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West gate Resort in Orlando is based on timeshare sales. We went there on an offer and was told we would have to sit through a "presentation." The presentation started at 0730 am and the high pressure sales continued through to noon. Four and a half hours of the salesman pushing the sell. He started by telling us ... no pressure, just a presentation. He would not come up for air, and after we told him no thank you, he brought another person to make us another offer, then a third person after we again declined. When it was all over we were told we were not welcome to return to West gate. WHAT??? Who wants to return? The accommodations were not anything spectacular. We told him we just invested in property and could not afford anything else. What a waste of time. The whole resort was full of people coming on the presentation. There was a large hall size room with well over 100 sales reps pushing the place down peoples throat. I have been to timeshare presentations in the past and they last an average of an hour and half. I have even purchased. This was one a friend had purchased and I went along with. Never again!!!


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    ColCha Aug 20, 2007

    I fully agree with this person... I did purchase one of the WestGate Vacation Villas in 2005 and I highly recommend you not purchase from them. At the time of our purchase we were told one thing and now they have turned around changed their policy ... to exchange into a different season they expect us to pay an additional $500 on top of all other fees. WHAT??? Why would someone do this when you can get a four bedroom house w/ your own private pool for less than their all round fees? Monthly payment, yearly maintenance, exchange, and then the additional $500 ... that is crazy. They will tell you one thing and do things entirely different when it comes time to use. We even tried to switch our week of purchase and they wanted to charge me an additional $5000 just to do that ... not a good rep company we have heard many complaints since we purchased.

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  • I had a similar nightmare at Westgate Resorts Houston sales center, it was midnight and ridiculous, after 4 hours the salesperson showed us a price of $23,000 with a down payment of $5,000 and said it was only for TODAY? We said HELL NO! then the salesperson got up and returned to our table with this hideous angry faced woman in white tennis shoes and hideous wig, she said her name was "Yolanda" and she smelled of whiskey-B.O.-and cigarette smoke, Yolanda said she was the manager and she was giving us a special deal? now the price was $7000 with only $100.00 bucks needed for down payment? WE said NO! and really wanted to get away from this foul smelling woman so I said that I did not even have the 100 bucks today, so the smelly lady got up and left only to return with another person, a beady eyed bald guy with poor english named "Pedro" who claimed that he worked directly for David Siegel in Florida and said cuz we are so special? they are gonna give us this great deal for $0.0 down? and all we had to do was not tell anyone about our special deal? and let them make copies of our IDs and credit cards and sign legal documents?? WHAT?? SMELLS LIKE AN IDENTITY SCAM!we immediately got up and left without any gifts and these two characters chased after us to give us their cards? WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? BEWARE WESTGATE RESORTS HOUSTON IS SOME KIND OF IDENTITY SCAM OR RIPOFF!!

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    tim brock Jan 26, 2008

    I also was giving westgate resorts a try. My wife and I bought a vacation package while in Myrtle beach. (staying at another hotel). We thought since we came here often it would be worth looking into. We arrived and were taken to a great room, however the fan in the bathroom sounded like it was about to come apart. I called and someone came up and unplugged it from the ceiling and stated that this happened often because the fans were all going to have to be replaced. (Not good for me to hear since I was considering purchasing). My wife and I were told that we would get a meal a day of our choice when we bought the vacation package. We were told when we went to a breakfast that we could not eat because we were not "owners". (even though we had a temporary owner card) We went out and ate. This again did not give me the impression of great customer service. At the end of our vacation they wanted to sit down and chat, (the sales pitch of course) even though I did not get anything for free from them. I agreed because I wanted them to know our experience so they could get better. When I explained to the manager that we were promised one thing and when we got there we did not recieve it he became defensive and stated that the sales people would never put the meals in a contract because they new better. I still have that contract and it still states "package includes 5 free meals per person". Remember, this was at the end of our vacation, we were getting ready to leave, we were asking for nothing. Because of the attitudes and service that we recieved while staying at the resort, my wife and I agreed to not purchase from westgate resorts. If they would lie about something as trivial as a meal, what else would they lie about?
    If any westgate quality control people are reading this, the Agent # on my contract is 13084 JC, the manager # 601 MU and the sales rep # 18192 GW.

