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DU / Du postpaid (Complaint)

Ummer farook Jul 23, 2019

The Etisalat bill attached is showing one mobile number ([protected] ) it not belongs to me also. (somebody else phone number) my signature in the document also fake, I never signed for him any document. now I am facing legal action from du authority, kindly help me to find what happened actually, as per the legal notice from du I am liable to pay an amount of(Aed 1532...

Supreme Maids Cleaning Services / Out going not working (Complaint)

Supreme Maids Jul 21, 2019

We have been to etisalat business center with this complaint but they are saying your account is active and working. Unfortunately till now it is not working for outgoing calls. Please resolve this issue immediately...

Bad experience with after sales and left wiithout a TV / Hisense SmartUHD TV 55inch A6500UW (Complaint)

Sharif912700 Jul 20, 2019

Bad experience with after sales and left wiithout a TV Hisense SmartUHD TV 55inch A6500UW I called Etisalat assuming it's the set top issue and paid for technician visit as the issue was not from Etisalat. I called Lulu after sales and they come after the promised day and took the tv away. Now LULU is asking me to choose another tv as they don't have it in stock and asked me to visit the branch...

Etisalat / Service Request No [protected] dated 16/07/2019 (Complaint)

Connect4 Jul 20, 2019

however daily basis, etisalat staff informing technical person will come tomorrow, like this they are just informing every day for next day. next day. Its very very poor service, no responsibility, no customer care, no sincere customer service from etisalat...

DU / sim card (Complaint Comment)

ktmb Jul 17, 2019

my husband change to ETISALAT!!!...

DU / sim card (Complaint)

ktmb Jul 17, 2019

my husband change to ETISALAT!!!...

Etisalat / etisalat cancellation (Complaint)

NoraHaas Jul 17, 2019

I have cancelled my phone account ([protected]) after an endless international phone call (40 minutes) and the promise all would be cancelled after a final payment, which I transferred right away. Now 3 months later my colleague received a bill of 560.28 AED pending payments and the threat...

Etisalat / offer rejected for person of disability (Complaint)

Sargunesh Jul 13, 2019

I have postpaid connection from etisalat I was informed that I will get 50% offer on my plan as I'm a person of disability, so I activated 175 plan on March, Before activating i checked and confirmed with 2 resprepresentatives through chat and visiting business center. Every month i used to get the bill for 175 AED, when i call they used to deduct 50%, but the last June i received the same bill, when i called they said there is no such offer I have to pay the full bill otherwise suggesting me to degrade my plan...

DU / 1.[protected] (Complaint)

Mohammed Ilyas Jul 02, 2019

this again and go with Etisalat. 1st request on 28 may 2019 after 35 days its cancel becuz of your VERY POOR SERVICE 2nd request is already 10 days. again come same Story as 1st request. i not accept your sincere apologies again. OKAY. Regards, M...

Etisalat / customer service and billing overcharging (Complaint)

Mo Ali Jun 28, 2019

Etisalat customer service and billing overchargingnumber on my app where Etisalat customer care service representatives claiming that I have activated.   Customer service is so pathetic, terrible, unprofessional, arrogant and any name you can take. If you want to boil your blood. Call ETISALAT 101. Worst customer service in the world...

Etisalat / 3 accounts generated after my final exit (Complaint)

Jose Felix Jun 28, 2019

Etisalat 3 accounts generated after my final exit When I checked with the Etisalat team there replay is some one used your emirates Id. Then I contact UAE emirates ID department there statement is clear once I canceled my visa my emirates Id will cancel automatically (attached my visa cancel paper here) . I am following this issue since June 2018 but no solution as of now...

Etisalat / someone used my emirates id after my exit (Complaint Comment)

Jose Felix Jun 28, 2019

This is the game of Etisalat collection team. Now I am frequently receiving mails from collection department...

Etisalat / mobile service (Complaint Comment)

Mohammad Sarfaraz Khan Jun 23, 2019

I have booked an etisalat starter elife package request no:[protected] on saturday 8/6/2019 and today is 14/6/2019 still I have no connection Reasons: technicians (staff) are calling taking appointment and then not answering phone on appointment time Realy irritating service...

