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cancellation of appointment

Please urgently discontinue and cancel the ongoing processing of my Appointment with World Financial Group. I equally want to cancel and get refund of $100 and $25 I made for the processing of a new recruit.

I have sent 2 emails to [protected] without response.

I thank you in advance of your anticipated good consideration.

Pekun Oyeleke
Agent ID: 69VYL
Agent License #: W602373

unethical behavior and illegal practice

A. Unethical and Illegal Behaviour
- My uplines teamed-up to move my wife from my team and placed her under someone else without my concern. WFG policy emphasizes that couple, husband and wife, must be one leg in one team.
- My wife ID number is 51PJD (BATALE TSHIMANGA)
- This incident was discovered on July 02, 2019, and I am not sure what date this unethical / illegal practice was initiated.
- There are other members of my team that I don't see anymore in my bubble chart. It is obvious that the uplines have moved them or mapped them somewhere else without my knowledge.
- Names of my uplines: (1) Dali Josipovic
(2) Nita Dalal
(3) Gaeton
- Desirable Solution: Reinstate my wife under me directly.
-My WFG ID number is: 27AHD Mukengeshayi Tshimanga)

My contact number is [protected]

  • Updated by Dr. Felix Tshimanga · Jul 03, 2019

    For further communication about this complaint, please reach me at (678)857-2769

loan/unprofessional conduct by leslie and vice president of denton, texas location

As a long term customer of World finance and 9 successful paid off loans, I was appalled by the...

pyramid scam

I want my money back. I'm in the hole approximately 1000.00 because of their lies. I was a WFG "agent" and I...


I was invited to attend an employee assessment and job interview on September 22, 2018. When I arrived, the...

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investment planning

I attended a presentation on August 5, 2017 and was pressured into becoming a sales rep. I gave in and paid...

Employment/whistleblower/non disclosure/fraud?

I think I need an employment attorney please. I joined wfg end of 3'16. I was presented my business plan. The...

Misled, Misinformed, Misguided, Lied, Fraudulent

How is it possible that througthrough email level company that anyone can join, people are being sold...

Harrassing phone calls

Harrassing phone calls from 4 different numbers [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected]


This company, s logo is No Family left behind. What it does is scam people out of the little money they have...


Never open your door to WFG representative, they will get in your house but they are looking to get money, family, and friends from you. They will force you to buy their products that actually is real (I did some research with people at AEGON) but that is not the case, they will harass to you and any references you give them to make money. Better go to a Credit Union and ask them to talk with a financial advisor.
I wish I could find this page before I got in to it.

  • On
    OneEverWFGMember Aug 25, 2012

    I joined in WFG six month ago, and paid a lot of fees for a serious lesson. I was going the big annual convention in Las Vegas in June and attending their Elite Circle for meeting their SO-SO all CEOs! After the excitement of making big money like them was over, I was disappointed about what happened when the District Market Director helped me opening several cases for our families. I had been struggling with their terrible financial management system. I got to know the way how they made money... I will not make further comments here since my best friend introduced me to WFG, and I made a lot of friends in that group. I considered my payment for making more friends for my unbalanced feelings. It's balanced by my emotion for loving people. But this is a business not personal relationship. So finally, I tried running away WFG forever!

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  • Ez
    Ez4u Aug 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @OneEverWFGMember great decision to stay away from them. I'm thinking of filing a class action law suit against them

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  • Sd
    sd06 Aug 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, I'm not sure who either of your upline was but that sounds more like the problem then anything. Business ethics play a very important role in the financial services business. As for "fake" product, NO WAY! WFG doesn't have any products, they are a "broker" in a sense. The products they provide clients are from Nationwide, Transamerica, Prudential, etc. Are you saying these companies are fake? If so, my policies that are making CASH definitely say differently. WafG is an amazing company, and a better company with a lot higher standards then most of its "competitors".

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On the verge of collapse

World Financial Group, an AEGON company, is on the verge of collapse!!! I am just sharing inside information...