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    Pat Mar 22, 2008

    We went to a Resort package to Branson, MO. We paid 168 which included three two day tickets to Silver Dollar City and we only had to sit through a 90 minute presentation. We were told there was a hot tub and an indoor pool and internet access. I have stayed in low price motels with internet access. The internet was a 5 a day charge or a 20 cent a minute using there internet. The Resort was at the top of a hill and we stayed in a at best 2 star motel room. The indoor pool was in a building far away from us and the hot tub was about 1/4 of a mile from us. Our saleman indicated he was married with childern and we found out that was not the case. My wife is a saleperson and I almost sprayed them with my pepper spray after the second hour. The salesman told us he had worked for a company I knew from my deallings with the County Att in Harris County. The supervisor came to use and offered us a deal at about 7, ooo after I told them 22000 was too much money. This was after we told him that we never stay in anyplace for more than a day. We also told him we could stay just about anywhere in the US for free with frends and relative. I could have purchased a condo in Branson for about 60000 and used in all year or renting it out part of the year. The 2.5 hour presentation made it impossible for us to take in the second day of hour Silver Dollar City tickets. I figured if out that they can make about 30, 000 a year for maintenace and about $1, 000, 000 for a one bedroom condo. Nice mark up. I saw the same thing about 20 years ago. Different location cheaper price but the same thing.

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    Pamela Calhoun May 26, 2008

    WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I knew I couldn't be the only one...I bought a 1 week package for almost $1000.00 to be used within 2 yrs. I was under ALOT of pressure to buy and finally agreed to get the 1week. I was taken on a tour of the condos I would be staying in. I asked SPECIFICALLY if these were the ones I would definetly be in and they said "absolutely". NOT the case. Almost 2 yrs later I was put in a small villa back on a hillside where they are building a large condo building and I had to listen to loud machinery and music and yelling from the construction all day long, all week long! I asked why I wasn't being put in the condos I was promised and "Steve" told me that those were "crap" and this was much nicer (NOT QUITE). This villa was a big down-grade from what I was promised. Not to mention the noise. The stereo was broken and when I called to report it they told me they were all on recall and there was nothing they could do. My screen door kept jamming on me and finally I was locked inside until a maintenance man came to take the handle off to let me out.
    When I reserved I asked for a pet unit and received a call a few days later telling me they could not accommodate me. I called the reservation office to ask why and was told they only had one pet unit and it was taken. I boarded my pet and upon arrival to Branson I was put in a PET UNIT! I was only told that "Steve" would make up for it when I met with him for my new tour (of which I was promised I would NOT have to attend since I bought a package). I was never compensated in any way. Also, when I bought I was told they were breaking ground for an indoor water park to be finished before I came back (main reason I went along with the purchase). The park was never built. Reason was because they built one at the Gattlingburg, Tenn. resort and it didn't do as well as they thought it would so they decided not to build the one in Branson and told me it will never be built there. During my meeting with Steve he tried desperately to get me to buy a time share. He gave me the SAME bull#%@% about the indoor water park that they were about to break ground on AGAIN! I stopped him and made sure he was telling me what I thought I was hearing and then I told him what the MAIN OFFICE of Westgate told me about the one that I was told would be built 2 yrs before. He swore that they are going to build one this time, I could have his word on it. (HA).
    Westgate Resort is built on lies and broken promises!!! While I was there for my week I heard at least 3 people complaining of the lousy service and accommodations there.
    I will NEVER go back there (even if they gave me a free week) and I would never recommend that place to anyone! Westagte Resorts is a big rip-off! I am very disappointed and I let them know it. Not that they cared. They didn't have time to hear my complaints, they pushed me aside to jump on "Fresh Meat". They are only there for a buck in their pocket. Your welfare and needs as a guest don't mean a thing to them!!! They will promise you the world and once you get sucked in you're on your own only to find you've been conned! BEWARE!!!

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  • Ho
    Holly Jul 07, 2008

    This Westgate resort place has been calling my work number non-stop. I answered the phone and said that they are calling me at work and I am not interested. The rude lady on the phone told me I had filled out some form on a website and gave my work number and to be careful in the future.

    I do not remember filling out any form inquiring about any timeshare on the internet. I don't know how they got my telephone number.

    So, in the future.. be careful about filling out stuff on the internet.. it's creepy that these timeshare places can get so much information!

