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My husband and I signed up for gym membership at the Pearland 24-Hour Fitness Shaq. After a few months we realized we were not getting use out of membership, especially since I did NOT like the yoga classes. I canceled membership several days before the automatic withdrawal, but payment was taken out anyway. I called them again, and I was told that I had to cancel 30 days before the automatic withdrawal. They told me to read the contract.

However! According to the contract, members pay the first and last month's membership upon signing up. If my last 30 days is already paid for, then shouldn't that count toward my 30 days notice? Or is it reasonable that I pay for 60 days worth of gym time after canceling membership?!

We got busy and thought we might write the $70 off, but the very next month (this March 2017) we were charged $70 again! My husband called corporate, and they promised to reverse February's payment within 5-7 days, and they told us that the pending $70 would not go through. The payment has now gone through and my husband is going to be calling them again.

SCAM. This is one big scam to squeeze a few extra dollars out of people who they will probably never see again. This has been such a headache, I am sure they depend on people giving up. Shame on your company. I will also be writing the Better Business Bureau.


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    Robbie Williams Mar 06, 2007
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    All I want is a simple workout, a weight room, a water fountain, maybe a shower. I'm not picky. And you may want the same. Walk into a 24 hour fitness, and you will find a room full of salesmen, racks full of get-leans, get-bulked, and get-laids, a meat market of fake tans, and somewhere behind the marketing mahem a line full of people looking to use the bench press. And yes the price seems right, and at 3AM all of those salesmen go home and than you can fit in your workout. But when you ask to tour the facilities and you sit down with your beefcake of a tour guide, ask yourself why they want the down payment, why they have 10 people competing over your business, why is the special signup deal is about to end(there will be a signup deal that is about to end), why does the salesperson keep calling, why do you have to set up a direct payment account, why do they charge for two months in advance.

    You want to workout, you are willing to pay to workout, you don't need to be put through the scheme. You don't need to hire a lawyer and cancel your credit card to end your membership. You just want to work out. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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    Lynn Weida Jul 03, 2007
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    I agree. The YMCA is a great place to join. They are in to helping the community and children and not into what makes them the big bucks.

    I joined the YMCA on Maple in Omaha, NE in August of 2017. They had all the equipment I needed, friendly people, a scholarship for me (as I was low income) and a place for my son to play when I worked out.

    We spent an hour to an hour and a half there 6 to 7 days a week. I lost 100 lbs in 9 mos. And everytime I think I would like to join 24hr fitness to go in anytime to do "my thing", I am reminded that nothing beats the benefits at the "Y".

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    Sherry R. Oct 30, 2007
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    I have complaint to few managers regarding their dirty fitness but they seem not to care and i am not able to change my fitness since they are close to me. Please help and do what it needs to be done.
    My Compalint is;
    Dirty cardio machines
    dirty toilet
    every day facing with empty toilet paper
    empty soap disposal
    dirty, yellow marks on their toilet seats
    wet floor in their toilet
    **(their stratch area is on the floor in front of men and women bathroom with no air circulation and bathrooms have no doors )

    The address on this 24 hour-fitness is; off of Culver Blvd and Deerfield in city of Irvine, California.

    we appreciate our help.


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  • Dm
    D.M. Feb 26, 2008
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    In addition to my last post less than an hour ago regarding RUBY in Victorville, Ca. I just called her back to again ask her why she felt the need to yell in my ear, and after telling her who I was and in the first two syllables of "Hey, I know you don't care, but....." she yelled, "OH GOD, NOT YOU AGAIN!", and slammed the phone down again. The staff there are mostly helpful, but the arrogance of this Ruby girl is just beyond comprehension. Why would she choose to work with public if she hates dealing with people so much? And I'm supposed to go there for health? Wow.

