Wiproemployment letter


I worked in wipro for almost 8 years and this is the the major part of my career. I did not receive my experience letter when i quit and now i need experience letter with roles responsibilities and skills urgently for my visa contacting hr i was told, this wont be provided but i am in urgent need of my detailed experience letter with skills and roles and this is affecting my career and future. I submitted complain in consumer complaints and i was asked to reach out to letteroffboarding team. When i contacted, I was told that they stopped providing letters and gave me a employee verification letter which states my designation and that they are not liable for any skills and roles and submitting this letter for my GC would screw up things more. I am really struck up and need help. Please provide me the experience letter on wipro letter head. I really worked hard for wipro for 8 long years and am requesting only the valid experience letter that i worked for. Please dont let me regret for being with Wipro

Oct 02, 2019

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