Wingstop Restaurantsfood and customer service


I went into the wing-stop in Zachary, Louisiana on 10/27/17. I asked for the bone in wings well done. The cashier said ok but when I got my food the wings were not done. I took the food back to the counter and the manager came to the front and said they only cook wings for 13 minutes normally and we'll done is 18 minutes. She said she could not fry them harder and do not give any refunds. I told her that she will give me my money back or fry them the way I want them. She said she has to call the general manager. I waited for about 30 minutes and told her I do not want any Judy give me my money back. My total was $23.xx. She only gave me $21.xx back. I told her that she owed me somemore money. She then gave me $1.00. Told her she owe me another dollar but I never got it. I told her if she need it that bad just keep it. She came to work in her slippers so I guess she did not come to work. I work in customer service and if I come to work that way and treat customers in that manner I would not have a job. Everyone in that wing stop has a nasty attitude and need to be fired. The other cashier was talking about me while I was standing there. She was dressed nasty also. Their names wet Tamara, Takisha, and I did not get the other bad attitude worker name.

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