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    24 hour fitness complaint Sep 21, 2009

    I have been a member of this 25 Hour Fitness Club for over a year. This club has consistantly gone down hill from a cleanliness standpoint. The rest rooms are ALWAYS without toliet paper and when you complain to the front desk they are very rude and state "well we have some in boxes". This certainly doesn't help the poor individual that requires toilet tissue at the time. The floors are filthy, the woman's bathroom sanitary box is not changed frequently, needless to say the smell isn't pleasant. I have brought this to the attention of the manager on several occassions and the new woman who heads up the cleaning services who quite frankly could care less.

    I have spoken with many other members of this club and they all share the same as what I've expressed. I hear the men's bathroom is worse that what I've described.

    If this club does not take action immediately to address the unsanitary conditions, I will report them to state health inspectors office.

    I have no problem taking photos to show proof of my claims, however, it does state that 24 hr does not allow any photographs to be taken in the club so if anyone has an ideas on how to get around this, please share them.

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  • Vo
    Voic Dec 17, 2009

    I signed up a contract with 24 hour fitness a month after my other 2 friends 3 years ago. They both got a very good deal with cheaper monthly dues and a "way cheaper" renewal rate than what I got.

    This month, they both renewed their contract with perferred rate, I called the customer service, explained about the situation, yet they told me there is nothing they can do to match the offer my friends got. and yet I have a family plan with 4 people on board, I guess 24-hour fitness just don't care about losing business, and just want to screw people all the way once the customers innocently signed up a lame contract.

    I may have to reconsider my fitness needs and take my business elsewhere. and when I called the customer rep did not even speak good english, plus the bad customer service.

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  • Ma
    markymark59 Apr 28, 2010

    This is quite, simply a criminal operation... they take your money, than they take more of your money and lie about it ... why are they not facing crimanal charges???? g

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  • Za
    zamorafamilia Jul 12, 2010

    I paid for 3 years and in my contract it sys I now pay 50$ a year for life but when i paid it and this month they charged me again WTF! the staff is not helpful and gives my customer service numbers dat dont help! So wack ive now paid 29$ for the past 2 months and since i cant find my contract they arent honoring it sucks and some chick that didnt know what she was talking about in the front sent me to finance people to try and write up a new contract, but they wanted me to pay 29 a month still. they let people in for free ALLLL the time but burn loyal customers, freakin haterz! they told me if i wasnt happy with the service file a complaint! so i am! 24 hour fitness is going down hill

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  • Ex
    ex-employee SoNo Cal Oct 06, 2010

    Simply put a camera in your bag, take photos and put it back in your back. :)

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  • Su
    Susan Humphries Nov 03, 2010

    womens lockeroom showers are flooded(2) poor lighting in showers lights burned out for 6 months, no TV in lockeroom use to have it why not now? like to see what's happening at least on the news showers faucets are on backwards some cannot be turned hot enough maintanence has really been put off drastically I'm a lifetime member and just may have to go some where else, many others are talking and disgusted also This club isn't even 5 years old and the flooring in the showers are filthy stained, need to be bleached and cleaned and cared for big time!

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  • 24
    24amckinlay Nov 05, 2010

    Hello Ms. Humphries,

    We are so sorry to hear about your negative experience at the Buena Park location. We take our members feedback very seriously and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. At this point we have forwarded your concerns to the Club Manager at this location for review and immediate follow up. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to resolving this for you.

    In Health & Fitness,
    Andrea McKinlay
    24 Hour Fitness Corporate

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  • Re
    Reno Bret Jan 05, 2011
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    Treadmills are poorly maintained and a safety hazard. They don't have enough to begin with and many of the ones that are open are not fit to run on because the belts slip. That is a serious safety hazard. I've pointed that out many times to staff but I come in the next day and the machine is still open and still not working properly. When they do put a sign on a machine that it is not working, it is weeks before they fix it. VERY poor service and treatment of guests.