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  • Pa
    Pamela Calhoun Aug 10, 2008

    I am so sorry for everyone who has been sucked into Westgate Resorts nasty little web. After my horrible 1 week vacation that I paid $1000. for and NOT getting what I paid for (and was promised if I bought), I had to go to another one of their meetings (which I was promised I would NOT have to go to since I was now an owner). I was sent to salesman "Steven". He had a foul mouth and kept telling me how stupid I was for not agreeing to be sucked in again. He knew I was upset about the treatment I got while staying there because of my pet situation (read earlier post) AND the fact that I was put in a cabin/apt. after being promised the nice condo vacation that I paid for. He talked to me like I was stupid and told me to forget everything that made me mad, that I was about to miss the chance of a lifetime! HA. After I showed him I was NOT bending again for them and that I was not going to get over being mad for being lied to he got mad and let me go. No apologies, no "making it all up to me" as HE had promised. Just a bunch of bull about how he is Seigal's right hand man and he knows so many secrets about the "Secret Empire" they are in the process of building and no one is supposed to know about it, but he was telling me in secret so that I would not pass it up!
    They are a bunch of PSYCHO liars! It's funny, if you think back about what they told you (and me) we can then see how ridiculous the promises were. They are definetley pros. BEWARE.

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  • Ka
    Karen young Aug 28, 2008

    This was our first trip to Orlando, Florida. While enjoying the sites we ran into a guy in a street booth that approached us and stated "How would you like to have a $120.00 cash just for 90 minutes of your time"? Now I don't know about most people but we took it cause we were like we wanted to know about timeshares and didn't mind going to a presentation and doing a tour and the extra money wouldn' t hurt. So, we were told to report at 7am and then we were taken into a room & given breakfast and then met our sales rep named "Farrah". This sales rep was what you would say high strung and spoke a hundred words per minute. Needless to say our 90mins turned into 4 hours and when we decided not to purchase, immediately we were rushed by 3 different persons trying to convince us about what a good deal they had and why we should buy. The price went from $25, 000 to $8, 000 in 15mins and eventhough we explained that we were just brousing and not ready to purchase, we were treated like ### off the bottom of their shoes. Basically all we got was an attitude and thrown out of the front door. I have never been treated like that and what made it so bad was that we had to walk over a mile to get back to our car and our rep "Farrah" drove past us on her golf cart like she didn't even know us. Even if we would have considered it later on down the road, that is definitely out of the window. Who wants to stay at a place, give them our hard earn money and get treated like that!! All I have to say is THANKS for the $120.oo and we still enjoyed our stay. I would never recommend Westgate resorts to anyone.

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  • Pa
    Paul Sep 04, 2008

    We visited Florida in 2004 and again in 2005 when we needed theme park tickets we were told if we attended the Westgate meeting we would get them at a huge discount. The meeting would only last one hour. Five hours later we left the building with an agreement to become temporary members of Westgate and for that we could visit four times in eighteen months for free and at the end of the eighteen month period we could say either yes or no to actually buying a time share.
    When the eighteen months ended we agreed to buy as we loved Florida and also it was explained to us that as Westgate was a worldwide organisation we could arrange a holiday practically anywhere in the world.
    Since then we have visited several Greek islands, Las Vegas, San Fransisco and this year we will be staying in Florida for a week and then flying up to New york for another seven days. Next year we are looking at South Africa and later on Memphis. All of this is possible because of the discounts from Westgate.
    The accomodation is superb, the facilities plentiful and the staff attentive and pleasant. Westgate have opened up the World to us and we have no complaints whatsoever.
    Maybe those who have complained are among the growing breed of people who will always want something for nothing.

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  • Ma
    Mary Daigle Nov 14, 2008

    These people are liars, cheats and Mr. Segal is rich from his practice of using sales methods that are illegal and immoral. I have a long is a nightmare. Please don't buy. Pay for the time and leave fast. The water Park, was being built for our use and our stay there when we bought in early 2007. Now my firwt booked time there over this Thanksgiving I find, we have a few free passes then we have to pay to use it!!! Am I an idiot. They make it sound so great...which it may be if they told the truth. I was also sold a 1 Br. with fireplace and after booking 11 mos. in advance and a few months later checking on the reservation I was told my unit had no fireplace...what ? I went a little nuts on them. I called the sales person and she agreed that I bought a fireplce. There were no units without fireplaces when we were taking the sales tour. I am filing complaints with everyone possible. I am waiting to go there and speak to someone when I am on VACATION...looking forward to that! Some vacation after over 12, 00. and now a bill for next years maintenance fee's, I am feeling like areal idiot. I am a college graduate. Do not buy. they were 5 star, now they are a 3 star. Wonder why? I just got them to give me a unit with a fireplace after calling off and on for 11 mos. Now I have 4 waterpark tickets a day for the days I am there. Changed since yesterday...depends on who you talk to and how much grief you give them all the while making yourself miserable. Not worth it. So, be careful...don't sign. Don't buy.
    Mary Daigle

