Wet SealReturn Policy, no exception for damaged mercahnidise


I have to post a complaint about this company, because I promised them that I would. I purchased a coat from Wet Seal, along with a few shirts. Later on at home, when I was ready to remove the tags, and wear the coat, I noticed that three buttons had fallen off, and were not in the bag. I suppose I could have noticed that at the store, but I was in a hurry, I had tried on one size, and put it back on the rack and grabbed the next size up, I never thought anything of it. I took it back within a week, with the original reciept, and they would only grant store credit. I didn't want anything else except the coat, which they didn't have in my size anymore, so I expected my money back. I was told they give store credit from now on, no refunds, because too many people buy items, wear them, and return them. I certainly don't, and I would look pretty stupid in a damaged new coat with no buttons, so I figured thats not my fault as a customer. I told her I was not mad at her, but I am mad, and that there was no explaination or justifying on her part that was going to make it right, infact I told her they really don't pay her enough to defend them anyway, much less have to endure the complaints they must recieve, the employees agreed with that, and gave me the corporate number, I asked how many situations are resolved by actually calling it, and she said most people just don't come back. I have to take the time to call them, I don't think that is right either, I have to use my own valuable time up on the phone to explain why I think I deserve my money back after being sold defective merchandise. The employ also said that most stores would also be adopting this policy of no refunds soon, because of some peoples habits of buying, wearing, and returning. I told her I seriously doubt that, but if it does happen, I will learn to sew my own clothes before I will deal with being treated like a niaeve thirteen year old, instead of an indvidual consumer. Wet Seal is described as a teenage clothing store on the web, so that may be a part of why they think they can get by with it. I will probably sew new buttons on the coat, ones that won't fall off, or donate it to a good cause, or mabe both, since I bought another coat some place else already. I will also email everyone I know, and ask them to email everyone they know as well, since I also promised them I would let everyone know how much they love their customers. Its not all about the money, or the coat, all though I'm out both, more the principle. I hope the fifty bucks was worth it to them.


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    blah Dec 21, 2008

    i completely agree with the damaged merchandise..im glad you considered the employees feeling when returning..your right they dont get paid enough to defend a crappy return policy!

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    Michele Jan 03, 2009

    I just had an issue with Wet Seals return policy today. My goddaughter received some clothing from Wet Seal for christmas and she cannot fit them. We went to the store to exchange them. We did not want a refund. They refused to exchange them with out the receipt! ALL THE STORE TAGS ARE ON THE CLOTHING!!! I don't recall ever receiving a Christmas present WITH the receipt in it. I have put in a request to have the area manager call me. If this is not resolved then I absolutely will not EVER shop at that store and will tell everyone i know not to shop there either.

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    Buttonz Feb 07, 2009

    I bought a coat from there last month. The third time I wore it, a button came off while I was walking. And I wasn't walking home from a party or anything, I was walking to go see Madeleine Albright! Anyway, I sew the button back on. I notice the other buttons are sewn on poorly, so I cut them off and sew them back on. I decide to hem the sleeves and notice a decorative button is missing. I'm so pissed off at this point. I emailed them with the complaint and asked for a button. I wonder if they give one to me. If not, I'm going to find two cute, decorative buttons and sew them on. Oh, and not shop at Wet Seal anymore.

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    Rhett7337 Dec 27, 2009

    Caren, if you have ever worked in retail, you should know that the customer is not always right. That is your case here. You didn't examine the clothing you bought before you bought it. Who are you to bring up how much an employee gets paid? Get some class. Don't insult people indirectly, it's childish and shows how little class you have. You're angry because you didn't pay attention. You stated you were in a hurry, that is your problem. You also stated you bought a "few" shirts and a jacket, but you wanted to return the few shirts and keep only the jacket. That tells me there is more to the story here. Before you complain, make sure you either have an iron clad story, or tell the truth.

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  • La
    laurenp Jan 29, 2010

    I worked at wet seal for almost a year and always had to pretend to agree with the policy. It's a rip off and you're very right they dont pay their employees enough for the stuff we had to put up with regarding the store policy. Horrible company to work for!

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  • Li
    lilikat Mar 21, 2010

    Now they have updated it to having tags ATTACHED to it. I must say, i shouldn't have cut it off before I tried on the shirt, and I shouldn't have been naive enough to think a small would fit my crazy huge bust. But honestly, if they would make it completely clear to the customer about their ridiculous and ill-justified /strenuous return policy AS it was being purchased, I think I would have thought twice before ever cutting off the tag.

    I took the tag and the receipt, had only bought it a week before, and then they say they can do nothing about it. In their monotone, Valley girl "couldn't give a ### less" voice being completely relentless and all i wanted to do was exchange it for a bigger size up. Why would I wear it if it was too small? Furthermore, there was no signs of wear or tear or anything on it to show I had worn it in the first place- not a WRINKLE.

