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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Jul 26, 2017

Four months ago, we Ordered a Numark Mixdeck Quad and three LED lights from 123dj and were charged for the items and NEVER recovered a dime nor got our products. Bunch of scammers for sure. I am in contact with the Illinois attorney generals office and am prepared to go forth with bank... / mixer

Jan 12, 2017

Wow, wish I would've seen this website before as now I know, do not order from this place. I ordered a mixer and never received it but, was definitely charged. I called and apparently they don't have it in stock and suddenly "plan to take it off our website. " I spent over... / technical pro mkr17

Oct 03, 2015

123dj.comI ordered this microphone from 123dj on Sept 13, 2015 and received it Sept 19, 2015. After getting home and plugging it up to my board, I found out that it wasn't working. I connected my old mic to my board and it was working perfectly. I called and talked to 123dj about the problem and... / fraudulent procedure

Jul 18, 2014

123dj.comAbout 123DJ I totally agree about the awful, terrible, disrespectful and fraudulent service offered by For some months ago I bought a microphone mount for $10.00 and I never received neither the mount nor the money back, but I didn't give much importance because I was very...

Minimax Electronics / 123dj / False advertising / poor quality

Jun 01, 2014

Very poor quality headphones that does not come close to meeting the advertisement. The product was poorly made and the sound is awful. Headphones could not be adjusted to fit the head properly unless you have a jug head. No left/right ear phone labeling or padding of headband a... (Mini Max Electronics) / improper equipment pairing, customer service

Jun 27, 2013

I ordered a DJ lighting system from this company. It was listed on their website as 2 light bars, and a controller. specifically, 2 x Stormchaser LED bars, 1 chauvet controller. The controller (confirmed with the manufacturer) was not compatable with the lights; controller did not have...

123dj / deception

Mar 21, 2013

Called this company on 3/11/13 spoke to them in person, asked about a external sound card and a 6' rca to rca cable, asked the sales person are they in stock, he replied yes, so I ordered online. Got a email on 3/12/13 payment was processed. Got another email on 3/14/13 was sent to...

123 DJ / did not follow through


I ordered a sale priced item online, and my credit card was immediately charged in full. I called one week later for a shipping update and was told my item was on back order but they were getting more in three days and it would immediately be shipped to me. I called back another week later...

123dj / mirror ball kit


I ordered a 16" mirror ball kit on line. I received a box with a big hole in it and a damaged mirror ball. I took Pictures and sent in the claims form. I did get a replacement two weeks later. I also received a motor for an 8" - 12" mirror ball and not a 16" mirror ball. I called the... / the ### support


At first when I came across the site I was like it was a good site at first. I then realize it just isn't so good after all. Im only 15 and bought my first equipment from them at age 13. I do have a pretty successful business now but still this site is horrible. Over the summer I had... / no invoice not re crediting account / refusal to answer contact attempts


Hello my name is steve scheid, I represent maki'n memories music service / special fx ultimate dance party Please head my warnning!!! Xxx This is hands down the most incompetent inexperienced business I have ever come across in my 50 years of life! This is my second (And last bad experience I... / never got items


Do not order from these idiots. Incomplete order issue has never been able to be resolved for 5 months. All I ever got was a bunch of lies and empty promises from customer service. You want to know why there the cheapest on the web. Because you are going to get ripped off. 123ripoff i... / horrible customer service


I just want to mention that I have spent thousand of dollars with this company over the past 10 years maybe even longer. But on march 26th I was treated like a dog. I purchased 2 dns 1200 cd players and I was going to use them as software controllers. Unfortunately I was unable to get them...

123dj / they suck ###


123djAs you have read before all the things said are exactly true, I wish I would have read them before I ordered... We pay alot of money for the equipment to be treated like this company treats us And the packaging is dangerous on the items cause there isn't none only factory containers not... (just say NO!!) / bait and switch


I agree with the negative reviews posted here. My experience with two separate times was I ordered a certain item and received a different, less expensive brand. For example, I ordered a pair of wireless Gemini microphones and waited nearly a month before I contacted them for an...

123dj / worst company


Please never order ant thing from this Company. I order 4 pieces and i get it untill now just 2 pieces of my order. I'm bussy evry day call them to get my order and i ordered 1 months ago. Don;t believe what they say, they want just sale and when get your money you have to call and... / unprofessional, unreliable


I will never give this company my business again. Promises regarding shipment times were made over the phone, but not kept. E-mails regarding customer concerns went unanswered. Shipments arrived late; sometimes in questionable condition. Items were poorly packed for shipping, often using wads of... / straight up scammers!


Everything, I repeat, everything bad you've read about minimax electronics, inc. Dba "" is 100% true! I wish I had read their reviews prior to ordering from them. I won't go into too many details about my personal order, but believe me and all the other folks complaining about... / damaged product


123dj.comI ordered some odyssey blackout cases for my technics. Both cases arrived damaged like if they were used before. Scratches, chips and some of the damages and rivets were covered up with black marker. Tried to call and was told they would call me right back. A few hours later I called... / big headache

Ja is headache don't order anything if you dont want to have nightmare. I order numark djio on 11/07-09 and they send maya 44 after 2 week. I sent maya 44 back on I call every week to get my money back is almost 2 months after and I still haven't got my money I call 10 times and...

123dj / return products


Be aware ...I bought some audio supplies for 427$ and after a week they call that the item that I need is not available and you should wait so I waited and then after 2weeks they said that still they need more time and some of the products they already shipped with out my authorization... / shady crew


Beware of I cancelled an order because the shipping to florence, s. C. Was $225 or more and I found an alternative option that was only $70 shipping from a location even further away. 3 days before it was shipped I called by phone. The person on the phone was rude and said if...

Minimax 123DJ.COM / poor service


I placed and order on on February 3, 2007. It is now February 14, 2007 and I have not recieved a shipping confirmation or anything. They took my money but won't return my emails! I have contacted them by phone and they just keep giving me the run around. They tell me that... / beware of


What a nightmare it was dealing with this company! Please do your research people, because this company is not worth the hassle! I placed an order for a whole new outfit of dj equipment. This included the speakers, speaker stands, speaker bags, 2 cd players, mixer, amp, wireless mic...