Zibby / Cognicalrefused refund

J Dec 27, 2019

Ordered furniture from Wayfair that Zibby agreed to finance me for. Canceled a few hours later just couldn't validate the extreme 3x the cost of the furniture in interest. So, I was charged $71.33 December 17th upon placing the order, and was aware they had already put the little sticky pads to protect the floor from furniture scratches. I agreed to just keep those no biggie. However, I get a notification from Zibby that $1.14 had been billed today (December 27th), and that my basically $88 billion weekly pmt would be taken on January 10th. So, I called Wayfair and explained that they needed to get Zibby updated on the same day cancellation, and that I would like a refund for everything except the $20.46 sticky pads. He connected with Zibby and I on a conference call. Wayfair agreed to refund the $23.99 shipping back to Zibby who is where the $71.33 and $1.14 had been charged to my card by who in turn, paid Wayfair. So, I asked Zibby Rep Davis for a refund. He was increasingly rude about refusing, I asked to speak to his Supervisor. After a very long hold, Rosie answered was nice at first but was refusing to refund and inevitably became rude as well, so I finally get to the Manager of the special request department George another long hold by now I've been on the over an hour with maybe 20 minutes total talk time. George pulled the Pee Wee Herman "what Dottie? I can't hear you routine, and said he would call me right back. About another 15 minutes or more go by, and he calls. He refused to talk to me because after he announced that they record their calls, I made him aware that I do that as well. He said unless I stop recording, he had nothing to say. Okay for their protection, but not for the customers! He stated that's their policy. I guess greed means more to them than customer issue resolution. In my particular situation, a refund would be quite reasonable. Very hateful if you ever call for a refund.

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