500 Fast CashHarassment!


500fastcash.com has started to call and harass me at work regarding my loan balance. I borrowed 200 dollars from them. They want to take out $90 on 12/28,$60 on 1/11, $100 on 1/25 and $100 on 2/8 that is $350 dollars can they take that much money from a person? It doesn't sound legal. I told the bill collector that represents this company that and he quickly changed the subject. Is he hiding something I should know... Beware all!


  • Ni
    nicole Jan 27, 2008

    Yeah, I am having MAJOR problems with 500 Fast Cash too... no way to contact them to make a payment on time, they automatically debit your account more so it costs you and say you didn't make a payment. Well you can't if you don't know where to send the money in and can't log into their website!

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  • Wi
    William McCall Mar 17, 2008

    I think there are companies out there that deal especially with payday loan companies. You might want to try and contact them if reference to this... Langhorne debt solutions is one them. I have been running internet checks on them and can not find anything bad so far. I will let you know if i do..

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  • Ke
    Kelly Jul 13, 2008

    I ahve thought about using Langhorne services to get out of my payday mess any body know anything about them

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  • Ch
    christina Jul 21, 2008

    i am currently using Langhorne Debt Solutions, so far so good. the company takes care of the creidtors so very few call you. its worth it rather than let the payday loan companies steal all of your money

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  • Lu
    luis a pagan Sep 08, 2008

    i'm not sure but i believe that i got a loan from u guys... and i needed to know how would i go about paying it... thank you..

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  • Pa
    Patti Sauer Nov 01, 2008

    I borrwed $150 dollars and so far they have taken $475 ou of my account is there any thing I can doto stop this? This is getting way out of hand they take to amounts in one day today went shopping and my card was declined and I get home and find that they took $90 out of my account yesterday.

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  • An
    ANDOSS Nov 01, 2008


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  • Am
    Amber Nov 15, 2008

    Yes, I have had the same experience and just recently they took out $480 out of my checking account using a "authorized debit." This was not authorized by me and they also took out $90 each week after my original loan of $300. They even took out money on days I did not agree to, causing me overdraft charges on my account. I can not contact them, I have tried. And, there website is no longer available, at least I can not find it anymore...


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  • Sy
    symphonymommy Dec 08, 2008

    CLOSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND OPEN A NEW ONE. I consolidated PayDay Loanshark loans and was told by the consolidation company to close the original account. That was almost eight months ago. The payday loan companies continue to 'hit' that CLOSED bank account in an attempt to draft funds despite the fact that they have been communicated wiht not only by my consolidation company but by me as well! If you have not already closed that account DO IT TODAY

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  • Ne
    nefarious Feb 20, 2009

    US FAST CASH and United some stupid name took out money from my checking account every payday. They took $90 out every time. So they gave me the payment due date. So I thought ok after all that they will stop taking money out. But they kept taking money out. I talked to one of their Rep. and she said I refinanced it. When the hell did I do that? So I cussed her out and she threaten to take me to court. I closed my checking account out completely. It's been 4 months now...my old bank still send me letters stating that these motherfu*kers still try to withdraw money from it. They call and harrass me at work, too!

    To those who need money, please, please find a better way that doesn't include giving out your checking or saving account. BEWARE, if its too good to be true then it usually is!

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  • Co
    Corvid Apr 02, 2009

    Fast Cash has been a headache for over 2 years now! Back in 2007 my Husband and I took out a 400.00 payday loan with these guys. They took the payments right out of our bank account as the contract originaly stated. When the last payment went in I thought this would be all done, but two weeks later they took out another 90.00. So I tried to make contact with the company to find out what the hell was going on. The lady I talked to was rude and told me we "re-financed". Re-financed what???? She stated that we owed them another 400.00 plus interest fee's. But if I had re-finaced would'nt I have seen the money go back into my account??? They ended up getting over 800.00 from me, until I went and closed the account.

    The company began harrasing us, telling us we still owed them money. I told the lady again that I would never have taken a loan out knowing that they would charge me over 1200.00 for a 400.00 payday loan. She began to threaten us with taking us to court. So I then told her about the unfair lending act, she hung-up.

    Now here we are in 2009, having not heard a peep out of these people all this time. Today I got a phone call from some guy claiming to be an attorney out of california...with a very thick hindi accent... that I could barly understand...told me his name was Mike, that they would be serving us papers tomorrow unless I paid them 938.32 today and that the court date was monday. They would not give me any info on the time and what courthouse. So tomorrow they will be delivering papers to my husbands past employer...wich went out of buisness over a year ago!