    I completely agree with the statement about being treated as a 13 year old and not an individual customer. Even as I proclaimed never to shop there again, they still managed to yell after me and my mother to "Have an nice day, ladies!" as snide and snotty as possible. This store is just another teenage wasteland of cheap quality and cheap customer service and very cheap workers who care more about the people wearing it and then returning it and not the innocent customers who just want undamaged clothes that actually fit and look good.

    Any store not willing to work for the satisfaction of those kinds of customers is not a store worth even a glance.

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  • Ge
    georgiapeaches7676 May 03, 2010

    Rhett...seriously? Did YOU actually read before commenting? She did not want to return the shirts. It was only the DEFECTIVE jacket. She said she didn't want anything except the coat in exchange and they did not have her size.

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  • Ye
    Yeelee Sep 23, 2010

    Stores have their own return policies and before purchasing customers should of checked the policies out. Customers loose their privileges of returning any items without anything because of customers who buy clothings and wearing them and returning them. It's the customers' lost of privilege. I believe most people have done that before. Probably Wet Seal did not want to sell any damaged merchandise, but when people try it on in the fitting room, the clothings loose buttons or it may get ripped. If there is no one who reports that then the employees put it back on the rack. Therefore it's not really Wet Seal's fault, but customers' because they try on clothings and damage the cloth. Customers should ask for the store policies and stop thinking that the store is trying to rip the customer off or stores are selling damaged merchandise.

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  • I purchased a belt at Wet Seal in the mall and upon purchasing the cashier went over what was final sale (jewelry, Lingerie, swimwear, compact discs, clearance and sale items) my belt is none on that list and is not sale or clearance . I asked her what about this belt? she said exchange or store credit only. So i proceeded to checkout. The next day I decided to exchange the medium size belt for a Large . I waited in line for 30minutes since there was only one cashier (the same one from the day before). When it was finally my turn in line I said I'm here to exchange this medium size belt for a Large size and it still was in brand new condition with the tags attached and the receipt. she looked over to the other cashier and asked "can we do exchanges on belts?" i'm thinking why would you tell me i could yesterday and now act like you don't know your own policy??? so she said yeah just get the one your going to exchange it for but it has to be the same style. I get the exact same one just a size Large, the line was long and she kept taking the next and the next customer ignoring me waiting on the side of the line so i jumped the line for when the next cashier (the one she asked about the exchange) and she was really rude and said "final sale on accessories" I said o.k I understand that but she ( the one next to her) told me yesterday and just now that I could so make up your minds.So she says in an attitude " I'll do an exchange but just this once!!" then I said o.k thank you and I'll never shop here again. She didn't do the exchange because the size Large had a different upc bar code number from the medium size one . Me working retail all my life I can tell you that of course it's not going to match because each size has its own bar code upc number. To make a long story short IF ACCESSORIES ARE FINAL SALE THEN IT NEEDS TO BE STATED THAT WAY IN THE RECEIPT BECAUSE MY RECEIPT DOES NOT MENTION FINAL SALES FOR BELTS, ACCESSORIES, OR EVEN ETC. THE STORE DOES NOT WANT YOU TO BE ABLE TO RETURN OR EXCHANGE ANYTHING. ONCE YOU PAY THAT'S PRETTY MUCH IT DON'T RETURN WITH THE ITEM. AND ANYBODY CAN TRY AND SAY THAT I'M IN THE WRONG BUT AS A NEW WET SEAL CUSTOMER AND NEVER AGAIN WET SEAL CUSTOMER THERE RECEIPT STATES THIS : NO CASH REFUNDS OR CREDIT BACK TO CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS. UNWORN, UNWASHED, UNDAMAGED MERCHANDISE WITH TAGS ATTACHED, PRESENTED ON OR BEFORE (DATE) WITH ORIGINAL GIFT RECEIPT MAY BE ACCEPTED FOR EXCHANGE OR MERCHANDISE CREDIT. JEWELRY, LINGERIE, SWIMWEAR, COMPACT DISCS, CLEARANCE MERCHANDISE SALES ARE FINAL AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR EXCHANGE OR MERCHANDISE CREDIT. VALID PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED FOR ALL RETURNS AND EXCHANGES. WET SEAL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF RETURNS, EXCEPTS AS PROVIDED BY APPLICABLE LAW.


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  • Me
    mebs0910 Aug 29, 2012

    Wet Seal's EXCHANGE policy has been like that for YEARS! Not only that, it is posted on the front counters, the bottom of the receipt and we tell you about it BEFORE we finish ringing you up and initial the bottom of the receipt to verify that you were told. For those customers that are on their phone or chatting with friends or family in the line while the cashier is trying to tell you is your fault! When we ask if you are familiar with the exchange policy and you say yes and you don't give us the opportunity to explain it then you are saying that you know the exchange policy! If you try to bring something back and said that you know it that's on you. Like I said, it is posted on all of the counters and the bottom of your receipt. Don't just ASSUME that you can get your money back just b/c other stores do. Wet Seal is not other stores, it's Wet Seal! All stored are different. This is 2012 and a lot of stores are starting to change their policy's. Look at it from the other side...pretend you're the business owner, would you want to lose any money?? And if you have ever worked retail then you should understand! I think that instead of drafting people into the military they should be drafted into retail!!

