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I have been going to 24 hr fitness for over a year! I signed up because you are able to lock your account when ever you want. I love that, I go out of town a lot with my children, so why pay it monthly if I can lock it. I had no problems ever locking my account until today july 2nd 2009! Kendra from 24 hr fitness - andreson in vancouver wa. Answered and said that I can lock my account for only 3 months once a year for 7$ a month. I said o realy, is this new or somthing? When I signed up this wasnt the agreement. She said yoru the one that signed your agreement so you should know the rules. And kendra said that this has always been this way. I said no it hasnt I have dont this in the past. So I said let me talk to genille the manager. Kendra said it wont do anygood she will tel you the same. So I talked to the manager, and the manger said that I was right. That it used to be that way a couple months ago and the policy changed now you only can lock your account once a year for 3 months and you will have a monthly fee now. I am mad I singed up for one reason, that reason is to lock my account when ever I would want to with no questions asked. So I dont know if I am going to continue going to 24hr fitness.


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      Jun 25, 2011
    24 HR FITNESS - Billing and contracts
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    I joined searched online last year to research memberships. I found a 90 day program for my daughter who is only home for summer from college and a month to month for myself and my son. When I went into the location to get introduced, the agreement was changed to reflect myself on a 90 day program and my daughter and son on a month to month. I cancelled my membership and assumed the others would expire.
    Recently I rejoined and then decided to yet again add my son to the account for the summer. I then found out he and my daughters account were still being billed to a credit card I gave online as month to month. The credit card I used for payment at the location was no longer being charged. All the manager could say was "well, call someone in corporate" During the year they installed a new fingerprint id system to enter...which my children were not enrolled in. My agreement only allowed access to this location, so there's no reason we should not have been notified. NEVER GIVE THEM CREDIT CARD OR BANK INFORMATION AS THEY ARE VULTURES.

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