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  • Mi
    Mike Au Feb 18, 2011

    Dear readers, just look at the capital headlines if you don't have time for the details.
    (A) bad salesperson - the sales person told me renewal is $49 per year. I only found out now that renewal is $99.
    (B) harassing phone calls - they set up a reminder for renewal. That reminder is an alarm. It calls me twice a day with a voice message to renew. Twice a day everyday for 2 weeks. I asked them to put me on no call list - will have to see the result of that.
    (C) incompetent customer service from inida - twice i have called them and asked them to send me my original contract. Twice they told me they would send it and it'd take 5-7 days. I waited two weeks. Twice i asked for a supervisor, they told me no supervisor available and please call back.
    (D) shady or incompetent renewal - after unresolved situation with india customer serive - i called corporate (It turned out they are also from india) and explained the recent situation and told the representative that i am interested in keeping my membership and renew only if it's $49. She told me "sorry for the (Recent) trouble with customer service, at this time i can renew for you at $49". I repeated that 3 times on the phone call: (1) to her directly (2)told her again that i need her to be on hold for 2 minutes to see if my wife will renew at $49 (3) i want to know she is charging only $49. She asked for my credit card info and went ahead and charge at $99 even i repeatedly told her $49. At no time during this phone call that she told me that it is not $49. She only told me that she charged $99 after i asked her again how much she's charged.
    (E) supervisor tried to make me keep my renewal at $99 by telling that i will lose my choice to renew if he has to give me the refund.
    - at this time, he can't do anything for me. He told me that he can refund the $99 that her employee charged. But i will lose the choice to renew my contract. I told him according to what they have been telling me, i should have the next 90 days to make the decision to renew. Why is he telling me that the refund (Which they screwed up to begin with) will void my choice to renew within next 90 days. Only then, he told me that he can change it so i have that choice for the next 90 days.

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  • He
    Henry Hu. May 28, 2012

    Don't believe anything they promise when they sign you up for membership.

    1. I signed up for membership mid-June of 2017 for 1 year membership, at the time I wanted my 1 year membership to end in July 1st of 2017, so I said I would come back to sign up in July, the salesman said don't worry we will bump your deadline to July 1st 2017, a year later, they claim that never happened and would end my membership in mid-June.

    2. I also referred a friend in March of 2017, at the time they were running a promo where if you refer someone you get two weeks added to your membership, at the time the salesman said the 2 weeks will be added a month later, now it's been 3 months I'm asking where did the free 2 weeks went, again, they claim this never happened, said company never ran such a promo, and even called me a liar!?

    I have dealt with many gyms, NYSC, BSC, crunch, if they promised something they always end up delivering, this is the first for me where before you sign up they are nice, smiles, and tries to sweeten the contract but after you sign up all the "Extras" are non-existent... It's scary and sad to learn people can't be trusted

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  • Li
    live_ur_life Mar 29, 2013

    I recently brought my children in to the kids club at this 24 hour fitness location . My issueisn't with the poor girl who had the flu and had to consistently expell her bowels. No my issue is with the inconsiderate management who forced this poor girl to stay as she vomitted simply because out of the 20+ employees working there, not one wanted to run the kids club. I came in the next day, she wasn't there to my relief. So I thought. They had her towards what they thought would be a location noone could hear as what appeared to be the manager yelling at this girl, who looked like she was losing this viral battle. Saying that her attitude was unacceptable, that she needs to stick it out because there is noone to cover for her. I'm sorry, but I don't know exactly what kind of attitude your supposed to have with such an ailment, and I'm not gonna put my kids at the risk of catching such q devastating flu because the management is more concerned with employees in the area sick and battered. I don't think that someone in that condition is fit to watch kids period. I would be more than happy to have a family member, or friend watch my kids just to allow this strong woman to get back on her feet. I will be ending my membership, cause I don't want any part of a business who has no respect for their workers. Get it together 24, your pathetic and unbelievable. Truly disgusted by their ethics. Hope you get better girl, I'm sorry this is something your subjected to. You should have equal rights as anyone in the workplace. I have given you my card, and as a lawyer I would love to run these guys into the dirt.

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