1-800-SkyrideBad customer service


I purchased a hot air balloon ride for my parent’s anniversary. I booked the event roughly one month in advance. I was required to pay for the event at the time of booking. As the date I secured approached, I contacted the company and reported that I had not been contacted to coordinate the drop off location and need to get directions. I was told that they had no record of my booking on the date I had secured. I advised that my card had been billed for the event and that it was imperative that it be investigated immediately as I had made arrangements for my parents to drive into Atlanta for an anniversary surprise. I was assured that it would be investigated and I would be contacted back by close of business.

The next business day I called back and reported that I had not been contacted and I wanted to know what the status was of the investigation. I was told by a help desk representative that he did not have a record of my inquiry. I requested that I be put through to a manager. I was told the manager would not be in until after noon. The help desk representative took my information down and claimed he would have the manager contact me. I requested that my case be assigned a number and that someone would look into my claim as the date for my event was in twenty-four hours. The help desk representative reported that he would investigate and call me back with details. Needless to say, I was not contacted back. I called the company back later in the afternoon and spoke with manager. The manager claimed that he was looking into options and reported that he would call me back. When I inquired further, I was told that the original booking was booked for one month later and not the date I had requested. I was then advised that coincidently the weather for the day I booked would not be a good day to fly. I had already considered that and had checked on and checked fly conditions and conditions were good for flying. When I challenged the claim, I was given an option to drive my parents over three and one half hours to a destination in Alabama. I reported this was unacceptable and that I had paid for an event over a month ago and I expected to get what I had paid for. The manager reported he would investigate and call me back. I was not called back that evening.

The day of my parent’s anniversary I called the business the first thing in the morning. I was told the manager was not in and would not be in until 1:00 PM. I called the manager back promptly at I:00 PM and was told that there was nothing that could be done, my parents would not be going on a balloon ride that day. He claimed that they would be put on a first available list for future rides. I told him I would spoke with my parents and call him back with a decision. I called him later that day after telling my parents about the surprise. I instructed him that my mother had decided on the weekend of April 30th and that I wanted to book that date. I instructed that I wanted a confirmation email in my inbox by close of business that day. Needless to say, no confirmation email.

I called as the day approached and instructed that I had not received an email, no details of the event and that this was a rebooking of a date that was supposed to take place over a month ago. I was once again told I would be contacted with details. I called back the following day and was treated as if the company had no information concerning the upcoming event. I was told another help desk representative was working on my claim and that I would be contacted back because he was “anal retentive” and would not let it go to the waste side. It’s under a week to go to the event and I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED.

I am so completely exasperated by this entire experience and the unprofessionally of this company that I have booked through another company. I have never experienced this type of customer service in all my life. I have managed several retail chains and am project manager for an IT corporation and understand the importance of good customer service and follow through. I would never recommend this company to anyone for any type of event.

I have documented every conversation, length of calls and details and can provide specific details. I am considering reporting this company to the better business bureau. I encourage anyone when looking to book a special event to NOT use this company. I am very disappointed with the outcome and have spent a great deal of time and money on this issue. Save yourself from a potential disaster and book through another company – make sure to find out if they are affiliated with the parent company.

I picked this company because it claimed that it was #1 in customer service, I disagree. I get better customer service at the Georgia Tag renewal office and that’s saying something!


  • Je
    jeff Jul 23, 2007

    They take your money and when you get out there to skydive Cary Quattrocchi finds more ways to steal your money. He is stealing and not giving anyone the skydrive that they pay for. Do not do business with 1-800-SkyRide or carry quattrocchi. ITS a scam and the planes they use are always broken.

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  • An
    Annoyed6969 Jul 25, 2007

    1800Skyride teaches the employees to steal identities. They do not offer any real service. Cary Quattrocchi will steal your credit card information and use it to buy crack.

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  • Ar
    Arnold Nov 10, 2007

    I just thought that I would pass on that 1-800-SkyRide also called skyride is as of April of this year under new company ownership. I hope that this information helps.

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  • Le
    Leon E. Olson Nov 12, 2007

    I'd check with Fox Atlanta to make sure that the company REALLY changed owners. They seem to have a reputation for being pretty shifty. I'd check it out as thoroughly as possible, including whether or not the new company has any complaints lodged against it.

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