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I bought two drones plus a warranty on them for a total of almost $200.00!!! Still have not rec'd them yet or any shipping details on them. I paid through PayPal, so figured it was legit!! Wrong answer!! How can I get my money back?? If I could afford to just throw away $200 it would go to charity or something not to scammers!! But I obviously do not have that money to throw away so I want it back!! Con artists!! The description and price are in the pics I am attaching to this.



  • Ps
    Psteelers288 Oct 23, 2019

    I purchased a drone off Facebook thru PayPal and haven't heard jackshit since. I'm pretty sure all of us got ripped off! I'm PISSED

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  • Dd
    Ddhouse6 Dec 10, 2019

    Same here! Purchased 2 drones for "deal" price and once order confirmation was done it said the quantity was for 1! I only purchased because paypal was a source of payment! But I was unable to reach the seller by any means and paypal gives the run around!!! $135 for 2 christmas gifts is what I thought I was getting with guaranteed fast shipment! No way to cancel the purchase or anything!! I will never order from somewhere without researching first again! PayPal should be backing everyone up on this one and stop doing business with shady companies!

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  • Wi
    William E Howard Jr. Jan 12, 2020

    I purchased 1 drone and same here
    "radio silence"! I don't ever expect to see or hear fom them again!!!
    Word to the wise "Keep your money"!

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