    So now I'm looking for my own attorney to resolve this over seas bullsh*t!
    So please people, if your having money trouble, avoid at all costs taking out an on-line payday loan! This is going to end up costing us much more that 400.00!

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  • Sh
    shprncss36 Apr 15, 2009

    yes, i am having the same problem with these people and i even put a stop payment on my account and they still came thur even with made up check now my account is over draw.cause these stupid people.

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  • St
    Steve K Jun 04, 2009

    here is the deal...when they are taking 90 bucks out every 2 weeks most normal people would think "thats fine its paying off the sum i borrowed" what is really happening is that 90 dollars is not paying off a thing and is just extending your loan period until they recieve the final 'payoff amount" which is what your borrowed plus the interest rate all at once. until u pay the payoff amount they will keep charging you that 90 dollars (in some cases the payments even increase to 140) every 2 weeks therefore renewing your loan. it took me 4 payments of 90 dollars in 2 months to check out how much i had left to pay, i clicked on 'payoff amount' to realize it was still the 390 (300 dollar loan). i went nuts. then to pay off the payoff amount is no easy task. after doing it online, i had to print everything out, fax it to them, call the next day to make sure they recieved the fax, and if its under 3 days until the amount due date, they cancel it out and charge u the 90 all over again and none of the payoff amount is touched. it truely is a horrible scam, targeting people who need money fast who therefore dont have money in the first place.

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  • Ds
    dsmiles Jul 23, 2009

    I just recieved a phone call from a bogus "New Jersy Crime Prevention" at a phone number that only had 9 digits on my caller ID. They claimed that I borrowed a combined $2300 from Fast Cash 500 and Universal Cash Advance (which I never did). They had my name, my SSN, my father's name and phone #, and they had what they claimed was my bank account number (which was also bogus). They claimed that they were filing legal action against me if I didn't pay them the $2300 immediately.
    As soon as I got a supervisor's name and phone number written down, I informed them that I would be contacting my JAG office on the military installation where I work, and their supervisor should expect a call from them sometime tomorrow, they apparently got scared, because they immediately hung up the phone. I don't expect another call from them anytime soon!

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  • El
    elakar Nov 09, 2009

    They had their "lawyer" call me today and tell me i would be arrested for theft by deception...i have enrolled in a debt program to make payments, and i'm still being harrassed.

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  • St
    StopThePaydayMadness Dec 22, 2009

    Contact 500fastcash at their email address. Don't they usually contact you to remind you how much they are going to take from you each payday. Usually a set amount for the first 4 times and then that amount plus $50. which lowers your principal. They keep doing that until you've paid off the principal but in the meantime you continue paying that huge finance fee - ends up like $1000. for a 300 or 400 dollar loan. To stop them you need to look at your contract with them - did you print it. Email them and fax them the following:
    - that you revoke authorizition to do debit ACH, to debit your debit card, or to debit your checking account or take any more monies from your bank account.
    - point out to them the laws in your state. Look this up on the web. M any states do not allow rollover payday loans and put a cap on the finance fee. (For example: california does not allow a finance fee of over 15% and does not allow a payday loan to automatically rollover and only allows a one time $15 fee for a bounced payday loan.
    - Request that they mark your loan as paid in full and that they email you that they have.
    - Tell them you revoke authorization for them to contact you via phone or mail either at work or at home, and that you revoke authorization for them to contact your references by either phone or mail
    - Tell them that they can only contact you via email.
    - Be polite but firm and thank them for their prompt attention to this matter. Make sure you contact them at least 3 days before you next payment is due to stop it in time. I've tried this with several payday loans and it's worked on two so far. I'm waiting to hear from the other day loans.
    - Lastly point out the amount you borrowed, what the agreement was to pay back (For example: Loan was for $300; total payment was to be for $390.) Then point out that you have made a payment of 105. every two weeks for however many weeks (put the dates of your payments - look online at your bank statement to get this info). Then point out how much more over the agreed amount to pay back (for exampe: 601 dollars instead of 390 for a total of 211 over the amount). Point these numbers out before you ask that the amount be marked as paid in full.
    Also, doesn't Langhorne Debt solution just take your money, contact your debtors, but not pay them? Please check with the Better Business Bureau, they could be another scam.
    Good luck.