I walked out of the interview

I get a call from WFG on Friday (HELEN)afternoon stating that the found my resume on career builder and they where impressed with my resume and wanted to interview me ASAP. They talked very fast and I didn't quite get the name of the company.(That should have been the first clue) So I went to the interview which was on a Sat BTW. (The second clue should have been)

When I got to the office there where 30 plus people in the lobby waiting to be interviewed by the same person I was going to be interviewed by.

They brought me in with 2 other victims and asked us basic questions like have you ever heard of WFG?, do you like money?, and what our background was?. Next they brought us into a room with really loud music and we where supposed to mix around the room and talk to people. At this point I was convinced this was a Marketing Scam.

I thanked the lady for her time, grabbed my resume out of her hand and walked out of the interview or mixer as she called it. On my way threw the lobby I announced to everybody still waiting that it was a Marketing scam and walked out. The lady at the front desk looked kinda angry.

LOL It was kinda fun now that I think of maybe I will go back next time I get a call. Just to mess with them some more.

  • No
    notfallingforthat Jun 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similiar experience recently. One of their sales people here in Colorado found an online listing for my graphic design business and called pretending to have graphic design projects for me. He said I should come right away! The afternoon was too late! The projects were urgent! So I raced over there and when I got there then he told me he actually didn't have any money for graphic design projects but in fact wanted me to attend a sales pitch. WTF. Total lies!

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Total fraud

Well, I was contacted by WFG representative. I was impressed by the big stories and the presentations. They gave me big picture and I was so foolish that I left my company paying very good salary. Truth came to picture soon, The lie cost me my job, 6 months of saving 5000 per month. After getting 4 - 5 customers, I was paid 400 to 500. I was promised for 20k to 25k.

After learning that I was fooled, I was shocked and got into accident. It cost 8000/-

My mother in law heard that I was scammed and she had heart attack and she passed away.

Here is their trick. They attract you to use your contacts and then try to get rid of you, so that they can keep the commissions for the rest of life.

Another thing, whenever you go to their presentations or when they come to your home for presentation, just keep the paper of what they write. They will deny you because it is lie.

Recommendation to all :- If you have any enemies, recommend them to him and see how miserable can be persons life.

WFG :- Remember your lie can cost someones job, savings, someone's life.

Remember whenever you get the check, ask yourself is the check is true or from lieing or from getting rid of representative. ASK YOURSELF THE BLESSING ARE IN THE CHECK OR CURSES. THE ANSWER WILL BE CURSES. AND IT WILL HAUNT YOUR LIFE FOREVER.


  • Bu
    BusinessMinded Apr 29, 2011

    WFG associates are in business for themselves. WFG did not tell this individual to quit his job before he established himself. It was an individual choice. Aligning yourself with only 4-5 customers does not constitute growing a business. This individual quite before he got started. It is highly likely that his failure rate continues passed his business venture with WFG. His negative is based on his own decisions and fails he has within himself.

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Fraud alert

WFG is a financial sales group. As an insurance agent, I was very surprised when they asked me to pay $25 to file contracting papers with each insurance company they represent. No agency has ever asked to pay for contracting before and I've had my insurance license for years.

I was also surprised to find people at the interview who did not realize they needed an insurance license.

The ads for this WFG have become increasingly complex this week. I doubt anyone, including agents, would

now recognize the description as a specific kind of commission sales position.

Be careful, even if you are licensed.

  • Jo
    josephyin Apr 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is funny how people have time to write about all this thing but yet haven't accomplished nothing in their lives. funny thing is i been in the company for year and half and it has been nothing but good things happening to me with this company not to mention the business ownership i have gotten from here. thou everything they say about the money and licensing is true but don't you need a driver license to drive?? so if you pay for your driving license test and you fail is it a scam?? ask yourself that question. In north America everything is licensing and if something doesn';t work for you it is a SCAM right? how about if you work for a company and one of those months you do not get a paycheck so did you work for free and you are gonna go and scream out to the whole world and call that a job a scam too because they did not ask you for any money to start but they did not give you your pay cheque? people don't let these things take you from what it is really accomplish able, I was living paycheck to paycheck before and my life and bills and income was depending on that job and guess what?? the minute they lay you off you are screwed...nothing in life is guarantee but off course in this world there has to be people like the ones here writing bad things about the company in order to separate the DOERS with the TALKERS. Thank you guys and hope this will set your mind straight on a opportunity that could change your life. and don't listen to everything you read online...80% of the time it is only MEDIA you only see what they want you to SEE!!!.