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  • I used to shop there every Christmas for my daugters. I spend over 300 dollars at times in the store. This christmas I bought them shorts that were to small. When I went back to the store to exchanged them they did not have a larger size. I lost the receipt . They would not let me exchanged them for another item that was the same price. It is not worth buying any gifts from there. I will never shop again there. The said they would not grant me an even exchange because it would throw off thier inventory. i guess there inventory is more important then losing a costomer. Be very careful when you buy gifts in this store.

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  • Jl
    jlf89 Feb 05, 2013

    They have only been doing this for about the past 4 years, so it's fairly new. I shopped there a lot before and was caught off-guard when they explained the new return policy to me one day when I was about to ring up something after it was in effect. I was like wait, I can't get my money back? And they said no, so I didn't buy the item, because the pants were something similar to what Delias had but was out of in my size, and since it wasn't exactly what I wanted, wasn't sure I wanted to hang on it. Their loss. The company is so stingy that most of their clearance is final sale and they make you initial the bottom of the receipt acknowledging that they told you so. I just ordered online from them and a sweater cardigan came with a hole in it and a line going down through the fabric so I am going to try and exchange it for another one and not pay for shipping because I don't like wasting my average American money on defective products. I will get back to you on my experience.

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  • Jl
    jlf89 Feb 05, 2013

    That went way better than I expected. I called and told them one of my items from an online order was damaged and they are sending me another one, and the price is cheaper now then it was 3 weeks ago so I am getting a few bucks back. Shipping of the replacement waswaived, and I don't have to send back the cardigan that was damaged they said to discard it and I'll get a refund. Which is the way it should be if the item comes defective. But definitely THOROUGHLY INSPECT things over in the store before buying, because they won't give you your money back even if you bought it in the store and took it home and found it defective at home. I got a tweed double breasted coat that was starting to rip in the shoulder/scapula seam before I bought it and didn't notice until I brought it home and a button fell off the first time I wore it, and they wouldn't take it back and didn't have anymore left in my size. I took all the buttons off and sewed them again like previous commenter, but the whole coat fell apart in like 2 months. Poor quality but it was cheap.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Chesbro May 29, 2013

    A young friend of mine, petite, size 10 was shopping at Wet Seal today-Sunrise Mall-Sacramento area. She was basically told that she didn't fit the Wet Seal image, and was
    Pressured to leave, BY A 'MANAGER'!! I am disgusted by this Abercrombie and Fitch elitism. Who ever would let their teenage girls shop at this appalling place needs to have their priorities questioned. I'm a 6th grade teacher, I'm turning this into a teachable moment. I'm telling as many parents and students as I can...this is just wrong!

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  • Ch
    Cheryl from IN Feb 07, 2014

    I too had a similar experience as many of you. I purchased boots for my daughter for Christmas. They didn't fit. I took her with me to exchange them the week after Christmas. They didn't have any in her size. They refused to check other stores. Of course, no refund.
    I purchased them on Black Friday and was NOT told about the return policy or I would not have purchased the boots. When my daughter and I went to the store to return them, the manager was extremely rude and basically told me to take the merchandise credit and leave her store. I was not being loud or rude. Just explaining that I was not informed of their crazy policy.
    I did call corporate and the regional manager called me back. She apologized that I was treated so rudely but refused to give me my money back.
    That was the first and last time I will ever shop at Wet Seal. I still have the merchandise credit. I've tried to give it away to some friends but they won't shop there either because of the return policy.

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  • Mi
    minet123 Aug 26, 2016

    I recently purchased clothing items for my daughter from Wet Seal in advance of her visit (I spent $456). Some of the items were not suitable because a) it had a tighter fit than the other items even though it was the same size; b) it didn't look like the picture; c) the quality of the material was unacceptable. Several attempts to get someone on the phone failed miserably--it is IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone on the telephone or through e-mail at Wet Seal. When I finally decided to go to a Wet Seal store in my city because I assumed there will be a real person to talk to rather than a dead-end machine, I got the most horrendous customer service in the world. Moreover, I was told that 21 days have passed since the purchase and therefore THE COMPUTER SAYS I have reached a dead-end again. I cannot change the items for a bigger size, I cannot get a refund, I cannot get in store credit. After getting the COMPUTER instructions, the sales person just moved on to the next customer. Not sorry we cannot help you, not here is someone you can contact, nothing!!! It seems to me Wet Seal makes a habit from getting customers into dead-ends after a purchase: on the phone, online, and in the store. This way they can ensure that every sale is final, regardless of what the customer actually gets. The lesson I've learned is NEVER EVER to shop at Wet Seal again and NEVER EVER to let anyone I know go through the same hassles and waste of money.

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