Wish.comorder refunded without request/reason

J Nov 20, 2017

On 19 November 2017 I ordered a number of items from Wish. The order was sent through and payment of R500 was made, notification received from bank, however, on the morning of 20 November an SMS was received from Wish stating that refund for all items have been processed as per my request. 1st - I did not request a refund at any stage
2nd - Payment has already gone through and Wish says that refund can only be expected in more than 3 weeks.
3rd - No other reason for exchange was provided i.e out of stock items to be refunded.

Not only do I not get ANY of the items I ordered but I also can't DO anything about it because Wish has decided to keep my money, Black Friday ruined!

Thanks WISH!

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