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I had personally applied for Food License on FSSAI website in the month of January 2017, but because of payment difficulty on the website, I left it incomplete and sought help from I had applied for a Food License on in the month of April 2017, given to understand that I would be getting a State License to carry out our business in Goa. I made a payment of 4499/- thinking I would get a License. Through all my communications with them, I have mentioned Food License. Not once did anyone correct me stating that I will get only a Registration Certificate. Upon realisation, inspite of sending them emails, stating that I want to cancel my application, they immediately sent me a certificate by courier. What I got is a mere laminated paper printout, which does not have any stamp or signature from the Authority. Nor does it have any expiry details. When I called for clarification, after many calls and transfers, I get a reply stating that this is what I am eligible for.

On FSSAI website, Registration Fee is only Rs. 100/- per year. And State License is Rs. 2000/-.
On what basis did Legalraasta charge me Rs. 4499/-. I made a payment of Rs. 4499 to for State License and not for mere Registration.

I went personally to the FDA office at Bambolim in Goa on 29th of June, 2017, to check the authencity of the Registration Certificate issued by I met Mr. Salim Velji, Director, Directorate of FDA Admin, Goa and Ms. Jyoti, Asst. to Director. They both identified this as a fraud case and that the certificate from Legalraasta is not valid.

Now Legalraasta is standing their grounds stating that the above mentioned Registration Certificate is valid. They are questioning the existance of the Registration number on the FSSAI website. The website shows details of the above mentioned Registration number. One page shows validity and another page shows it as Active. However, the Directorate of FDA Admin, Goa, states that this Certificate is invalid. So I want a refund of Rs.4499/- from as well as compensation for all the trouble I went through.

Dolly Fernandes
Jude Fernandes

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