to amaze me that a bank that has won as many awards as you have fails to live up to expectations when it come to your Forex department. Why is this? I honestly don't think you actually give a dam to be honest about your clients welfare at all...

Lloyds Tsb Bank London EC2V 7HN / scam - lottery winning e-mail for online banking (Complaint)

received this e-mail on Monday, 1 December, 2008 7:39 AM
"LLOYDS TSB BANK" <[protected]>


25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN

1st December, 2008.

Dear Customer,

Lloyds Tsb England, Northamptonshire / Obstructive and discourteous (Complaint)

My wife has had a current account with Lloyds TSB for a number of years, while I have banked with Royal Bank Of Scotland for well over a decade. When we got married (recently) we decided to consolidate to a single current account and ended up opting for Lloyds TSB (the wife won that debate...

Lloyds Tsb / Scam charge (Complaint)


Early January 2009 I purchased a music keyboard from online using my Lloyds TSB debit card. Many weeks later, having attempted to contact seller almost daily, I phoned them again on 31 January 2009 and got a message saying 'now closed'. Same day I contacted Llo...

Lloyds Tsb Firth ParkSheffield England, South Yorkshire / Fraud, Charges (Complaint)

Where do i start... I came to the UK in November. Opened up a Lloyds account in Jan, and a week later had money stolen via phone banking (Carphone Warehouse website employee stole my bankcard details, it was the only place i had used the card at the time after having it for 2 days)

Lloyds Tsd / Fake email (Complaint)

nimesh_gadhia May 24, 2011

Lloyds Tsd Fake email25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN

4th December, 2008.

From: Account Department,

My office is in receipt of your email and owing to your request, i want you to understand that the account opening deposit is the minimun requirement for you to ...

Lloyd bank / Fake mail about prize winning (Complaint)

Lloyds TSB home
1st Floor, Po Box 1190, 8 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5NA
United Kingdom.

7th December, 2007

Your Kind Attention Deepika Sharma,


Your particulars have been received...

Lloyds TSB England, Lancashire / poor service (Complaint)

we have a joint account and my partner went into tsb oswaldtwisle and was set up for interest on account in summer interest was payed so i went to see them and was told it was not done so a man spent nearly one hour setting it up.when i got home i opened vantage book and on first p...

Contact Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc For Your Winning‏‏‏'s / I want to know is this is a scam (Complaint)


Ref: UK-BTL/4910XI/04
Batch: 12/25/0304

Transfer Identification Serial No: IRL/OWN/9876

Attn: Winner,

I am in reciept of your mail and I must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of our winners in...

Lloyds Tsb Bank Bracknell England, Berkshire / Indifferent to customer problems (Complaint)

Having contacted Lloyds TSB bank with a request to cease all further payments to EVERBRITE SMILE I was informed there was nothing they could do and I would have to contact the company myself, when I explained that it was impossible to contact them I was told it wasn't there problem and I w...

Halifax Bank - UK London England, Greater London / Teft of my money (Complaint)

George Dimitrov Mar 24, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you help me in resolving of this issue?

There is still no any information what is going on. Halifax keep quite even after my more than 3 complaints sent to them. There is still no any official information from their site what is going...

Bank Of America / property claims department (Complaint)

BarbaraJo69 Nov 09, 2015

Chronology of contact with Property Claims Department *September 19, 2015: Check for Recoverable Depreciation received from our Insurance Company (ASI Lloyds) dated 9/17/2015 *September 23, 2015: All forms needed by Property Claims and the check sent by overnight priority mail sent to Prop...

Nokia Lottery Corporation London England, Greater London / lloyds tsb united kingdon (Complaint)


18/1/2011 Nokia Commission wrote - Nokia Lottery Claims and Release Department, Government accredited licensed, Nokia Online International Lottery is registered under the data protection act of (registration U971133B) FROM MR ANTHONY FOWLER, SUBJECT : PAYMENT APPROVAL. Congratulations from...

David Pui London England, Greater London / Paid to David Pui with his associates more than USD16,000.00 (Complaint)

nazrulmadina Nov 12, 2011

David Pui Paid to David Pui with his associates more than USD16,000.00jpg Dear Lloyds bank Customer Attached to this email is a copy of your renwal notice of the money laundering clearance document. Kindly be informed that until your antiterrorist clearance document is renewed also, your funds cannot reflect in its designated account in india... / involvement with Toyota scam (Complaint)

The cheque was issued by Lloyds Bank of London according to Dennis Coker. The prize and award is seized by customs where another certificate is necessary to release same This cerificate costs the amount of fourthousand pounds which should be paid in the form of taxes to the State. The recipients left for another country and should receive that money before the prize can be released...

Yahoo Nokia E-lottery North Fort Myers Florida / Winner of Lottery (Complaint)

Fred Hamilton Account officer @ Lloyds Bank London Email [protected]@live. com Mode: 3) you can receive via Delivery by Cheque to your residence by Skynet Courier Express London Contact person Mr. Kevin Williams Email [protected]@rocketmail. com (For option 2 and 3) Please contact the courier office or the paying Bank via email immediately to enable them release your £750, 000, 00 ponds Note that you are required to contact the Bank or Courier Company with your Details bellow 1...

Free Gala Bingo E - Mail Promo England, Nottinghamshire / FILE YOUR CLAIMS‏ (Complaint)

therefore to contact Lloyds Bank for your claims payment as stated below: MR JEAN LYNN MANAGER CUSTOMER CARE UNIT LLOYDS TSB BATELY BRANCH 25 COMMERCIAL STREET BATELY BRANCH WF17SEQLloyds TSB TEL: +(44)[protected] FAX:+(44)[protected] EMAIL:[protected]@llbitl...