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I was buying from wish a while back well now that I have a different credit card and I'm trying to contact them for some reason they will not let me used my new credit card and wish wants me to First Take a picture of my credit card and my bank statements and submit that to them the ones that I've bought something with. How can I buy anything if I can't buy anything. That does not make any sense. They need to let me in and buy at least one object or item just to get my foot in the door to get started then it would work.


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      Oct 05, 2019

    I've had to make a lot of complaints about the services, the description of merchandise and final quality of the product how they had made charges of nearly £15, 000 on my Barclaycard, when they hadn't sent me a bill for what I'd purchased. Nearly all the things I'm alleged to have purchased came without an invoice listing what I'd purchased and from, and when it came to returning things it became an even bigger headache, I wandered round Wimbledon and south London trying to send them back through their couriers Hermes and The Royal Mail, when I was run down a sweet shop owner / employee shouted at me that none of the packages had return had prepayment addresses or labels. I was also very concerned by them asking me to have my photograph taken with my bank statement and other personal information, considering I have good crediting rating and other banking details. I found a lot of the deals and products to be of corner store scams to other stuff that qualified scams of a much bigger order...and I have been forthcoming about them but there seem to be a lot of unauthorized transactions that have taken place in my name.

    the Chinese medicine came through in amounts that had no quantification or told what they were, what they were for or how to use them the best dose for them to be effective I have products that were so not what I ordered, or packed so that they were not only the same product but the sizing all wrong.

    I must be one of the last people on this earth who has never shopped on the internet, and after hearing other peoples stories about shopping on the internet with search engines like Amazon I thought I'd take the plunge with Wish and what a bad experience that turned out to be. i have to close now as my internet site is about to close but I have whole load of stuff needs to go back.
    I did raise problems I was having with with barclaycard as the internet kept crashing
    I was told the problems were with at their end and their internet at the point I didn't realise what was going on nor what was happening on my credit card.Im afraid the problems Ivehad comply with all the complaint others have experienced.
    kind regards
    Nanzee Soin

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