Wish.comunauthorized use of my credit card

D Jan 14, 2020

Dwight Long phone [protected] Credit Card: **** **** ***7 8785
My credit card has been used for purchase of merchandise from your company that I did not make. Just over the weekend the following was made: Posted 1/14 at 0956 am UTC a $35.10 order. Posted 1/13 at 4:16 am UTC a $18.00 order. Posted 1/12 at 4:03 am UTC a $48.00 order. Posted on 1/11 at 10:39 am UTC a $16.00 order. These orders was not authorized by me and are consider theft of funds and will be looked into by my lawyers. These are not the first orders and unauthorized use of credit card I have complaint to your company. It appears that you are not interested in stopping this action and are satisfied with taking the funds and making the shipment of merchandise anyway. It is not right. And I will and my lawyers will have something to say about that.

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