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We paid 9 months on payments on $1600. 2 payments shy of our buyout, "they had a ‘problem' with the payment." I called to resolve the issue. Since both my husband and I were on the loan, and I had been making all the payments, right, you would think there wouldn't be a problem. Wrong. I had been paying on an account that didn't have my name on it! And now That I was trying to resume payments out of MY checking account they "didn't want to talk to me" or take my payment. This was in 2016. Now they are attempting to collect $2200. No, thank you. You refused payment. I see as the debt is cleared.

Jun 06, 2019
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  • Km
      Jun 09, 2019

    This was a lease not a loan, and whynotleaseit doesn't do leases in two people's name. There is no chance you were on the lease their isn't even a spot on the application for the lease to allow a second person. This lease is your husband's responsiblity. He should have handled it from the get go instead of making you take care of the payments. Tell your husband to be a man and take care of his responsibility.

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