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I have recently found a couple of very interesting tricks on wish.
Their prices are definitely not to be taken at face value
You could find a cute dress for $5 dollars, but after adding the shipping(which can go up to $20 at least, from what ive seen) which sometimes costs more depending on certain styles and colors offered you could end up paying over $25 for a supposedly $5 item.

Ive also noticed that sometimes with express items, the standard shipping for these items will state that the estimated delivery should be around the same time that the express delivery would be delivered. But when you add that item to your cart the standard shipping then says that it would be delivered much later than claimed in the shipping details section.

I know that these merchants and wish are running a business but they could at least provide accurate information to its customers instead of lying to get more money.
And I understand that business works like that sometimes but when people figure that, they typically avoid that business.
Such as an accurate price estimate, instead of trying to lure people in with cheap prices and fast shipping and then charging insane shipping fees.
And giving more accurate delivery estimates, possibly adding a feature to estimate delivery time based on location and how far away the seller is from each customer.

It would also be useful to be able to contact a real employee at wish, instead of automated systems
And to be able to contact each individual seller and know their real location.

I hope that wish will listen to their upset customers.

The pictures I provided below show the differing shipping prices, and differing shipping dates of an item while looking at the details of it on the wish app, versus aftee you actually put it in your cart.
This shows how wish will try to lure you in and then blatantly lie to you.


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      Mar 13, 2018

    This is my first time on and i noticed this issue right away, not to mention how a time clock is on a item if you do not buy that item within a certain time the price goes up and how shipping cost is on each individual item. When i signed up it was a 5.00 flat fee for my total shipping cost by the time i was done shopping that fee had changed and went back to a fee for every item.

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