WhyNotLeaseItkenmore washing machine

T May 18, 2018

I went to Sears Outlet in Morrow to purchase a washing machine, but after looking at the prices the sales rep indicated of a great sales program called "why Not Lease IT". It was explained as a lease to own with minimal down payment and if you do not want it anymore you can return it. Well I ended up signing for the program and leased a Kenmore washing machine. I kept the washing machine and made payments on time for 2 1/2 months. My husband found us a cash washing machine and I called WhyNotLeaseIt and spoke to a rep who told me to return the washing machine to the Sears store. I returned the washing machine on 04/29/18 and spoke with management who kept saying that "they wasn't able to refund me the amount I paid but they would take the washing machine back. They never gave me paperwork but they received the washing machine. I called WhyNotLeaseIt and then they begin to deny that they told me to take the washing machine back to Sears and stated that I would need to fufill the commitment of the 5 month lease. I advised of the definition of a lease and that Sears received the appliance. My husband goes to Sears Outlet today to talk to manager, the assistant manager informs him that they would have to deliver the washing machine back to our home and WhyNotLeaseIt would need to pick it up. My husband stated that he wouldn't take the washing machine back. Sears stated that it isn't their appliance anymore and it belongs to us!!! I am so frustrated !!! I'm contacting a lawyer for my options!!!

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