World Siminternational sim card


I purchased a new international Sim card from World sim on 29 Sep 2017. The packaging did not list a UK phone number and I had to go to the online chat to get the phone number. Once I had that, I tried to register the sim on the network in the USA. I will not register on any network. I have contacted Worldsim numerous times with no success or resolution. I am always told it will be escalated to the next level, but no one contacts me back. I keep trying to contact them on the online chat to get a new sim mailed, but they will not because I have to retry all the previous maneuvers to see if it will work. The sim will not register on any US network.
What I would like is for world sim to send me a new sim, but now they need to send it overnight express because I am leaving the country. They refuse to do this.

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