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  • Pa
    Pattie Mahler Nov 15, 2008

    My husband and I foolishly bought into Westgate Historic Williamsburg. It has been nothing but sheer frustration, they don't hesitate to take your payments and maintenance fees. Just try getting your week, the free week we were given for buying in cost us just shy of $500. We were told our week was a floating week and it was in the prefered/premium category. However, when we try to book a week, we cannot book the weeks of July 4th, Thanksgiving week or Christmas week unless we pay some outlandish fee for those "special" weeks. We try to book the week on our deed, and were told sorry, but no can do, but we can accomodate you for a 5 night stay, although your paying for a week. No offer to compensate us for the nights we weren't allowed to have. So I told them to stuff it. We called back several days later, and now are told there is nothing available until the week before Christmas, well we have already booked and have arranged to go down the week of Jan 4th, so once again, every week we tried to book, we were told there was a lock out on and a member of senior management had to open it up. Again today, I was trying to book the first week of May 2009, and again met with it was locked out and only senior management can approve it, so I said this is the 4th or 5th time this has happenned we call, we can't book anything. You guessed it, Sr. Mgmt is not availble on weekends. I am still waiting for the call from the last phone call in Sept, this is now Nov, you can bet I am not holding my breath. But by not allow us our scheduled week per our contract, they now insist it will cost me an additional $130 to use the week in the future.

    While this totally naive individual could not comprehend was that by not booking my reservation equalled telling me it was unavailable, he insisted it was but that upper mgmt have to open it up. Well frankly I am more than tired of having to spend hr after hr on the phone with these script reading ###s. I said to my husband while on the phone with this rep, that if we had purchased the 2+ bedroom unit we would be accomodate, but because we purchased a smaller unit they were in essence telling us to go to H*LL.

    This is all in addition to being told they were building new units and an indoor water park. You guessed it neither have been done. We have heard and read where people are shuffled to Heritage Inn, which is the equivalent of a city dump. I was smart, I took photographs of the unit we were supposed to get, if I don't get that when I finally am able to get a reservation I will be contacting the BBB, our Attorney, and the Atty for Va, and NY.

    In essesence it's virtually too late for us, but please do NOT purchase, its nothing more than a high price scam used to get you to virtually give up and give in. This was our 20th anniv gift to each other. Do yourself a favor and seek out fairfield resorts, from all I see and hear people are alot happier their. The sales tactics here are simply strong arming and wear you down techniques that go far beyond the 90 min.

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  • Ba
    bama1 Oct 27, 2009

    I hate to say it, but I purchased a timeshare in Gatlinburg, TN. It has been a nightmare trying to exchange. I can never get a unit where I want to go. I can only go where there is a unit available. And the problem is when someone deposits their week, the week is backdated several months and not made available for other owners. It is used for non-owners to reserve and pay. So when I try to exchange there's never anything available.
    I got stuck.

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  • Gi
    ginagg Jun 03, 2010

    Wow! everything here sounds so familliar. we stayed at the branson westgate woods resort. oct 2007. we were expected to wait for 45 min for our 'scheduled' appt. i asked to talk to someone b/c i was promised the presentation would only take one hour and i was holding them to it! they were very high pressure - bringing in several reps after my husband said no. do not go! it is not worth the headache!

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  • Ya
    Yardi Aug 20, 2018

    Received a promotion for a vacation, book the vacating with my credit card and was told that westgate would not honor the reservation because I was from the state of Georgia.

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  • Jo
    Joaostraub Oct 21, 2018

    I was treated very rude by the Bar & Grill mannager named Israel. He was not able to put the payment bill to my reservation account, as I asked him. He embarrassed me because I had no money or credit card in hands. at the end he called his boss and easily solved the issue. Treated me like a criminal.

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  • Na
    Nadeem Butt Oct 21, 2018

    Hello, my name is Nadeem Butt. Currently We are at westgate resorts in Kissimmee. Very very bad house keeping. It's been more then 24 hrs when I make first request for needed comforter . So far 9 times requested housekeeping and 5 time at front desk. Every time they said they ate on their way. Just 15 to 20 minutes.
    But another night no comforter

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