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  • Re
    rebfree Feb 17, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @josephyin Do not buy insurance or investment products from someone who can't even punctuate or use proper grammar.

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  • Fo
    Former FBI Investigator Jul 28, 2012

    The World Financial Group (WFG) is really an illegal pyramid scheme. They doctored up their contract to hide the fact that they really are a pyramid. Some of their members even call WFG a legit pyramid. But, no pyramids are legal. My attorney agreed with my conclusion that WFG is a pyramid. That's OK because WFG will not exist in a few years or less. They may go under in 2013. You have to be brainwashed to work for such an organization, anyway. Greed is their motto. The previous commentator is both greedy and brainwashed. All active members of WFG are going to be destroyed forever during Armageddon. The Federal Government will get rid of the WFG. It is ironic that the prior brainwashed commentator criticized the media because the media will play a big part in the WFG's downfall.

    Anonymous--former FBI Investigator

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  • Wg
    wgf victim Sep 21, 2014

    wfg have dsc which lock your money in for a long time and charges redemption fees if you want to sell your funds within 7 year. Banks do not have dsc, can sell all your funds after a month without penalty fees. Talk to both wfg agent and bank advisor, know your options and choose what's best for you. You will see the different in professionalism. Wfg agents just want your money locked in...if that's what you want, then go for it.

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  • Ra
    RAnnP Jul 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I applied for a medical receptionist position in my area through Craigslist. I ended up being contacted by WFG with an offer to be a personal/administrative assistance to the head of the company (apparently). I have received several emails from this person talking about trust, confidence, and sincerity. After all, I would be keeping track of his every move! I received more emails and texts but the last one really caused me to be suspicious. The grammar and punctuation were wrong for a business professional and I was told that he would contact me through email, messenger, or by text only. Very strange for someone who wants an assistant. The final straw was that he was going to have his "associate" send money to me that I was to use to conduct business for him. I responded to his email to tell him that I found the whole situation to be odd. I informed him not to send me anything because I was not officially employed by him or WFG. I knew it was all too good to be true.

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  • Re
    rebfree Feb 17, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The problem with WFG is that they don't maintain professional customer service standards. This is really too bad, because the IUL (their main offering) is a really valuable financial instrument. But it's not right for everyone. If you sell it to someone who is not suited to it, it's a financial disaster. But there are many people who benefit from the long term, tax free savings. It's getting a bad name because WFG is really about recruiting, selling policies fast, and using the 'markets' (friends and family) of recruits for their contacts. The training is never about follow up. There is follow up required on these policies, and that follow up lasts for the life of the owner of the policy. But there is ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINING on that, and no discussion of the seriousness of selling this item to someone who is low income. Yes to the IUL, NO to WFG.

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Ripp-off Fact

I am writing the fact, not what is right or wrong. Trying to be informative. There is nothing wrong to do business in Amway style which is somewhat gray zone business. Again, some people love it. Some people hate it. You are the one to make a choice. Again, I am only trying to be informative. The information I share on this website is that WFG usually does not tell candidates at the BEGINNING.

They sell mainly Western Reserve Life's policies backed up by Aegon Bank, a dutch bank. They surely help people who don't have concrete future financial planning. There is nothing really wrong with it.

