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T Aug 06, 2018

hello my name is Tanya Seguinot and I have been a member for several years even so when it was bally's. I have a membership that includes unlimited guest visits that I had when it was bally's. I was told they would honor that only at the sites where the bally's were. Fordham on the grandconcourse in the Bronx, new York is where bally's once was, I am entitled to have my priveleges honored there, I went Saturday 8/4/2018 for the body pump class at 930 am, my guest was denied entry because I was told they do not honor that there. I pay extra every month to have that on my membership, so to go to the gym and then be denied something im entitled to is truly unprofessional and misleading, i asked to speak to a manger and none was available at 9:20 am i asked what time is the person coming and they said they should've been here by 9, the manger did not show up until 10:35 am, i spoke to a lisandra a manager there and she told me as per her discretion she made the decision not to honor unlimited guest priveledges for members who still have them from bally's, i asked her so this wasn't corporate changing this policy and she said that is correct not corporate but under my discretion. I need to speak to someone who can help me with this because this is truly unfair and unexceptable . If this is the case i expect to be reimbursed . Another problem with this location is the unprofessional unsanitary conditions going on. Most of the workers including managers are constantly on their phones, having loud inappropriate conversations just doing nothing while the restrooms are dirty. I've seen waterbugs in multiple either dead or walking around in the girls bathroom, the shower curtains are dirty as are the drains, filled with hair, soap scum etc, the walls, mildew and no soap in the dispensers, i have video of this, when its raining there are no mats out to keep people from slippining and falling, the classroom has no air conditioner we have complained several times and minimal attention has been given. I've seen people slip and pass out from the heat. i am one who has almost fallen . this is the worst location in the bronx . something needs to be done its out of control the staff is rude and unfriendly, unprofessional . when i suffered a gash on my arm because of a sharp edge soap dish in the shower this location did not even have a band aid and did not generate an incident report. They have a male cleaner to clean right before they close the gym in the womans bathroom while there are woman still in there, they mop and put no signs outside by the work out area where it is very slippery . i have recorded some of these conditions and i will continue to record and eventually have the media involved. this is unfair to the members. i will also be calling corporate to address this . i truly enjoy the classes and the instructors but the gym itself really sucks. The staff should be trained properly . im thinking about changing gyms to L.A fitness . so please someone address my membership rights and this Fordham Bronx n.y location. im very unsatisfied with this gym and i will share this on all social media including the media. i would also like a copy of my original contract. Thank You.

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