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L Nov 25, 2017

I received a package and it was a small one I opened it n here it was a JoJo bow allwrinkled up in this small envelope.when I opened it it was the wrong was like a orange n white or peach color I order the 2017 rainbow JoJo gradient ribbon bow.ill keep the bow but what about the bow I order I still want that one.but I don't want to get charge for it either.this was your mistake can you let me know what to do or what your going to do thank you

  • Updated by Luna2017 · Nov 25, 2017

    When I got the package which was ok I opened it up and there was sand in the hour Glass I order the one with blue sand in it.there was nothing I'm not happy at to when they showed the item it was a brown like case did that come with it if it did I didn't get one.or do they sell that separate how can I get one if they I said before I'm not happy with this at all I still want this cause it a present but there no sand in it .so what am suppose to do now.can you let me know thank you again

  • Updated by Luna2017 · Nov 25, 2017

    Wow what can I say in the ad it's crystals in a brown like box sticking up it's really nice looking. But when I got mine it's just single crystals not what I ordered at all again this was suppose to be a gift.i can't just give them crystals like that.if you look it up you will see it's in a brown bottom box or case.all the things I have ordered so far was nice n now it's getting sloppy.i know I don't pay alot but it's the point .let me know your thoughts on this thank you again

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