1. You pay $100 registration fee. WFG does not pay for you.
2. You pay 52 hr. life agent course study -- various schools are available online, you attend in person etc. etc. WFG does not pay for you.
3. Test fee. WFG does not pay for you.
4. WFG's some offices "seminar" do not offer product training. Each office is run differently, which shows that their head office does not have consistent training program for free.
5. Your commission is only 25 - 35% unless you have at least 3 to 10 agents beneath yourself
6. Multi Level Marketing plus pyramid scheme
7. To learn various kinds of financial products, you pay the tuition from your own pocket. (please refer to no. 4)
8. Your mentor sells not only life insurance but also mutual funds
9. You make your business cards at your own cost. They don't pay for you. Their website has a bug so your business cards printed with wrong address and information
10. In the event of your potential customers' rejection, your mentor often tend to blame it on the customers.
11. When you come to conclusion to not transfer your policy to theirs because your current policy has much much better quality, the mentor ends up convincing you that you are crazy.

This model lures the agent by telling them that you would not only gain by sale of yours but also gain by sale of agents under you (Amway Model). The agent should understand that although they are earning bit of other agent's commission, a big chunk of his commission is also eaten by agents above him. Therefore, the commission that the agents get by WFG sales is quite less then the direct sale that they will do with channel other then WFG.

Because WFG believes in quantity more then quality of agents, the application filled quality & the quality of service given to the customers is really poor. This leads to lots of application entry errors, reduced customer satisfaction & at the end, lost customers.

I am currently working for a different insurance company which gives me 85% commission. I do not have to recruit anybody beneath me. I AM NOT LAZY.

The following URL is interesting for you.

  • An
    Another_guy Nov 08, 2010

    You say you are not lazy. Well the fact is as you get older you are not going to be able work as hard as you once did. The reasoning for building a team of people to help you in your business is to provide security later on in life. Not to be lazy. I always say Some will some won't so what who's next.

    I agree about WFG. Thier model is a broken one. It could use a face lift.

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  • Je
    jejejeemem Mar 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My friend became their customer. He lost thousands $ to them. Not a greatest way to invest your precious money. Don't spend an even penny to them.

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  • Gd
    GdExmpl Jul 24, 2017

    I just laugh at the people who make judgements on companies without really understanding it themselves. And needless to say, if WFG wasn't doing the right thing, it wouldn't be around as long as it has and wouldn't produce so many successful entrepreneurs already. I am amazed at how many loser have time to go online and post crap about their failures and blame one company or another. The only way I came across these posts is when someone sends me the link otherwise, I've been with WFG for 14 years and I wouldn't change my experience for the world. It has helped me, my family and the families of my friends and relatives. So for the rest of you, good luck blaming others while you stay a loser...

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This company is so slick. They fooled me until my second interview with them (and they required three...

Be cautious

I am writing the fact, not what is right or wrong. Trying to be informative. There is nothing wrong to do...

scam company

After posting my legitimat resume on a website I received a telephone call from Steven. He tells me he found my resume on-line and based on my experience i was just what his company was looking for. We talk for a bit and he asked me to come in for an interview. I agree and set a date. Afterwards I come to this website and look up the company name and lo and behold several compliants. After reading the first 20 i decided to call him and let him know i am no longer interested in coming in for an interview. He imediately gets defensive and says any company you put in is gonna have compliants. so i again tell him im not up for an arguement and i would like to just cancel my interview he then gets rude and makes some off color remarks and tells me i wasnt the right person for the job in the first place. Now if you have a legitimate company you would not have handled this situation this way. So job posters beware if Steven calls you from World Financial Group at [protected] just hang up on him immediately and run like hell.

  • Cp
    cpswarrior Jun 08, 2010

    RULE #1:
    NEVER, EVER EVER PAY to work. it goes the OTHER WAY people!!!

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  • Ge
    Georgio Armani Jul 14, 2010

    Good job!
    All you have to do is "I cancel the interview. DO NOT call me any more." and hang up.

    If they call you again, tell them "Take off my no. from your list." And if they call one more time, you should sue them. It is the law. Once you tell someone to stop calling, the caller must stop calling. 99.99% chance of winning in the court.

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They sell mainly Western Reserve Life's policies backed up by Aegon Bank, a dutch bank. They surely help...