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  • St
    StopThePaydayMadness Dec 22, 2009

    Attorney General McGraw Continues His Success in Halting the Making and Collection of
    Payday Loans in WV. $1.57Million in total relief to date.
    When Attorney General Darrell McGraw directed his office to investigate the Internet payday lending industry in 2005, few
    states had dared to assert their authority over the industry at that time. Notwithstanding the obvious hurdles, McGraw’s
    investigations of dozens of Internet payday lenders and their collection agencies have been very successful, prompting other
    states to enforce their laws regulating or prohibiting payday loans.
    Today, Attorney General McGraw announced settlements with 17 more Internet payday lenders and 14 collection agencies,
    bringing the total obtained from his investigation of Internet payday lending industry to $1.57 million in cash refunds and
    cancelled debts for 6096 West Virginia consumers.
    The latest settlements include three lenders owned by federally recognized Indian tribes who assert they are immune from suit
    by states under the legal doctrine of “tribal sovereign immunity.” The settlements with the tribal corporations, Miami Nation
    Enterprises and SFS, Inc., affiliated with the Santee Sioux Nation of Nebraska, and MTE Financial Services, affiliated with the
    Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma, resulted in $128, 239.50 in cash refunds and cancelled debts for 946 West Virginia consumers. The
    companies did business under numerous trade names, including:
    Miami Nation Enterprises
    d/b/a Ameriloan
    d/b/a Cash Advance
    d/b/a US Fast Cash
    MTE Financial Services
    d/b/a 1000PaydayCash.com
    d/b/a 500 Fast Cash
    d/b/a Nofaxingpaydayloan.com
    SFS, Inc.
    d/b/a Preferred Cash
    d/b/a One Click Cas

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  • Ra
    rambomini Apr 13, 2010

    In regards to Langhorne Debt Solutions: DO NOT USE THEM!!! Check out my website...It will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to get out of the Payday loan trap for FREE. Do not throw your money away on a third party who will make you sign a Power of Attorney. You can do it yourself. I created this website to protest against Langhorne, and included information how to get out of the payday loan trap yourself. It's easty! http://againstlanghornedebtsolutions.weebly.com

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  • Ro
    Romeo Sirate Jun 18, 2010

    I've had the same experience with these loan companies. My bank told me to close my account because it has been compromised by these loan companies. I keep getting these threatening phone calls from someone with a very thick Indian accent, I told them to send me a letter and a statement as to how much money I owe them and I will send them the exact amount. So far I have not receive any letter or any type of written correspondence from them. I think they are trying to avoid providing an address that can be traced.

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  • An
    Anitaronl Jun 22, 2010

    Thank all of you for your comments. You saved me from the grief. I am glad I saw their flaws before I took the loan. they could never give me my userid nor password, so I googled them. Boy there were a lot of compliants. I wish everyone good luck dealing with 500fastcash. Florida is a debtor state. People move there to get out o fpaying debt. Also fraudulent business set up there because their laws are very laxed.

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  • Mo
    Momsturtle2 Oct 13, 2010

    I did all the above to try to get out of the 500 fastcash trap. They have already taken $425 for my $250 loan which was supposed to have been paid off at $325 per their info. I sent the e-mail with the amounts that were taken and the rest of the advise in the same e-mail including the fact that IL has the no rollover policy & I didn't know it was rolled over, same as everyone else mentioned above. The lady & I use that loosely, said she doesn't care, she isn't in IL. I told her I am, they then sent me 3 e-mails all at one time to tell me to pay them $100 by the 22nd of this month to get out of my contract. I don't believe them & explained that I had already paid them $100 over what was due but to send me an address & I would if need be send them a money order since I revoked them from using my bank account anymore. They are threatening me with replying in 48 hours with a debit card for $100 or I will be forced to pay off the extra $335 they think I still owe. I would like to also contact BBB regarding this since I am sure I'm still being scammed. They said the only way out is with the debit card or they will send me to collections etc. They won't even consider sending them a money order or give me a physical address. I'm on the wire on this one. Any suggestions? I'm afraid BBB will take too long to reply & 500 Fastcash will win again.

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  • Kw
    kwduhon Nov 04, 2010

    My daughter got $125 from them now after paying back $350 dollars, she told me about it. I had her close her bank account but now they are calling her and harassing her saying she owes $6000 and they claim they are going to sue her but after I asked for an address, documents of the court fillings, court case numbers, they hung up in my face... They are total [censor]!!!

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  • Up
    upsetttttttt Dec 03, 2010

    can 500 fast cash really serve you a summons i only borrowed 200 dollars and after that i lost my job i live in maryland and they are located in another state

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  • Km
    kmtierney00 Jan 03, 2011

    Their "lawyer" was actually an internet scam. Some hackers made away with the personal info of several payday loan firms and tried to con money from people. It wasn't the company itself.

