1800SkyrideFraudulent inducement!


This past Christmas, my girlfriend and I wanted to do something a little bit different from others we have had together. We wanted to buy something together that we would both remember forever. Then, we saw a commercial for skydiving. We decided that this was what we wanted to do (MISTAKE #1). Needless to say, we will remember the experience forever; however it is for all the wrong reasons.

When ordering our tickets, we were asked where we lived. I told them New Orleans, and the person seemed genuinely excited and said, "Alright, there are several jump sites in your area!" We were originally scheduled to jump in an area about an hour away from my home (which I thought was a little bit further than "near"). We tried to schedule the jump 6 times. Each time we were told that the weather was too bad and that they needed "optimal conditions." Only one of these times was it actually raining. The other times were either "too cloudy" or "too windy." The weather seemed fine to me, but I assumed that they knew what they were talking about (MISTAKE #2). Eventually, we had to return to school. The next summer, we tried once again to schedule a time to jump. This time, they again asked where we lived. I found this strange since I had already told them this. I figured that they had some sort of system that helped them keep track of things like that (MISTAKE #3). Again, I told them New Orleans. This time, they said, "I'm sorry, there aren't really any place to jump near you. The closest place we can put you is in LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS!!!" Needless to say I had to hold my tongue. I had just spent nearly $500 on these two gift certificates (which I never received tangible copies of). I asked if there was any way that I could get my money back, and they told me that the tickets are non-refundable. I replied, "Your company told me that there was some place near my home where I could jump (this was before I gave them my credit card #)." They told me that I had to "Apply for a refund" and that they would let me know if I have been qualified within 14 business days. I have filled out several applications for school and work over the course of my life, but prior to this, I have never had to apply for a refund. After this, I tried to call back to see if I could speak to someone who could grant me my refund because I assumed that there was some miscommunication as to where I would be jumping (MISTAKE #4). After being put on hold for 20 minutes, I got in touch with a representative who transferred me to a voicemail. I left a message and waited two days. No call back. I called again and got a voicemail. I called a third time and asked to speak with the highest ranking person who is actually in the office. I spoke with a woman who seemed frustrated with my insistence that I speak with someone who has the authority to refund my money. She said she would try to transfer me to someone that could help. I said, "Please don't transfer me to a voicemail." She sighed angrily and said, "Alright." Then she transfered me to the same voicemail that I had left two messages on. I called back again to ask what had happened I hoped that this was a mistake (MISTAKE #5). I asked to be transfered to the same woman. I overheard the two people in the background, "It's Mr. Collins again." The woman replied, "Give me the phone." When I was on the phone with her, she said with a very annoyed tone, "Sir! You have to apply for a refund. Then you have to wait 14 days. Then you MIGHT get a refund, OKAY!?" I was stunned by the amount of attitude that she had in her voice. I don't like being pushed around. I told her that if I don't receive a refund I will take them to small claims court for Fraud of Inducement, which means that a company misrepresents a product or any aspect of that product, either by fraud or omission, that induces the other party (me) into making that purchase. This is exactly what happened. While I was telling her this, she began acting like she couldn't hear me, "What... Wha... I can't hear you... I'm so sorry Mr. Collins, your breaking up..." Then she hung up on me. I called one more time and asked to speak to the manager. Again, I overheard their conversation on the other end. "It's Mr. Collins again." "Give me the phone!" Click. She hung up on me again without even speaking to me. Since then, I have not received any calls back from the company about my refund (3.5 weeks later). I plan to take legal action against this company, however it will be a pain in my ### because they are located in Kennesaw, GA. When I found this address, I also found several articles like this one, which has again diminished my hope of ever seeing my $500 again. The conduct of this company, both professionally and personally, has made me sick to my stomach. I have never been treated this poorly by any organization that calls themself a "business." I have been unhappy with other products and have made complaints, but at least the customer service representatives were polite to me and I remained polite to them. In these situations, more often than not, some sort of agreement could be reached. However, I do not feel that there will ever be any sort of agreement reached between Skyride and myself. This has taught me and my girlfriend a valuable lesson (but obviously not worth $500). BUYER BEWARE! There are a lot of scam artists out there. I happened to come across the Picasso of them all. The people at Skyride are VERY good at what they do... unfortunately for me that is not scheduling skydiving, they sell headaches and make money disappear. In case I haven't made myself clear in this longwinded rant: DO NOT EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!!

If it is too late and you are only reading this after you have discovered that you bought a fake "adventure." I'm sorry that this happened to you also. I would love to hear about what happened to you so that we may be able to work together in toppling this tremendous tower of bul***it.


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    Tasha Sep 27, 2008

    I had the same EXACT problem as you did...I'm still calling them every day and noone is calling me back., ...what the hell are we suppose to do?

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    littlefr Sep 16, 2010

    Well, [censor]. I didn't do my research. And now I might have to pay for it.
    I just recently (today, actually) bought a skydiving excursion from this company. I live in Idaho, and they were very upfront with me about where the nearest location is (Boise; about 6 hours away). Still, I figured that this would be fine, as skydiving is something I've wanted to do for a while. So I, with a friend, decided to go through with it.
    Now, I paid about 330 dollars for my trip, including dvd, just today. I should have done my research first. I haven't had any problems with them YET, but that could simply be because the day is still a few days before my actual scheduled jump day. However, I did look up all the possible dropzones that they may be directing me to (there are five in Idaho - some of them much closer than Boise). None of them charge as much as 330 dollars for this. In fact, all the information I can find says that each of them charges at least 50 dollars LESS than the amount I have paid.

    I don't know as of yet if I have gotten completely screwed; right now I'm only facing 50 dollars loss. However, first thing tomorrow, I am going to call each of the five locations and ask if they do business with 1800skyride, or even have ever heard of them. Hopefully it won't turn out too badly for me. If it does, however, at least I'll have learned to do my research before spending so much money.

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