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Ok, upfront this complaint is not about work that I personally hired Wheaton Door & Window to do. I am staying at my in-laws house and they recently hired this company to do their entry doors. Off the bat, three doors (front, side and rear) gets quoted at $10k. Seems a little high; I bought a custom -order Pella fiberglass 3/4 length leaded-glass with two sidelites for way under $3k. Mom-in-law decides she's not happy with what she ordered, and calls back the day after ordering to modify the order. The salesman does not return her call. This is a Friday. The next week she gets a combination of slow-roll, he-said / he-said and finger pointing between Wheaton staff. Finally, the sales rep shows up at 8:30 pm, unannounced, at the front door. He does not leave when my Mother-in-law tells him he is unexpected and she is getting ready to leave (which she was). He's rude and aggressive right off the bat, belittling her at her own doorstep. My wife finally had enough and told him his tone was unnecessary, especially since his company prided themselves on their service. He snapped at her "I don't need a lecture from you" and began waiving his finger at Mom-in-law and my wife, continuing his tirade. I came into view, and he was red-faced and sweaty from his ranting. I told him he would not be speaking to my wife that way, and he replied that he was having a conversation with Mom-in-law and that I and my wife should butt out. I told him he was being rude and that he had received his one and only warning to stop speaking rudely; he replied "what are you going to do? You wanna do something? I have friends who are cops!", to which I replied by shutting the door calmly. If you have thought about Wheaton Door & Window Company, think again very carefully. While I suspect strongly that they are fleecing their customers on materials and labor pricing, I know for a fact that their customer service isn't even close to acceptable.

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      Mar 14, 2016

    Worst company and customer service I've ever dealt with. Lifetime warranties on windows installed, but they won't get there in your lifetime to repair what ever it is that is wrong. Customer service Manager William Whitehouse is NO help and does not get back to you either. Been dealing with a leaky window and damage for over a year and a half and still unresolved. We've had so much work done and spent several thousands with them. Terrified to think what would happen if our roof leaked. Would NEVER use them! They are over priced, pushy, and DO NOT follow through with their promises. About ready to seek legal action.

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      Apr 10, 2016

    I agree with the above customer complaints. I had a salesman here for a quote on painting my deck. He quoted a HUGE price which I could not afford. He stayed here and tried every way to talk me into signing on even though I told him over and over that I can't afford it. I finally made the mistake to sign a contract to get rid of him. The next day I called the office to cancel my order. Someone there said I'd need to talk to the manager. I asked why?, she said it's the way we do cancellations and someone would call me soon. I never heard from them. There is a 3 day buyers remorse law that they wait to get around. Be sceptical of this company. I hope no one shows up at my door.

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      Jul 05, 2019

    I used your company (Deck Wizard) and this is by far the worst company and customer service I've ever dealt with (Jim Fridie and Tim Egan).
    I have called many times to get our deck's redone and Jim and Tim agreed to do this on 12/3/18 and told us to call back in March. Called Jim on March 12th and Jim stated it was too early to schedule call back in April. Called Jim on April 3rd and he stated it was too wet to schedule - "call me in a few weeks". Called on April 18th and Jim said the earliest he could do it was June 21st we scheduled. On June 20th I received a message that because of weather the 21st was canceled. I called Jim back 2 times that day @ [protected] - I received no call back until June 24th. On June 24th Jim stated the earliest he could do our deck's was August 6th. I questioned Jim why it was going to take so long - he stated he only had one guy because the other one was hurt. I asked "you only have one guy"? He replied "well on redo's if you were paying I can get it done much sooner". I did pay in full $10, 402... I have heard nothing since and left several messages. THe last time I spoke with Jim on June 24th I explained that I will take action - his reply "do what you need to do". Just to let you know I plan on it!!!
    Bob Barry Laurel, MD

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