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My credit card statement from ICICI dated 15th November,2007 carried an advertisement which stated clearly that if I book movie tickets from www.bookmyshow.com I would get one ticket free for every ticket booked.The offer was valid from 1st Nov to 31st Jan'08. I booked five tickets using my icici credit card on 27th November and was charged for all five. There is no sign of any free ticket. When i contacted my ICICI credit card customer service, i was asked to contact www.bookmyshow.com for the same. There is no response from them.
Someone somewhere should take action and prevent such misleading offers.

Anurag Chawla

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.


  • Ni
    Nikhilesh Grover Dec 29, 2007


    I too faced a similar scenario. I booked 4 tickets and have been charged for all of them. I am trying to contact Mr. Surya Manta who is the CEO of bookmyshow and am trying to bring it to his notice.



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  • Pr
    PRATAP RANE Dec 29, 2007

    Even me faced the same problem. I booked 1 ticket using my ICICI credit card on 30th Dec. 2007 for the evening show on the same day, and was supposed to get 1 ticket free. But the free ticket never came by. I was allotted only one ticket. I consider it a fraud, to do such a thing. I sent an e-mail to customer care, but no reply yet.

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  • At
    Atul Jan 23, 2008

    Similar situation for me as well. I boked 4 tickets on bookmyshow on 9th Jan and got 2 free tickets. However my credit card has been charged 4 times for the same transaction which is missleading. I have contacted ICICI bank and raised a dispute for this. Hope it will be resolved ASAP.

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  • At
    Atul Jan 23, 2008

    Hey... Good News for me....What a quick service from ICICI bank. They have credited extra charged amount to my account in one day. Thanks for ICICI customer care.

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  • Mo
    mohammadi lakdawala Jul 11, 2008

    same with me sir

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  • Mi
    Mithesh Aug 07, 2008

    Well in my case the story is slightly different . I booked my ticket vide reference # Id: CXSN0000266659 . I was entitled for Cash Back from Barclays but understand that it was just a gimmick and stunt to lure ppl especially victimise the Barclay Card members BY FRAUDULENT CLAIMS ABOUT CASHBACK.When contacted customer care they give lame responses which made no sense at all.
    I sent repeated reminder but none bothers to even respond after that.

    I am planning to take this one step further..and its not matter of money but unfair business practices that enrages me more.I think such fraudulent and cheating companies should shut their shop rather than cheating innocent customers

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  • Jo
    Jothilingam Sep 09, 2008

    In my case, it is entirely different. I tried booking online thru bookmyshow, but the site was veru slow.. so tried calling them, the guy helped me book the tickets and he asked me to type i n y credit card no. I typed the card no and as soon as I typed the no, i got disconnected. I called again and the next guy said that the previous transaction was not completed and that I will have to type in the credit card no... I was little pissed with this on the phone thing and I confirmed that the credit card transaction was not completed before i hung up. I later booked the ticket online. but when I got my credit card statement I realized I was charged twice, and ICICI confirmed that the transaction was successful both the times. I wrote to bookmyshow and no reply. I'm thinking of taking this matter to consumer court, the amount may be small, , but I feel cheated.

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  • Vi
    Vishal Agarwal May 30, 2009


    I would like to bring to your notice a very insulting incident yesterday i.e May30th 2009.

    I booked my 4 tickets for Jackie Chan's Movie Police Story-V in Hindi, on bookmyshow, for BIG Cinemas RAP-Kaushambi, Pacific Mall, Plot No 1, Dr Burman Road, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad-201010. And I was given the tickets for Hai Kya Dum (which I though probably is the Hindi name of the same movie) but to my utter disbelief the movie was some third class dubbed Thai action movie. I had taken my guests in front of whom I was humiliated for no reason. I also checked with the staff at big cinema and they informed that there was no such movie as police story being run here so far.

    My Booking Id: ADRP0000221225 & ADRP0000221228. I would like you to check and take action against this kind of a fraud. I am planning to take this one step further..and its not matter of money but unfair business practices that enrages me more.I think such fraudulent and cheating companies should shut their shop rather than cheating innocent customers

    Vishal Agarwal
    +91 9899982118

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  • Ne
    Neeraj Bansal Nov 22, 2009

    The services of bookmyshow are really pathetic. I booked the tickets from the website on the 22nd Nov'09 at around 1 PM but didnot recieved any confirmation mail/SMS from bookmyshowtill this time 5PM even after sending reminders at their helpdesk. My show is at 6PM.Guys, pls donot believe these bogus websites & directly book it by phone from the cinema itself . I am preparing to sue them now.

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  • Hi
    hiteshce Dec 30, 2009

    It's very bad site...I have booked the tickets, amount was deducted from (NetBanking) the ICICI bank account and got the technical error -24001 from BookMyShow.com and didn't refund the amount for the same. Have booked the three tickets for 3 Idiots movie of BigCinema Chichwad 10:30 show on 28th Dec 2009, I have sent a mail to BookMyShow, but didn;t get any response yet as in your site has written one working day for get back the response. I have tried lots of time on your customer care number but this number is not in used!!! Please do needful as soon as possible. This is not the way to gain the confidence of the customers. [email protected]
    -Hitesh Parmar

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  • Ia
    I am champ Apr 25, 2011

    hello friends,
    I have used bookmyshow website and availed its offers no of ocassions. I think you peeple need to look out at the terms and conditions of the offers. Before the payment gateway, you will get a page where all the offers are written and you need to enter your card no to get the benefit, and if the card is valid for the offer the ticket price will be reduced automatically. I have used no of offers using it. I hope my feed back will be useful to you people.

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  • Di
    Dipankar Saha Sep 24, 2011

    Bookmyshow's business practice is unacceptable. I bought tickets for a concert worth Rs. 3000. The singer of the concert was changed. They did not bother to let us know until the last hour before the concert starts. I was not interested at all for the new singer. I should have got a refund. They just denied. Please avoid this website completely. Sooner or later you will be in trouble.

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  • Bo
    BookMyShow Dec 13, 2011

    @ Dipankar Saha: We would request you to kindly share with us the exact event and the contact details entered while booking the same. Please mail us the mentioned details at [email protected] and we would surely look into it.

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