Wingstop Restaurantsservice

On Friday afternoon at 5:32pm I was in the wing stop in North Augusta. The young lady with glasses, brown hair, and wearing a black jacket, in the back said, "Andrew what the [censored]" He said, " what??" She said, "I need the tea, I'm not with this [censored]!" Mind you that same young man, along with another young man looked as if they were just clocking in at this time. Few minutes later, same young lady comes to the register against the wall and says, "No you get off at 8pm so you can just go back there!" Now that was a older man she was disrespectful too. On top of that, she shouldn't be speaking to anyone like that in the work place. It's very unprofessional and rude to treat people like that in front of guests, and expect them to work with a smile on there face while they are being treated that way. I will not go back into this wing stop, due to her actions.

Oct 04, 2019

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