    As to the rest and what they have or haven't done, can't say. Have used them before, and provided you pay ontime, there really isn't a big deal. Outside of that, it's caveat emptor, and make sure you read their contract very carefully.

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  • Bp
    bprowl225 Jan 14, 2011

    How about this: How about you read your loan documents and pay off your loan on the day agreed upon! You all are idiots if you think that anything illegal has happened.

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  • Bi
    Bill Fernando Feb 24, 2011

    I also have been defrauded of money just recently two pay day loan comapines have alloweed others to write fraud checks to my checking account and stole $238.90 from me and because it is end of month we went negative with these phony fraudsters ! THEY give others your info all of it your name ss# banck name and account number of course it was sold to the other companies for $100's of dollars ! NOW i cannot close acct because the SSI payments are coming in and cant stop them ! SO we went directly to the main branch head office of TD bank and talked directly with the head of the customer realations dept. WE told them point blank YOU always have everything PENDING when i pay bills or buy food using my card or account ! HOW in GODS name DO YOU allow suspicious activity to be paid instantly not once but twice in 2 comsecutive days ! SO there fore YOU are now an accomplince to the FTC crime committed by these Thieves and I will noyt pay YOU a dime !

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  • Sa
    sandr Mar 07, 2011

    to my me step the same thing to my they lent me 350dollares and now finish to pay but they sent me to colecsion by other 500 dollares they are a fraud or I do not have the copies of my roles

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  • Ba
    badb500 Mar 14, 2011

    They call me 3 times a week. Wanting more money $500 loan plus $300 and they want more. They dameaged my credit destroyed my bank account. They always ask me if I am married, I am a gay male. They say I forgot to read the print. My loan was only renewed not paid towards the principal. I paid over $800 for $500 loan. Request paper work they state that they have none.

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  • Bi
    Bill Fernando Apr 06, 2011

    THEY are thieves I closed my account because of what happened now i got e mail from them and they know about fraud checks that caused the INSF isnt that strange THEY know why they didnt get paid ! WE already paid off the $250 Loan Plus interest and they say we still have balance of $260 to pay ! SEE ya in fed court fastcash500 ! THey can try whatever they want to collect money from me but they will not get a dime already filed report with the FTC and IC3 gov't agencies rebuting thier debt to us ! IF they procede with trying to collect they will wind up in fed prison and fined up to $16, 000 per instance for wire fraud, forgery, theft, invasion of privacy, crimnal actibity, RICO activity and every other illegal money activity ! Plaese file YOU reports and stay on top of them at laest WE can stop these fraudsters PDL"s

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  • Bi
    Bill Fernando Apr 23, 2011

    WEll now theyhave called my neighbors as of few days ago april 19th LOL what dopes they are trying to get my wife on phone but she refuses to talk to them ! There is no more good pay day loan comapinies out there ! At least not in the state of PA ! Fast Cash 500 has multiple websites which i find very strange ! SO i already talked to the operators both Female and warned them to stop calling ! NEXT time i get my wife on phone and she knows what to tell them send us the documention and we will deal with YOU and my lawyer !

    BYE BYE phone calls ! Already turned them in to the FTC and FBI now have recorded message saved in my E mail from them wow are they in big time fedearal trouble!

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  • Ra
    ravenwolf27 Jun 08, 2011

    500 fast cash is a scam, we took out a 150$ loan and paid it back and now they are saying we didnt i have faxed in the paper work to prove it and so has my back and they still call and its been over a year now,

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  • Ms
    ms.k4me Oct 30, 2011

    I am getting the same calls from lawyers with a heavy hindu accent. recently got from utah and irvine california. they threaten to send a detective to arrest me for fraud. the law is that if they are going to sue you send proper documentation in mail and go from there.

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  • Sp
    sparkle01 Jan 29, 2012

    i told my bank to deny payments and they are. even showed bank the proof that i had paid off my loan. they have stopped them. and next is a lawyer to sue

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  • Tj
    TJS2008 Jun 13, 2012

    Those people continually harass me at work I have requested they stop contacting me here over 3 times. They also sold my information to people overseas and they started calling me, my mom, my grandma telling them they were the Dept of law (which really? they couldn't have come up with something better than that? That's not even real.) They threatened to post my ssn, my checking account, and my address on line. I have contacted the F.B.I and the local police about it but there is nothing they can do. Avoid these people.

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