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Book “the art of body singing” by breck alan.
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Fri, 6th oct 2017, 16:03

Still have not received my book. Emailed on tuesday 18/10/17 no reply as of yesterday it is now nearly 21st of october.
Terrible service...!

I have been looking for a number to contact and call on but found nothing yet. It suffices to say that it makes me wonder if wordry is genuine and need to be reported to the trading standards ombudsman. It is applauding to part with money, waiting eight long days even longer now and still be none the wiser as to when what I have paid for will arrive or even to have been contacted at all.

This is very poor, unprofessional and unacceptable. This actually requires nothing less than my book with compensation and it goes without saying apologies.


U. K-g

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