Etisalat / transfer of services (Complaint)

Saira_79 Jun 16, 2019

a simple transfer of services from one apartment in the burj khalifa to another apartment 30 floors down is taking weeks.
We get told a Techinican will come out and then they don't show, this has happened now on three occasions.
Today a manager allegedly rings to say they have...

Etisalat / elife/ home internet (Complaint)

UserHarassed Jun 13, 2019

Last year I was living in Burdubai with eLife Al Shamil account no. [protected].
I left the flat in November 2018. I made request for cancellation of my home internet many times as below;
17 November 2018 - Request no. [protected]
27 November 2018 - Request no. [protected...

Etisalat / postpaid (Complaint)

Saju Luiez Jun 10, 2019

indefinite period, I chose etisalat bank account channel to settle the dues. The bank account details were provided by customer care team. I remitted amount to the same. Two transfers were made on 26 and 27 may 2019. Payment done was aed 168 against the outstanding amount of aed 166. 44. My intention was to discontinue the service in the month of may itself...

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International / service for sony t.v. (Complaint)

Rayzayne Jun 10, 2019

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International service for sony t.v. Jumbo says it is the fault of an Etisalat cable and it is the cable that needs to be replaced. This cannot be true and if it is then lulu should not be selling Sony televisions because Etisalat is the only provider for channels in the UAE. I have waited one month to find this out and my warranty is due to expire...

Etisalat / someone used my emirates id after my exit (Complaint)

Jose Felix Jun 10, 2019

Etisalat someone used my emirates id after my exitthis issue and contact Etisalat since may 2018 but they are not take any necessary action on this but i am receiving mails from the collection department frequently. I need permanent solution in this issue. Refer the attached details for more information...

Etisalat / roaming deposit not returned from etisalat (Complaint)

Biba km Jun 10, 2019

a loyal customer to Etisalat paying my bills on full and on time, I decided this year to switch to Du! I I asked Etisalat to return my roaming security deposit of 2000 aed which they are refusing to pay in many ways! 1st I was told to make request, they got back to me that the money was released back in 2015! I asked for proof but none is available! Other employee on 101 has said it went back on my account as minutes for the whole year April 2015 to 2016, thank God I have bills from this period but none states any minutes adds on!! It is clear to me that Etisalat is wanting to avoid to pay me my hard earned money but I am determined to get it back! Please help...

Etisalat UAE / billed for unrequested spam services (Complaint Comment)

Trixie Pepito Jun 06, 2019

i'm expercing with Etisalat. They have Charged me 15 AED for iFitnes every month and I didn't even purchased it and I don't even know anything about that iFitness. My question is how come they allowed third party to charge me without my consent and not even trying to check first if I really did register myself into this third-party iFitness...

Du-All Jupiter Florida / unjustified billing (Complaint Comment)

HazelDelaTorre Jun 03, 2019

Etisalat is still the best telecom here in UAE...

DU / 1-[protected] (Complaint)

zak777 May 29, 2019

due to unpaid bill to Etisalat, than it should be waived of and the connection should be active as the matter with Etisalat is been resolved on particular number and amount is cleared. We have attached the contract copy, in which Account manager has signed and written that International calls shall be block on local numbers, but still it was not blocked & our staff misused it, again amount was added in our bills As you are so worried for the bills of Etisalat, on the other hand when I visited them they are most willing to welcome me get back to their network, with much better plan than what I am having from Du currently...

Du-All Jupiter Florida / unjustified billing (Complaint Comment)

Rahman ali May 26, 2019

for reconnection with etisalat . So. e time du r macking very bad service...

Etisalat / mobile service (Complaint Comment)

Jose Felix May 20, 2019

i complained more times in ETISALAT as of now i haven't received any solution on this complaint. How can i get permanent solution regarding this??? i am receiving mails from the collection department frequently...

Dubai First Sharjah / illegal use of my credit card (Complaint Comment)

ayushgarg May 20, 2019

contact with merchant (etisalat) and do confirm about the mobile number and easily rectify the fraudster but 'no' they always keep on pending things. I can see upside recently too many people face this fraud, we can join as a group and make the complain against them...