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I leased a new 2009 VW Passat CC through Yorkdale Volkswagen o/b 2031113 Ontario Limited (also known as York Volkswagen). The leasing company is VW Credit Canada Inc.

I was overcharged $2, 928 by this dealership. In addition, the dealership also reneged on a $700 price reduction they offered me, bringing the overcharge to $3, 628.

I visited the dealership on Saturday February 21, 2009. After having discussed the price of the vehicle with the Salesman, he went into the Sales Manager's office where I was not invited and the two of them prepared the Officer to Lease form on their company form. This Offer to Lease form was prepared based on a vehicle selling price that was $2, 125 higher than what we had discussed (and $2, 125 higher than the MSRP) – therefore, the price was misrepresented. The form also did not disclose the vehicle selling price and neither the Sales Manager nor the Salesman informed me of the increase in selling price, as is required under the Consumer Protection Act (of Ontario). I did not understand what I was entering into due to the aforementioned lack of disclosure. Further, I did not have a payment calculator available to me in which I could have calculated the price that Yorkdale Volkswagen failed to disclose. In fact, in our subsequent conversations, the Sales Manager claimed that the selling price was irrelevant!

To add insult to injury, due to a drop in the interest rate offered by VW Credit Canada at the time of vehicle delivery, Yorkdale Volkswagen further increased the selling price an additional $803 without proper disclosure, leading to a total overcharge of $2, 928. Further, the Sales Manager reneged on the $700 price reduction he offered me – the price was instead increased – bringing the overcharge to $3, 628.

I was shown the final lease agreement only after my trade-in vehicle had been taken from me and my insurance on that car had elapsed. Upon seeing that I agreement, I informed the Business Manager that the vehicle selling price listed on that document was higher than the vehicle price I had agreed to. The Business Manager told me the amount included freight, security deposit and the first lease payment, as well as some other small charges. He further said that they only made an additional $250 due to the interest rate drop. I had told him that I did not want to sign the agreement. He told me that I did not have a choice, since I had signed the Offer to Lease documents. I had no way of checking the Business Manager's information at the time but now it is clear that the information provided by him was a misrepresentation.

I have tried to cancel the agreement at various stages and I have given the Sales Manager various opportunities to correct the errors noted above. The Sales Manager has steadfastly refused and indeed he has said that he is unwilling to “debate” the issue. Therefore, I must conclude that his actions and those of Yorkdale Volkswagen were deceptive and unconscionable.


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    hagit May 05, 2012

    Shame on Volkswagon Yorkdale
    After purchasing a Jetta Volkswagon recently, I came into the dealership for an oil change,
    The car had only 2 months before passed with flying colors, a full admissions test.
    It was deemed road ready with an excellent result.
    Only 2 things were mentioned…..
    1) New windshield wipers
    2) Oil change within 2 -3 month.
    During the car oil change and after being examined I was handed a long list of problems with an estimated total repair of approximately $3000.
    The most serious and urgent of these suggested repairs were the breaks (pads and rotor) less than %10.
    Based on what they told me at the dealership I felt the need to get a second opinion so I went to another mechanic who did a full exam of the car and came to the same conclusion as the first mechanic (admission test).
    In short, the car is in excellent mechanical condition, not one recommendation for any repair work at all. Breaks were %90 new.
    So the question arises………. Is Volkswagon so hard up that they support these practices knowing full well that Volkswagon dealerships are out and out lying to customers to drum up business.
    Is Volkswagon so hard up that they support the fact that dealership mechanics, in part, work on commission and are doing this to their customers to augment their salaries.
    I NOW KNOW and fully believe that the work recommended by the Volkswagon dealership was %100 a vicious, purposeful lie with full intent to mislead.
    I am saddened and shocked that a company like Volkswagon would allow such practices to exist.


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    Steve Hellman Jun 07, 2016
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    Verified customer

    This sounds even more extreme than my situation, which is that every time -- and I mean EVERY time -- I bring my Jetta in for service, I end up getting told that various problems exist that jack the cost up considerably. And when there is genuinely a problem (for instance, my hand brake was seizing up) I got totally contradictory advice from two different guys behind the counter. One said not to leave the brake on when parking for a week or more in the garage, the other said that if you don't use the hand brake all the time, it seizes up.

    Bottom line -- the guys behind the service desk get a commission on repairs, so follow the advice above and get a second opinion. It's a pity, since the work they do is high quality, but they are out to squeeze you,

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