Complaints & Reviews

ZestAdsLimited — flying ufo

I ordered the above product from Zest Ads through Pay Pal for a Christmas present for my grand nephew, and I still don't have it. Now I will have to find something else for him...

ZestAds Limited — 4 piece remote control 1:10th scale earth mover set

The item advertised is nothing like we received it was supposed to be a remote control 4 piece digger set 1.10 scale we got 2 very small plastic diggers worth about £.80p UK money...

ZestAds Limited — t-rex unbreakable charging cable

I ordered this charger as a gift to my dad for Christmas b/c he's horrible with chargers. It sounded too good to be true and I guess it was from reading all these other posts. I...

Zestads Ltdset 3 rc construction vehicles

Purchased set construction vehicles (dumper/digger/truck) supposedly remote control, ad showed man sitting on one?? Received 2 small plastic toys (dumper/digger) app 3.5 in long. These $29.98 (app £19) a big con, the 2 worth about £5-8. Believe this company is fraudulently advertising with express intention to cheat public.

Problem being usa not worth taking further especially as website is shown as unsafe

ZestAds Limited — the amazing flying ufo

Order "The Amazing Flying UFO" for my grandchild for Christmas while on FB payed through PayPal but not received the product yet. Hopefully this is not a scam really peeved if it...

AC-Zestadsenjoy lives order no. el9680 (easy fix magic wood)

I ordered the magic wood easy fix on 11/19/2018.

The amount of $19.90 was deducted from my account, thru pay-pal on 11/21/2018. Paid and never rec'd. If i do not get a response from you, i will paste this letter all over facebook and ask all to share. I will ask pay-pal for a refund. Alma russo 12/02/2018. I am sick and tired of being scammed with false products. No more online orders for me. I have been scammed.

ZestAds Limited — bracelets

I ordered four of these that change from animals to bracelets back in October. Still haven't received them. I would like some acknowledgement that I will or won't be receiving...

Zestadswindshield cover

I ordered a windshield protective cover on November 2nd, my payment went through PayPal and the money was taken from my account. I have no information on when my product is supposed to arrive, but it's supposed to be a Christmas gift so it'd better arrive pretty soon... If I don't get information or a set date, I will follow up with the proper authorities in order to get my item or my money back...

windshield cover

ZestAds Limited — bracelets - these bracelets change from an animal to bracelets. I order an elephant and cat.

I ordered these bracelets month ago. My payment of 14.90 went through PayPal and you have received the payment. I got my statement today. I want to know why this merchandise ha...

ZestAds Limited — gotagher

632889 I have just received a product that I ordered through an ad that played in between a game I play, the ad selling was absolutely nothing like what I received through the post. The...

Zestadsviolet hair remover

Normally I don't fall for ads on Facebook but I was really intrigued by the violet hair remover.
I had seen several different ads from different companies for hair removers and this particular one (violet from Zestads) looked like the best one.
For 3 months I emailed them. Saying I never got the product.. They kept saying because of where I live, it was probably being held in customs.
I couldn't get them to refund me or send another product.
Finally. I went through PayPal and told them this company was a scam

I did eventually get my money refunded through PayPal.

ZestAds Limited — ordered a hair remover and haven't received it

I ordered a hair remover July 29 2018 and pay pal had already sent the payment. I have yet to receive the product and pay pal had sent them a message. I was told to wait for a...

ZestAds Limited — violet hair remover

Hi whilst playing one of your games online an advert popped up from support +Comfort. Com. The product was an hair remover. I clicked the link and paid through PayPal. 11 July...